It’s a Batman Cake!

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This Batman Birthday Cake was made for my cousin’s little boy, Luke, who celebrated his 3rd birthday last year .  I guess that would make Luke my cousin, too, huh?  Oh well..

Anyway, Luke is all about Batman.  This is totally unrelated to the cake, but I just have to share!  I hope his parents don’t mind!!

One day his Mama (I once made her an MSU cake!) posted this on Facebook and it totally cracked me up:

What beats your 3 year old rolling over to you in the middle of the night and saying,”I don’t like your bat suit” before going back to sleep?

Isn’t that just hysterical?  I could not stop laughing!

Back to the cake.  When Luke’s Dad asked for a Batman cake, I did a few searches and found that Batman cakes are pretty much everywhere!  We settled on the color & design he liked and here it is!

This cake was 8″ round chocolate cake.  I frosted and filled it with vanilla buttercream.  The blue and yellow fondant were homemade marshmallow fondant and the black was Satin Ice Black Vanilla fondant.

For the Batman symbol, I printed an image on card stock, then cut it out and used it as a template to trace around and cut out the black fondant with an Xactoknife.  I used my extruder to make a long rope of black for the border around the bat.

I cut the buildings with a rectangle cookie cutter then used my Xacto Knife to add the diagonal tops on some of them.

For the “windows” I used Americolor white gel coloring and just dotted them on with a paintbrush.  I tried to get them square or rectangle and lined up but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  Next time I’d do that differently!

For the letters, I used some of my favorite cutters… the Fox Run Alphabet Cookie Cutters.  Those cutters are a great versatile size, easy to use with fondant or gum paste, and I just love ’em!  Except I’d never attempt to actually cut cookies that small ;).

And that’s it!

Do you have any questions about this cake?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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  1. Marie Therese hayes says

    Hi love this cake. Would you mind if I used your design to make a cake for a little boy? Will give you a mention. I am not a professional just a hobby cske maker but like to acknowledge the designer.

  2. Kristeen says

    I’m kinda a newbie at baking/ decorating cakes. How did you frost the cake with icing and then roll out the fondant on top? Did you have to let the frosting garden first? Thanks!

  3. goggly says

    Considering that 151 of them come from Wilton’s 101 cutter collection as well as 50 pet pals, I’ve acquired 200+ cutters-but only!


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