Advanced Fondant Techniques: A Craftsy Class Review

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Advanced Fondant Techniques Class

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Are you new to cake decorating?    Do you want to learn to do fondant work but you’re not sure where to start?  Or maybe you have started working with fondant but want to learn more skills!  Well Advanced Fondant Techniques by Marina Sousa is a class you want to check out!

I know you’re thinking, “But it’s called ‘advanced’ fondant techniques…” and you’re right.  But honestly, I think that name is misleading.   I think beginners in particular could learn a great deal from this class and more experienced cake decorators will probably learn a few new things too!

In fact, you will learn so many techniques that can be translated to every type of cake from kids birthday to wedding to anniversary or work event!   It’s truly a class for cakes of all occasions and decorators of all levels!

Here’s the description from Craftsy:

Celebrity cake decorator Marina Sousa reviews fondant handling basics and then works up to some very sophisticated techniques with texture, stencils, molds and piping. Follow along at your own pace as she shows you how to create lavish surface detail like lace and filigree, tie bows you’ll swear are fabric and sculpt details from fondant, gum paste and chocolate.

If you’re ready to take this class, hurry and grab it now!   But if you’re still not sure, please sign up for a free class or click over and visit and read my full review for more information!

Have any of you already taken this class?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!  Honestly it wasn’t my favorite Craftsy class – but that’s not because it was a bad class.  I think I just really expected it to be more ‘advanced’ than it was and I felt like it was really geared toward cake decorators who were just beginning to learn about fondant work.  But that’s just me…

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