Angry Birds Cake Pops

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When I got the order for Angry Birds Cake Pops… well, I wondered if I could pull them off!

These little cake pops were work!  Lots of work!   Here are some details on how I made them:

For these yellow pops, I shaped them into the pyramid shapes, then dipped them in white almond bark colored with yellow candy coloring.  I used candy-coated sunflower seeds for the beaks and pre-made candy eyes.

I used an orange candy writer to draw on the eyebrows and a black one to make the feathers on top.  I drew them on wax paper, let them harden then “glued” them to the top of the birds head!

For the red angry birds, I used Wilton Red Candy melts.  I used the same eyes and beaks as above and the same technique for the top feathers.

The key to doing these is to have all of the components laid out in front of you before you start.  If you need to make feathers to apply, they should be drawn on wax paper and hardened before you start dipping.

Then once you dip a pop and be sure all the excess candy has dripped off, you’ll need to apply the beak, eyes and feathers before the pop is hardened!   After it’s dry, you can draw on the eye brows and white belly!

The black birds were put together in the same way… .with Wilton black candy melts, etc.  But for the pigs, I used green candy melts, then green M&M’s and mini green M&M’s.  I drew on the snout with a black edible marker.

I put mustaches on some of the pigs and crowns on others!

As I’ve mentioned when sharing Angry Birds cakes in the past… I’ve never played the game and know pretty much  nothing about it… but how about you?  Are you an Angry Birds fan?  Have you ever done a cake or cupcakes or cake pops?

And that’s it!  Do you have any questions about these cake pops?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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