3-D Angry Birds Birthday Cake

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I told you when I posted that first Angry Birds cake that I had never played the game before, and that’s still true.  But I love the look of the characters and they sure are fun to make with cake!  And this time, I got to do 3-D!!

For this cake the Red Bird was made out of chocolate cake with Oreo filling.  I made it just like I made Bob the Tomato cake – with the Wilton sports ball pan.

I actually took step-by-step pics of covering the ball in fondant… they’re not great, but is anybody interested in seeing that?   UPDATE:  Here’s the tutorial… How to Cover a Round/Ball Cake in Fondant.

Anyway, I used Satin Ice Red Vanilla for all the red, and marshmallow fondant for everything else.

To attach the beak and feathers, I used sugar glue (Tylose + water) and to hold the beak on – I used a bubble tea straw and inserted one end into the beak and the other end into the cake.

The bottom was a 12″ round vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.

The pigs, bomb birds, and ninja bird were all made with marshmallow fondant.  My son Joshua was a huge help with making those… he likes Angry Birds alot and he really knew the details!

When it was all said and done, Logan loved his cake.  This is the note I got from his Mom:

Our Angry Birds cake was a huge hit!  Thank you for helping us make Logan’s party such a success!  -Katie

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Did I miss any details?  Do you have any questions about this cake?  Please leave them in the comments!

This cake was inspired by an Angry Birds cake by The Cake Chic on Flickr.

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  1. Angelia says

    How cute! Yes, please post the pics! I think we all want to see any pics and tutorials you are willing to share! Thanks, Rose!

  2. Platinum Rose says

    So precious and what great detail on the characters! I’d love to see how you went about covering the big red bird since you took the photos :-)

  3. Thao says

    After making your marshmallow..do you add food coloring to make the bigs? Do you add the color before you stick it in the fridge or when you’re ready to make the pigs?

    • Rose says

      I never refrigerate my fondant and if I can, I add the color to the melted marshmallows when making the fondant. If not, I knead it in before I used it.

  4. Stephanie says

    LOVE the cake! Want to try to make a similar one for my step daughter. I’m working on a practice one right now and it’s going pretty well but I’m struggling with the beak. What did you make it out of and how did you get it to stay put? I tried using rice krispie treats covered in a thin layer of fondant and tried to use toothpicks to help it stay on and it kept falling off. What’s your secret??? Would LOVE the help!

    • Rose says

      Mine was solid fondant with a flat popcicle stick stuck in the beak, then the cake. I also used sugar glue between the two and propped it up with a paper towel overnight so it would dry! I hope that helps :) Send me a picture when you get it done!!

  5. Stephanie says

    Thank you so much for the tips and the step by step tutorial for covering the round cake. I don’t think I could have ever even begun to pull this cake off without them! I will try the beak with the sugar glue and pure fondant tomorrow.

  6. Tracy says

    Hi Rose,
    I was wondering if you put any supports in the bottom cake? And how did you keep the ball (angry bird) on top? Did you stick a dowel all the way through?

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