Beach Birthday Cake with Flip-Flops & Surf Boards + Cake Pops

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I really should’ve shared this  Beach & Flip Flops themed cake before it was Fall.  But ya’ll know I’m always way behind on sharing pictures and this one is no exception!

For Victoria’s 10th birthday, she chose a beach themed party – complete with flip-flops, umbrella’s and surf boards!    I based my cake design off of the plates and napkins her mom sent me…   You can find similar beach themed party supplies here.

I’m so sad to say that this cake was done in a 2-3 week period when my camera was in the shop.  All photos were done with my phone or an old point & shoot camera.  They’re not great and it really bums me out, because the cake was super cute!   It deserved better pictures… oh well.

I actually made the most adorable 3-D umbrella to go on top of the cake, but I couldn’t make it work.  I tried, and tried, and tried… but it kept falling, eventually tearing apart.

I wish I’d had the forethought to at least take a picture of it.  But in the meantime, I had a flat umbrella made as a backup, thank goodness!

The sand was brown sugar, the letters were done with the Funky Alphabet Tappit Cutters, and I cut the wavy water borders using this Wilton Pastry Wheel.

Oh, and here are the sides of the cake…

with a beach ball, big flip-flops and surfboards…

I used surfboard and flip flops cookie cutters for the shapes on those!

The cake pops were vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, dipped in white candy melts colored blue (with Wilton Candy Colors).  I sprinkled white nonpariels and white sparkling sugar on them for decorations!

And that’s it!!

Did I miss anything?  If you have questions about how to make this cake or cake pops, please leave them in the comments!!

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  1. Julia says

    This cake was so cute! Loved all the details. This cake was a “HIT” for Victoria’s party. Loved the chocolate & cookies & cream icing! So glad I got u 2 make the cake….it was AWESOME! Thanks again!

      • Julia says

        How do you make the cake pops? I seen where you said vanilla cake & vanilla frosting, dipped in white candy melts…do you mix cake & frosting & make balls? or bake in balls & then frost & then dip?

        • Rose says

          I baked the vanilla cake in a regular pan (as usual), then let it cool and crumble it up in a large bowl. Then I scoop in probably a cup of homemade buttercream frosting (or you could use store frosting) and I mush it all together with my hands until it’ s like a “dough”. I roll it into balls and chill them, then I dip them in melted white chocolate (candy melts, almond bark, etc.), and let them set, or sprinkle before letting them set. I hope that explains it!

  2. betty says

    Julie said she loved the “chocolate and cookies and cream icing. Was that the frosting? If so, I could not find the recipe for it.

    • Rose says

      Oh, I forgot to list the cake flavors, but no, I don’t have a recipe posted for the Cookies & Cream filling! I’ll have to remember to share that sometime!

  3. Alisha Bradley says

    My daughter is having a beach theme for my sweet 16 how much would it be for a cake like this but a little bigger to feed about 100 people?

  4. Wanda Contreras says

    I love your cake! It is adorable and the details are so cute! May I ask, how did you make the beach balls? I’m making a cake for my daughters birthday and it is the same theme as yours ( including the plates as well) I think I can make similar decorations but I don’t know how to make the beach ball ! Any suggestions will be appreciate it!
    Thank you in advance,

      • Wanda says

        Thank you so much for your quick response!!!! You are very nice for taking time on replying to my comment! I m a follower of your blog which I love!
        Best regards,

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