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70% Off at Flirty Aprons!!!

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Aprons Sale

Well… I didn’t see this coming!   Now you can get a whopping 70% off  at Flirty Aprons!!   According to Flirty Aprons, this is their best-ever online Holiday Celebration!  This deal is starting NOW and going until December 22nd!

So if you’re a last minute shopper (like some of us tend to be… ahem!), then run on over to Flirty Aprons and use code HOLIDAY70 to score aprons as low as $8!!!!

Yippee!!!!!!!  Every now and then (not often) it does pay to procrastinate.. hehe.

*Note: This coupon code cannot be applied to past orders or combined with any other Offers or Coupons.


My Most Favorite Cake Books + 25% Off One Book at Amazon

This post contains affiliate links which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks so much for your support in this way! Read my full disclosure policy here.

10 Most Favorite Cake Books

Amazon has released another coupon for 25% off any book … which nudged me to finish this post I started last week (oops!).    The code is at the bottom, but please check out my list of favorite cake books and leave me a comment if I’m missing one that you think I must have!!

A couple of weeks ago I shared my favorite cookbooks with you and I also wanted to share my most favorite cake books with you!   I’m always looking for new cake books to add to my collection, but for now – these are the ones I love and reach for most often!

1, 2, and 3.  Cake Mix Doctor Books by Anne Byrn:  if you like to bake starting with cake mixes, you need one or more of Anne’s books in your collection!

There are hundreds of recipes for every kind of cake under the sun in her books and she also has book on Baking Gluten Free and Cupcakes (I don’t have either of those – but I just though I’d share ;) )  Here are the ones I have:

4.  The Contemporary Buttercream Bible.   Ya’ll know buttercream and I don’t always get along… so I bought this book hoping to better my craft.  The truth is – the cakes in this book are out-of-this-world amazing and I’m still not sure I could pull them off!  The buttercream skills demonstrated in this book by by Valeri Valeriano and Christina Ong blow.my.mind.   

All I can say is one day…. maybe…. I’ll have a fraction of their skills!  If you want to up your buttercream game – this book is for YOU!

5.  Sharon Wee Creations: Adorable Cakes for All Occasions (not available on Amazon): As far as I can tell, this book is only available at BakingArts.com here in the US but if you live somewhere else, you can check availability here.  I bought a copy of this before it went to print and all I can say is – this book is beautiful.   The cakes are beautiful.  The tutorials are amazing!   It’s a book I could look at all day long and learn something new every time I pick it up!

6.  The Cake Bible.  I bought this book early on in my cake decorating ventures… when I was still trying to find my way, find recipes I loved, and learn my craft.  It is an encyclopedia of knowledge for a cake decorator at any level- especially if you want to learn the science behind scratch baking and all of the nuts & bolts of cake decorating.  It covers everything from cake recipes to frostings to techniques and equipment and structure… you name it – it’s in The Cake Bible!

7 & 8.  Debbie Brown Books.   If I could get my hands on them I’d own every book Debbie Brown has written regarding cake (and there are lots of them!!).  Her tutorials are fantastic and details and they lend themselves to cakes for every occasion!!   For now – I have two of them:  Easy Party Cakes and 50 Easy Party Cakes (not the same book!).

9.  The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Cake Decorating.  Again, this is one of the very first books I bought when I was trying to learn about cake decorating.   It mostly focuses on fondant decorating and while I still use it as a reference from time-to-time, it’s definitely what I would consider a beginner book.  I learned a lot from it but the reviews on Amazon are mixed so really read all the details before you take the plunge on this one!Artisan Cake Company's Visual Guide to Cake Decorating

10.  (not in my photo) Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide to Cake Decorating.  This book is not in my picture because I don’t have it yet… I’m waiting for it to arrive in my mailbox!  :D  But I can say with confidence that I’m going to love it because I love everything Elizabeth Marek touches…. don’t you?  This book is brand new (released Dec. 1), so it would make a wonderful gift if you have a cake decorator in your life!!

And that’s it, I think!   After taking this photo and working on this post for a few days, I found a few other cake books on my shelf but I’ll save that for another day maybe.  If you want to buy one of these books (or any book for that matter), be sure to use code BOOKDEAL25 to get 25% off one book on Amazon!!

Tell me, tell me… what are YOUR favorite cake books for recipes, decorating, etc.?  I’d love to hear if I’m missing a must-have book on my shelf!!


Super Heroes Cake & Cake Pops

This post contains affiliate links which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks so much for your support in this way! Read my full disclosure policy here.

Super Heroes Hulk Batman Superman Cake

Today I’m sharing a Super Heroes Cake & Cake Pops!!  This cake was fun to do… I absolutely loved doing the cartoon-y bubbles and stars!!

Here are some more pics and details:

Super Heroes Bobble Heads Cake Toppers

First, the characters on top were toys.   I ordered them here on Amazon: Funko Pop Marvel Bobbleheads.   Characters are not my strong suit and personally, I love it that kids can keep (and play with) toppers from their cake vs. them being hand-made and then discarded.    Not that I don’t adore a sculpted topper… it just makes me sad to think of them not being used again!

Boom Name Topper

Anywho… I cut the yellow “POW” bubble out by hand, then used a smooshed flower cutter to make the cloud shape.  For Jake’s name, I used Fox Run Alphabet Letter cutters, then a food marker to give it dimension and character!

City Scape Super Heroes Cake

This cake was vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, then covered and decorated mostly with .  The black and red decorations were Satin Ice Fondant.   I used these mini colors to do the tiny stars and squares in/around the buildings.

Here are a few other close-ups…

Super Heroes City Scape Cake Details 1 Comic Book Cake

To go with the cake – I made Super Hero Cake Pops:

Super Heroes Cake Pops

I used molds from Lollicakes by Ella for the Batman, Superman and Spiderman symbols.  I’m gonna be honest and say… those things were NOT the easiest things to master.  I had a hard time getting them neat and clean, but I’m sure with  more  practice, I could figure them out!  Here are some close-ups:

Superman Cake Pops Batman Cake Pops Spiderman Cake Pops

And then there were the Hulk cake pops…

How to Make Hulk Cake Pops

I have a full tutorial published for how to make Hulk Cake Pops here.  Click over here for more details!

So, I think that’s it!!  I’m busy, busy working on orders for the weekend including a wedding & groom’s cake and lots of Christmas cupcakes!  I’m gonna get to it now :)

So that’s that… do you have any questions about the Super Heroes Cake & Cake Pops?  If so, leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer & help out!

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