Bubble Guppies Birthday & Smash Cake

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When I first got the order for this cake, I was a little scared.  I mean, this was the same week as all those cakes I told you about on Monday

Remember?  There was the Vintage Lace Wedding Cake, the Flutterbies Butterflies Cake, the Giraffe Baby Shower Cake, the Construction Pals Party, and the Chocolate {Hunter’s} Groom’s cake.

And honestly, I’d never even heard of Bubble Guppies.  Had no clue what they were!

Since I really strive to always be totally honest and real with you and to convince some of you that I’m not, in fact, Super Woman… I decided to share my “secret” with you about how I did this cake…

I ordered these fabulous, tiny, perfect little fondant Bubble Guppies characters from Etsy.  I knew I didn’t have time to do them.  Even if I had had the time, I couldn’t have ever made them this perfect.

I sort of felt guilty about it… like maybe you guys would think I’m a cheater or something…

But I’m a woman who has a hard time saying no to an order and well… why kill myself doing a job that I don’t have time to do, when I can pay a more talented person to do some of that work for me?

Besides, by ordering things like that, I help another woman with her at-home business and it helps me stay sane lose some anxiety… I’d say that makes it a win-win!

PS – my friend Kristen (who was here that weekend visiting) found these for me on Etsy… she’s my hero!

Anyway, so that’s my big secret on this cake… I didn’t do all the tiny characters.

Okay – so back to the cake.   It was one layer of 8″ round layer of butter cake and one 10″ round layer of chocolate cake – filled and frosted with white chocolate buttercream (oh SO good!).

It was covered and decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant.  OH, and the “sand” was brown sugar!

There was also a smash cake – it was really simple…

I used coordinated buttercream and I think it went well with the big cake…

What do you think?  If you’re a caker, would you ever “contract out” part of your work?  I welcome all honest opinions and thoughts – just please mind your manners and don’t be ugly!

Do you have any questions about these cakes?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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  1. marica hawkins says

    this cake is awesome and i think it is just fine that you didn’t make the people (or fish lol whatever you would call them) they are very cute and like you said you helped another woman with her home business so every one wins —– as long as you don’t take credit for her work it is just fine to “contract out” part of your work —– it is an amazing cake and BTW i never would have thought of brown sugar for sand thanks for the tip :)

  2. Steph says

    Very cute!
    I have no problem with the idea of contracting some of the work (or purchasing), but at the $40 +$10 shipping for thd bubble guppies, I would have lost money on that cake.

  3. Shirley Spring Meteer says

    Rose, this cake was for my grandson Carson. I apologize for not commenting earlier, but I have to tell you this cake was awesome. It was moist, the icing was delicious and such a beautiful cake! Thank you so much for fitting us into your busy schedule and we will be recommending you to our friends.

  4. Kristen Miller says

    Okay…yeah you would have definitely had a no sleep night if we had to handcraft those Bubble Guppies. And they were just about the most perfect things I have ever seen. I don’t think our attempts would have come close. 😉 The little fingers…the hair…the details on those things were crazy! Definitely money well spent and great for all parties involved. You should have taken a picture of the girl with the blonde hair…those curls kill me! 😉

    • Rose says

      Would you believe I took about 5 pics of her and every single one is blurry! I tried to sharpen them, but they were just not good – they hurt my eyes to look at… :-(

  5. Denise says

    I think what you did was just fine. In fact, I think it was genius. You created a total win/win situation. Your cake is absolutely gorgeous and that little smash cake was adorable. You have a great site. I just recently joined and am always looking forward to getting updates from you. Again — genius!

  6. Megan says

    I don’t call that being a “cheater”, I call that being resourceful! As long as you were able to take the hit on cost (which obviously you were ok with), I say why not! Save yourself the sanity and get a few more hours of sleep. Those things would have taken a good bit of time to do!

    What a cute cake! I’d never heard of bubble guppies before either. A cartoon or something?

    • Rose says

      I think it’s on NIckelodeon?! or Nick Jr? I don’t know – my kids do watch television and cartoons but that one has never been on their radar as far as I know! And thank you!!

  7. Yaneri -Sweet Baker says

    I was just looking at the cost of the guppies and couldn’t believe how expensive they are plus shipping cost. Me, in my case I would of made them only because I like to be the original designer of the cake and design and give myself credit of all the hard work I put into making each little guppy. Im not sure if i would of paid $40 bucks plus shipping……nope I couldn’t. BUT…. If I did buy those from Etsy, I would of added that cost in the cake. Would I get paid for it?…..yes i think I would. But I know how you are busy with your other cakes, I guess i can understand your situation. But I think the cake came out darling…….just would of been awesome if you made them yourself!

    • Rose says

      Thanks for your input, friend!! Yes, they were very expensive and I definitely prefer to do my own work as much as possible, but that particular week was overbooked (totally my fault) and I just got overwhelmed with all I had to do. And honestly – I’m not sure I could’ve come close to the quality of work I got on those by buying them… they were tiny and flawless!!! xoxo

      • Yaneri says

        I totally understand my freind!! I wish i knew how she made them thou…….they’re soooooo stinkin’ CUTE!!!! I saw that show with my little nephew and I was like….awwww, what a cute show!!!

  8. Mindy Pearl says

    I lo lo love this cake.. My daughters 1st bday is Saturday and I couldnt find anyone around who even knew aht Bubble Guppies were so when I googled it your page was under my search, so Ive taken your cake and used it to colaberate my babygirls cake, Publix is doing the cake part except its a sheet cake with a round cake on top and they are doin the light blue icing and the sand and seaweed. And i went and bought the fondant and print out the bubb;e guppies characters, I am going to lamenate them and trace them on fondant and just stick them on the cake with the fondant on back so they will sitck out a little. Then I noticed your smash cake for it so Publix is doing it the same but my question is how did you do the number 1 on top of the smash cake and the number 1 on the big cake.. and did you do the seaweed around the bottom of that number 1? If so how? And I also noticed some candy apples with a construction cake you did but the coating on the apple is blue, How do you do that? I’d love to do that for her bday also..

    Thanks alot, God Bless,

    • Rose says

      Hi Mindy!

      For the smash cake, I just used a large round frosting tip (and I mean HUGE) to do the “1” and the dots on the border and I used a petal tip (maybe a #104) for the seaweed.

      For the “1” on the big cake, it’s made from fondant mixed with “Tylose” (or you could use gum paste) which will dry hard. I formed it around a lollipop stick.

      The blue candy apples were made from a mix I bought on Sugarcraft.com.

  9. stephanie weaver says

    Hi I love the Bubble Guppie cake and my daughters 3rd. Birthday is in June. She chose the bubble guppies as her birthday theme. Do you ship cakes.

  10. Ashley says

    Hello Rose,

    I am in love with this cake. my son will be one in less then a month, I am going to attempt to make this cake. How many 8 and 10 inch cakes did you use? Also If the party is on the weekend when would you recommend me starting the process of making the cake? How many batches of the fondant did you use?

    Thank you

    • Rose says

      This cake was (2) 8″ “layers and (2) 10″ layers. Each layer was about 2” tall. If you’re making all the characters, I’d recommend that you make them the week before maybe – they will take awhile. As for the rest of the cake – maybe bake it on Thursday, fill and frost it that night, then let it chill overnight and decorate on Friday. As for fondant – maybe 2 to do all the blue and a 3rd to divide up for the other colors. I’m not really sure; I always make more than I need.

      • Ashley says

        Thank you for the information. I have started the process. Also if you were to make the characters on the cake what would you use?

        Thank you

  11. Nicole says

    Hi Rose! I love this B ubble Guppies cake and my neice wants one for next weekend. What colors did you use for the fondant and the waves.

  12. LETY says

    Hi Rose, HELP!!!! I am trying to find the bubble guppie fondant decorations that you purchased on etsy and cant seem to find that size. the ones on there are about 3″ tall and need same size you used. Just wondering if you had a contact person, number…??

  13. Lindsey Hamilton says

    Hi there, I was wondering if you have a nice fondant recipe? I make mine with just marshmallow, a little water and powdered sugar, but yours seems so smooth, no cracks in sight. Just wondering if there’s a “secret” to the perfect fondant? Thanks ~

  14. Steph says

    Hello, i must say i love your page THANK god i found it. I am just starting off and LOVE cake mixes lol
    Quick question, what did u use to cut out the name CARSON? i love the font

  15. Becky Chenault says

    I am about to make a similar cake for my granddaughter that will be 2 June 6th & I also ordered the Bubble Guppies characters. She has watched this cartoon since she was big enough to focus her little eyes & is going to be smiling from ear to ear when she actually gets a guppies cake. I don’t feel like I am cheating because if the resource is there why not take advantage of it. Btw, your cake is precious!!

  16. cece says

    I lovs the cake.. I have been asked to make a bubble guppies cake for a friend.. I’m going to attempt to male the characters.. I love your website and i’m so glad I found it…

  17. Bee says

    Hi. Can I ask how you made the fondant seaweed? Did you cut them and wrap them round something? How do you then make them stand up on the cake without falling over?

    • Rose says

      I added a little tylose to the fondant, and then I rolled it out, cut the strips, then curled it and used tiny dots of glue to attach it to the cake. It stayed standing with no problem :)

  18. Norma Green says

    I makemcakes for mostly family but I feel it’s fine to buy what you can for you cakes. Just what to thank you for this website and for answering my Facebook message.

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