Bass Fishing Cake

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Bass Fish Cake

Today I want to share this Bass Fishing Cake with you!

Anywho… this cake was fun to do, but a bit intimidating.  Making a semi-realistic fish out of fondant is not something I felt terribly confident at doing!

Granted, I have done fish cakes before – but not a bass fish.  You remember the Catfish cake, right?  Oy!  Oh, and one other fishing cake… you’ve got to see this Little Boy Fishing cake… it was one of my very early cakes!), but the fish on that cake was tiny!

But I did it and I was happy with how it turned out!   Sooo, let me tell you what I can about how I made this cake.

First, I baked the cake – it was strawberry cake and in 8″ round pans.  Then I filled and frosted it with (blue) vanilla buttercream.  Or was it cream cheese buttercream?  I’m not sure and I don’t have it in my notes :-/

Bass Fish on Cake

Anyway… for the fish I cut out a “fish shape” from homemade marshmallow fondant; the tail, eye and fins were separate.   I painted the fish with gel colors mixed into corn syrup so it would be shiny.

Fondant Bass Fish on Cake

I don’t remember the exact combo, but for the green, I mixed up some dark green gel coloring with a touch of black and then for the belly I used some gold, orange, and yellow.  The mouth was obviously done in red and the eye in black.

I let the fish dry for a couple of hours (although it was still sticky) and then I gently placed it on the cake.

For the “splash”, I piped some runny white buttercream, then used a pointy gum paste tool to drag it toward the fish – giving the right look!

Bass Fishing Cake Side

On the sides of the cake, I cut strips of  green homemade marshmallow fondant and attached them with dots of frosting.    The rocks were also made from fondant, black fondant marbled into white fondant.

Bass Fishing Cake

Oh… and the name was cut out with the Fox Run Alphabet cutters from Satin Ice Red fondant.

And that’s it!   This came together really easily – the fish being the most time-consuming part of it.    And it’s one more buttercream cake down in the books for me… whew!

Do you have any fishermen in your life?   Would they like this cake?  Do you have any questions about the cake?  Leave me a comment – I love to hear from readers!


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