Kit Kat & M&M’s Candy Cake and Cupcakes

Kit Kat M&M's Candy Cake

Sometimes I go all out for my kids birthdays (that was 1280 tiny squares!!) and sometimes I’m a complete failure and sometimes, I hit the middle ground.  This birthday was middle ground :)

These cakes are so easy to put together and even if you have no cake decorating experience – you can do this cake!!

CakeMate Galaxy Nonpariels

Caleb loves the color blue, and I had some ribbon that was blue and green, and these fun Cake Mate “Galaxy” nonpariels that were black, blue, green and white… so I let that be my color palette!

KitKat Candy Cake

I baked two 8″ round layers of confetti cake, then filled and frosted it with blue vanilla buttercream.

Next, I unwrapped probably ten full-size Kit Kats and stuck them on the sides.  All you need to do this is just have fresh (un-crusted) buttercream and the Kit Kats will easily stick!!

Kit Kat Candy Cake

When that was done, I put an extra layer of buttercream on top, then I filled up the center with blue, green and dark brown M&M’s.   Yeah – I had to pick out all the other colors.  But no worries… they didn’t go to waste ;)

Sprinkled Cupcake with KitKat Cake

We were having family over to have birthday cake and ice cream with us,  so I also made some cupcakes to be sure we wouldn’t run out of dessert.  I piled up the blue buttercream and that’s where I used the “Galaxy” nonpariels.

KitKat Candy Cake and Cupcakes

Sprinkles Cupcake

Aren’t those pretty?  I really loved the way it all turned out and so did Caleb…

Caleb birthday

Later that night we cut the cake and Caleb blue out his candles.    This might be one of my favorite birthday photos of my kids:

Caleb is 12

If you’re wondering what it looked like on the inside, I did snap a couple of pictures (although they aren’t great).

Cut KitKat Cake

The only problem with these cakes are my kids want to pull off the Kit Kats and M&M’s and they don’t always finish the cake ;)

Kit Kat Cake and Cupakes

 I think that’s it…  did I miss anything?  If you have any questions about this cake or cupcakes, leave me a comment!!  And if you’ve ever made a Kit Kat Cake, please share a link so I can have a look!

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Advanced Fondant Techniques: A Craftsy Class Review

Advanced Fondant Techniques Class

Click here to learn more about Advanced Fondant Techniques!

Are you new to cake decorating?    Do you want to learn to do fondant work but you’re not sure where to start?  Or maybe you have started working with fondant but want to learn more skills!  Well Advanced Fondant Techniques by Marina Sousa is a class you want to check out!

I know you’re thinking, “But it’s called ‘advanced’ fondant techniques…” and you’re right.  But honestly, I think that name is misleading.   I think beginners in particular could learn a great deal from this class and more experienced cake decorators will probably learn a few new things too!

In fact, you will learn so many techniques that can be translated to every type of cake from kids birthday to wedding to anniversary or work event!   It’s truly a class for cakes of all occasions and decorators of all levels!

Here’s the description from Craftsy:

Celebrity cake decorator Marina Sousa reviews fondant handling basics and then works up to some very sophisticated techniques with texture, stencils, molds and piping. Follow along at your own pace as she shows you how to create lavish surface detail like lace and filigree, tie bows you’ll swear are fabric and sculpt details from fondant, gum paste and chocolate.

If you’re ready to take this class, hurry and grab it now!   But if you’re still not sure, please sign up for a free class or click over and visit and read my full review for more information!

Have any of you already taken this class?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!  Honestly it wasn’t my favorite Craftsy class – but that’s not because it was a bad class.  I think I just really expected it to be more ‘advanced’ than it was and I felt like it was really geared toward cake decorators who were just beginning to learn about fondant work.  But that’s just me…

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Zulily Back to School Event and a GREAT Cake Tool!

Chevron Mason Jar Tumbler

It’s no secret that I’m a BIG fan of Zulily so when I got an email telling me about their Back to School Event, I had to jump over there and see what they had for a steal today!

Nevermind that I homeschool my kids and we don’t really go “back to school” shopping… we can just pretend that I need some things just so I’ll have an excuse to poke around at Zulily and find cute stuff!!   ;)

Tractor Plate Set

But seriously, I did find a couple of super cute things in the Back to School Event (like that chevron mason jar up top… I need one!) and this Tractor Plate Set… my 3 year old goes bananas for anything “tractor” and this would be perfect for him!

If you’re already in  Back to School mode, Zulily has hundreds of back to school deal on everything from lunch bags to back packs, clothes and dorm room essentials! Circus Themed Cake Decorating Tool Set

And then just for kicks and giggles, I searched “cake” while I was over there and found a really great deal on one of my most favorite cake tools of all time!   Do you know which thing I’m talking about from that picture?

Yep, that red ribbon cutting tool that’s included in this Circus Themed Cake Decorating set!  Mine is white, but regardless, I use that tool on nearly every single cake I do!  I even list it on my favorite tools post here.  Anyway, that tool plus all of those cutters and frosting tips for under $19 is a great deal!

Birthday Cake Puzzle

And this Personalized Birthday Cake Puzzle… how cute is that??  I love working on puzzles and a couple of my kids do too!  I especially think my daughter would enjoy this!

So that’s that… I am placing my order in the next few minutes for a few new things from Zulily!!  Did you find anything over there that you must have? 

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This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

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