Black & Hot Pink Wedding Cake & Cupcake Tower

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This may sound strange, but I rarely get to do weddings that are in my tiny hometown.  So I was pretty excited when I got the order for this Black & Hot Pink Cake & Wedding Cake & Cupcake Tower and I got to deliver it just a few miles from home!

This wedding cake design was sort of a cross between my first Black & Hot Pink Wedding Cake (except that one was huge and had alot more piping!) and this Black & White Wedding Cake & Cupcake Tower.   Or at least… that’s what came to mind for me!

I really love doing cupcakes for weddings.  If you’re on a budget, cupcakes in place of a huge cake often saves quite a bit of money.  Plus, nobody has to stand by and serve cake (which, if not done right, can be messy and a pain!).   But with cupcakes, guests can just grab a cupcake and move on!

There were chocolate and vanilla cupcakes – all covered in vanilla buttercream.  All the ones on the tower were “plain” while the ones on the table had the “G” monogram…

I used my FMM Funky Alphabet Tappit cutters to do those!  And I baked all the cupcakes in black glassine (greaseproof) liners.

For the cake on top, it was a 6″ round chocolate cake.  It was covered in marshmallow fondant with a hot pink marshmallow fondant ribbon (see how to make fondant ribbon borders here) and the black scrolling was royal icing.

I loaned out my stacking white stands for the wedding reception and we added the black  ribbons to coordinate.   Here’s a picture of it all set up in the church fellowship hall:

I loved the way it all turned out and thought it was just really pretty!

What do you think?   Do you have any questions about the cake or cupcakes?  Let me know in the comments… I absolutely love comments!!

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  1. Joddie spring says

    Rose, we could not have asked for a prettier cake nor a nicer person to deal with. We/ Madge LOVED it! It was especially good to have our hometown girl make it. Thanks again!!

  2. Anna says

    Beautiful Rose. Very elegant. Love the scroll. The cupcakes and overall presentation are stunning!! . Love the ribbons in the cake stands. ( I sound like a school teacher marking a paper!!)…..well, I WAS a school teacher in a previous life!, not to mention what I do now!
    I am intrigued by your marshmallow fondant and must try it. All gorgeous!! Well done. x

  3. Betsy says

    I am interested in doing something similar to this but with the rose icing detail. Did the bride and groom cut a cup cake or how did that work? What are the pricing differences between a cupcake tower and a 4 layer cake?

    • Rose says

      I think they cut the 6″ cake at the wedding, but I’m not sure. They may have just fed each other a cupcake! Cupcakes are significantly cheaper than cake – at least when I do them they are.


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