Baby Bottom Cake

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Baby Bottom Cake

I have seen many Baby Bottom Cakes but hadn’t done one until last year.  When Vet asked me to do it – and then told me the fun design that she wanted – I was so excited!

She requested that I make ruffles on the baby bloomers – in bright colors of pink and green and blue and purple.  She also specifically asked for the purple blanket.

Let me tell you a bit about making those details!  First, I baked a 8″ round cake (2 layers) and a half ball cake to go on top for the baby bottom.   I covered the 8″ round in white homemade marshmallow fondant then put a pink ribbon around the bottom (see how to add a ribbon border here).

Then the fun began!

Baby Bottom Cake with Ruffled Bloomers

I first covered the half ball cake with fondant (so the ruffles would have something to stick to), then started decorating.   I used the same concept as making a ruffles cake (see the how to make fondant ruffles tutorial here) to do the bloomers.

To get the really tiny ruffled edges, I first cut the strips of fondant using the smallest wavy edge of my FMM Ribbon cutter (one of my most favorite tools!), then used the same techniques as the ruffles tutorial otherwise.

For the blanket, I used this floral pattern impression mat on purple fondant and I used a straight frill cutter to get the sweet little scalloped edges.

For the legs and feet… those were solid fondant.  I just shaped them until they looked right – I can’t really give you any specific instructions (sorry!).

Baby Bottom Baby Shower Cake

And that’s it, I think!   This cake just made me smile when it was finished… it’s so darn cute and happy!

Do you have any questions or thoughts about this cake?  I love to hear from readers so please leave me a comment or question below and I’ll do my best to reply!


  1. Yaneri Sweet Baker says

    This turned out great Rose. My sister in law sent me a pic similar to this one. But I’m not sure about making a top baby cake with no upper torso…..LOL! and the fact that when I cut the baby’s bottom is kinda weird too! hahahaha!! But don’t get me wrong, and you know me! I love your creations!!!

    • Rose says

      Haha! I had the same thoughts Yaneri! I also think that every time I make one of those pregnant belly cakes… I wouldn’t want to cut it! But thank goodness, I’m never around for that part 😉

  2. Kiki says

    Hey Rose, this cake and all what you do is amazing!! You are really talented! I dlike to know many person this cake served. Thank you!

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