1000 Gifts (Week 4) #1000gifts #joydare

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If you missed my first post, I’m taking the Joy Dare and writing a list of 1000 Gifts for 2013.  You can read more about it here.

And here are my gifts for this past week…

This picture was taken last month…. we are gone on the cruise for his birthday :-(

January 20, 2013

59.  Asher Cody Atwater – he’s 2 today!  Happy Birthday to my beautiful, full-of-joy baby boy!

60.  Lots of sleep… and laughing at a dumb movie!  Ha!

61.  A terrific waiter named Freddie and a hostess named Connie on our cruise – precious, wonderful people!   OH, and they gave me a copy of the Hot Melting Chocolate Cake recipe. SCORE!

January 21, 2013

62.  Lunch with friends Toby & Kristen and their kiddos… we’re blessed to have such wonderful friends!

63.  Furniture shopping with the hubby… lots of laughs when he sat in the “BIG” chair!

64.  One last night of vacation before we return to reality!

January 22, 2013

65.  Our babies… we’re home to our babies!!! And their hugs and kisses and all the noise – it’s wonderful (remind me of that tomorrow!).

66.  My brother Jake & his fabulous wife Ariel – for watching our kids for almost 7 full days while we had our very belated honeymoon (16 ½ years!!)

67.  Take & bake pizza from Walmart. It’s nice to not have to cook on our first night home – thanks to my wonderful hubby for that idea!

January 23, 2013

68.  Some quiet time alone with my baby while the hubby took the other kids to church tonight.

69.  A sweet note from a friend I’ve never met, but love like a sister.

70.  Diet Dr. Pepper.

January 24, 2013

71.  A new (to me) cookie recipe that was a total hit!

72.  And in related news… using up the 10 pounds of chocolate sugar my baby made for me.

73.  My bed.

January 25, 2013

74.  My treadmill. Yeah, I am making myself be thankful for it.

75.  Jambalaya. Comfort food at it’s best and it’s been way too long since I had any!

76.  Something found.  My sister-in-law Ariel gave me a very pretty ring awhile back and I had lost it.  Tonight, it’s found! :)

January 26, 2013

77.  The joy on the face of a first-time expecting mommy… she was just full of joy and excitement and anticipation of cutting into these cakes.  (Later she cut into these cakes tonight to discover she’s having twin girls!   Joy, joy and more joy…  if only I couldn’t hung around to see her face!!)

78.  An evening of laughing with my Mama – while getting lost on a back-country road.

79.  A flirty husband.  He makes my day when he flirts with me :)


What have you been thankful for today, or this week or this month?  What are your gifts?

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    • Amy says

      Wow! Yes, most definitely a gift to be thankful for! I needed to read that as I’m struggling to finish up my 3 gifs for today. Lots to be thankful for, but struggling to come up with 3 today. Your gift certainly puts things in perspective!

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