VeggieTales Bob the Tomato 1st Birthday Cake

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Last Friday I shared with you our candid shots of Asher’s first birthday cake.  It was a blast and you have to see these pictures if you missed them!   That “party” was just us… hubby and me and our 6 kids.    But on Sunday afternoon, we had all of my family over plus a few friends to celebrate with a big party!

For this cake, I had the hardest time trying to decide what to do.  I mean, he’s 1… he’s not really “into” anything.  The only thing my baby truly loves is a VeggieTales blanket and pillow set that his MawMaw gave him for Christmas.   He just giggles every time he sees it.   I can put him on the floor with it and he’ll just roll around on it, wrap it on himself… and drag it behind when he crawls.  It’s so cute!

Anyway, so after decided to do something with Bob, I then found these adorable 1st Birthday plates and napkins at Walmart… the colors matched Bob perfectly!  A plan started to form in my mind and I came up with this cake.

I loved the colors, the stripes and polka dots… the whole thing  just worked!!

Now I’m not a party planner or decorator… or anything like that, but I thought the table was cute once I got it all set up.    The kids added Bob to the table, and there were also about 50 red, blue, and white balloons floating around the house and some stars with a “1” streamers hanging above the cake.

I didn’t make the smash cake nearly as big as Sarah did on Friday (because he didn’t need that much cake again!), but he um… loved it just as much!!

See?  Same approach as Friday!  Eating his cake face first!!

Anyway…  Bob was baked with the small Wilton Sports Ball Pan Set.   He was vanilla cake with cream cheese filling and frosting then covered in Satin Ice Red Vanilla Fondant.   You can see my tutorial on how I cover a round cake in fondant here.

The base cake was a 10″ square white sour cream cake with Strawberry Cream Cheese filling and Cream cheese buttercream frosting.  It was covered and decorated with marshmallow fondant.

I cut the ribbons for the stripes on top and to go around the bottom with my FMM Ribbon cutter.  See how to add a ribbon border in this tutorial.

UPDATE: I used Wilton Star cutters for the stars on the cake and the wires.  See this “How to Put Stars on Wires for Cakes”.  For all the dots, I used the smallest cutters in this Ateco Round Cutters set.

Did I miss anything?  If you have questions about how to make this cake, please leave comments!!

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    • Rose says

      Work SLOWly. I put my round cake on a 6″ cardboard cake round, then put the entire thing on a turntable. I laid the red fondant over the ball (it was covered in a very, very thin layer of buttercream), and started smoothing the fondant while turning the cake. I gradually worked my way down. It’s not hard until you get past the halfway point. Then you have to sort of stretch, smooth, turn, stretch smooth turn. I just worked very slowly to get it smooth and not have any wrinkles. When I got near the bottom, I flipped it upside down, trimmed off almost all of the excess, then smoothed it on out (while upside down). There was a small exposed area on the very bottom but that’s no big deal if it’s sitting on another cake. I’ll add this to my tutorial list and maybe I can show you one day!

  1. Brian says

    Hi Rose! I direct the videos at VeggieTales and your post popped up in my “Google Alerts” today. This cake is WONDERFUL and so professional! I love how you tied it into the design of the plates and napkins. Bob looks PERFECT. I’ve shared this with Larry the Cucumber.

  2. DaLissa says

    Hi. I purchased these same plates yesterday for our son’s upcoming first birthday. What baking pans would I need? How did you make the stars, dots, and stripes? Also instead of the Veggie Tale Tomato, my son loves Curious George and balls, so to combine them, I wanted to have Curious George with a beach ball. Any suggestions on how to create these two items? I really appreciate your assistance and willingness to help a novice. Looking forward to working with you.

    Have a blessed day,

    • Rose says

      Dalissa – in the body of the post I list the pans that I use. I also listed the ribbon cutter that I used to make the stripes and border – for the stripes on top, I just cut them and laid them next to each other and there’s a link to the ribbon border tutorial. I have no idea on Curious George. You might could do a flat image, like I do the monkey on my mod monkey cakes. You could do the beach ball and follow my tutorial on covering a ball cake. Then add stripes over the first layer of fondant to make it like a beach ball. I hope that helps!

  3. DaLissa says

    Miss Rose, thank you so much. His birthday is in August. I will be ordering these items soon in order to practice before the day arrives. Again a huge thank you. :)

  4. DaLissa says

    Hi. What size pan do I use for the smash cake? Also do you have a yummy banana cake recipe? My son loves bananas. Thanks.

  5. Cherish says

    Thanks for sharing. I decided to make a Bob the Tomato cake for my sons birthday party yesterday. That was the first time I have ever made anything like that. The only thing I have done before that is a baby shower cake with store bought fondant sheets and a wedding cake. I had fun and although it didn’t look anything like yours for a first timer I think it turned out pretty well.

  6. Stefanie says

    My son’s name is Asher and I was looking up ideas for cakes for his first bday… I LOVE this ! Need a cake in June!

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