13th Birthday Cake: Zebra Stripes, a Frilly Bow and Lime Green!!

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Happy Saturday morning!  I just wanted to get up a quick post and share this cake with you.   Hunter was celebrating her 13th birthday… and this cake is just perfect, don’t you think?  Doesn’t it scream 13  year old girl?  Fun, loud, bright… I love it!

Here are a few technical details for you… I used my FMM Ribbon cutter to cut about 50 tiny strips of the lime green marshmallow fondant for the bow.   The color I used was Americolor Electric Green with a tiny drop of Americolor Leaf Green!

For Hunter’s name, I used FMM Funky Alphabet cutters for the letters!   They are my post popular letters… I used them on this super cute Look Whoos 1 Owl cake and my most popular Mod Monkey Cakes too!

Thanks to Hunter’s mom Nikki for letting me share this picture!

This cake was rainbow vanilla cake (see how to do tie-dyed cake here) with vanilla buttercream filling and frosting, and  Black Satin Ice fondant for the zebra stripes and the rest was homemade marshmallow fondant!

Any questions about this cake?  Leave them in the comments and if you make one like it, I’d love to see the pics!!

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  1. Angelia says

    Beautiful as always! I’ve been wanting to ask you this for a long time…how long does it take you to make a cake similar to this from start to finish? Include making and coloring the fondant, stacking and icing the cake, etc I am SO slow! I know you make lots of cakes and speed comes with lots of practice. Also, I was wondering if you have a picture of the first cake you ever made (not the first one you sold)? I think we would all like to see it! It makes me feel good when I look at the progress I’ve made since my first! LOL
    I’d love to see any tutorials you are willing to make! It might be something that seems like a very simple task for you, but I know a lot of us would appreciate it! I’d love to see some on how you stack and support tiers, how you make any of your toppers and figures especially those that need support, what all the fondant and gumpaste tools are used for since what I have came with no instructions. I’m sure there is more I need and want to know, but that’s enough for now. Thanks so much, Rose!

    • Rose says

      I’ll have to see if I can find an old picture of a cake I did. I started when I was 13, so my Mama wqould probably have them. I can post the oldest pictures I have so I’ll add that to my to-do list!

      Let’s see… I’ll try to break down the time for this cake. Before I do that, I’d guess most of my cakes take 3-5 hours to do all the “stuff”

      The baking for a cake like this takes a couple of hours for me. I have 2 ovens, so I can do quite a bit at once, and small cakes like this one (6″ and 8″ rounds) take about 45 minutes to bake each plus mixing time.

      I usually make the fondant a couple of days ahead of time (I can do a batch of fondant in about 10 minutes start to finish) and this for cake, I did a double batch.

      I also have to make the bow loops days ahead so they will harden – that probably took about an hour.

      After all that, the filling and frosting takes may 30-45 minutes. Then it took me another hour to roll out, cut and apply all those zebra stripes. It also took another 30-45 minutes to roll all the balls for the border and bow.

      Add in 10 minutes to cover the board and put it all together – including the bow. OH, and the letters. I can generally cut out letters in about 15 minutes (depending on how many) and the number took maybe 15 minutes to make.

      So… this cake took about 5 hours for all the components including baking… about 3 hours if you don’t count the baking.

      • Angelia says

        Please post any old pics you can find. I love looking at all of them!
        Thanks for the break down. It takes me a lot longer than that! Would you look at the “Hippie Chick” cake that I posted to my page this weekend? PM me if you don’t remember the name. I’d love any feedback from you. I used thick spaghetti for support for the toppers. That wasn’t strong enough bc it broke after I put it on the cake. I had to take the spaghetti out and put more in. It held until after I left then it had to have toothpicks added to hold it up better. I made the toppers out of 50/50 mmf/gumpaste about 40 hours in advance. This was my first cake with fondant accents except for two that I just placed the figures on top. Thanks so much! Oh, I posted a link to your culinary chef’s cake on my personal page so a friend could see it. She was blown away by your work as well! Of course!

        • Rose says

          Super cute cake!!! I love the owl and bright colors! To support things that stand I like to use either floral wire, popsicle sticks, or lollipop sticks for supports.

          Here’s what I’d have probably done for that… make the owl a couple of days in advance (like you did) and let it dry. Then the day you put it on, cut a thin strip of fondant or gum paste and press the lollipop stick to the back of the owl and cover it with the fondant strip. I like to “glue” it on with sugar glue (Tylose mixed with water) but you could also just use water – it just takes longer to dry. I like my sticks to be almost as long as the cake is tall. I’ll try to remember to do a few pics the next time I make a figure like that!

          • Angelia says

            I didn’t think about popsicle sticks glued to the back! I was sure the spaghetti would work…not! I didnt want any support seen from the front. I thought of floral wire, but all I found was pretty flimsy. I’m going to experiment this week if I have time. Thanks for the tip! I forgot to ask you for tips on the peace sign. Mine was terrible! What would you have done?
            Do you use the gum paste and fondant letters and mold set? I bought that bc it was the only decent set I could find in time. I have been wanting the funky letter tappits, but I couldn’t find them in stock until I saw your link to the ones on Amazon. Thanks! I ordered the upper and lower case funky and italics today! Yay! I could not get the letters out of the molds I bought without messing them up no matter what I tried! I gave up and made them by hand! I sort of copied some you did on one of your cakes, but I forget which cake now. You’re the best! Thanks again!

  2. Liz says

    Wow this is amazing! How much does a cake like this cost and how many people does it feed? Thank you! Liz

  3. Denise says

    I love to know in detail how the ball border is done? How to ensure that each ball is the same exact size around the entire cake?

    • Rose says

      I roll out a long rope of fondant, then cut it into equal segments, then roll each one into a ball. They’re not perfectly uniform, but pretty close!

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