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Baby Gender Reveal Party Cake Pops

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Today I really wanted to get a post up, but since I still don’t have my computer back after it’s lemonade bath, I thought I’d choose something to post about that would be short and sweet (because this computer is soooo slooooow!).

I chose these Baby Gender Reveal Party Cake Pops!

These are such a cute idea!  Now these cake pops didn’t actual reveal the baby gender, they were just a fun sweet treat to have on the table at the baby gender reveal party!

I made my cake balls using the Cake Ball Roller that I won awhile back.  Then I dipped them in pink and blue colored white almond bark.

For the question marks, I drew them on using a dark brown candy writer!  I love having those on hand to decorate cake pops – I first used them for those  Yo Gabba Gabba cake pops and have been sold on them ever since!

My lollipop sticks are 5/16″ diameter and 6″ long.  I’ve found that’s the best size for cake pops!

And that’s it, I think!

Do you have any questions about these cake pops?   I’d love for you to leave me a comment!!  

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  1. I love them just the way they are but why not let them also be the revealing part too, you can let them all be the same inside, either pink or blue cake on the inside to reveal girl or boy (use white cake mix with just a lil food coloring or something) I don’t know – your the expert!! but I’m sure it would be awesome to have at Jake and Ariel’s big reveal day!!!!

    • YES – that’s what I thought we’d be doing but the customers had other plans… it certainly would be PERFECT for Jake & Ariel!! I love you Chrissy!!


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