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My husband loves strawberry cupcakes.  I don’t.   I love strawberries… and I really love him.  So, I made him some strawberry cupcakes for Valentine’s.

Since I’m always wanting to try new ways to decorate, I decided to make them into roses.  Buttercream roses, that is.

If you’ve been a fan on Facebook since the beginning (before I had this blog), you know I’ve done quite a few buttercream roses cakes.

A birthday cake – originally posted on AdventuresinSavings.com.

A very bright birthday cake… for a grandma with a “bright” personality!! :)

And an anniversary cake…. for my pastor and his wife.

Anyway, my friend Kristen suggested that the roses would be great on cupcakes, and I’ve seen them on cookies too!

So that’s what I did… and I love the way they turned out!  So did my son Joshua… he wanted a bite!

Don’t you think this is a fabulous idea?  Instead of giving your love a dozen roses… give her a dozen rose cupcakes.  You could do these in any color… white, red, pink, yellow… any color of the rainbow!

The best of both worlds right?

If you want to do these, all you’ll need is a pile of cupcakes, some buttercream frosting (or cream cheese frosting) and a Wilton 1M tip.  You can see Amanda from I am Baker’s tutorial on how to pipe Buttercream Roses here.

Any questions about these cupcakes or cake?   Please leave them in the comments!


  1. Kim says

    Rose, I have a question for you. I have seen a couple tutorials on this rose effect, and one of the ladies used the technique of first making the inside small swirl of the rose in one direction, and then she lifts the tip off of the cake and makes the outside swirl around the smaller swirl in the opposite direction. I hope I explained that clearly. Hers look fine too. I LOVE the way yours look, though. Yours truly look like sculpted roses. Did you use the swirl technique that iambaker uses where you leave your tip on the cake as you do the two swirls or the other one I have described? thanks so much, Rose!

    • Rose says

      OH wow… I’ve never seen it done that way! I actually do it just like Amanda from I am Baker. I would be interested to try the other way just to see!!

  2. R Khatun says

    I love your creations.I’d love to be so talented.I’ve bought the right nozzle (hopefully) but my cupcake cases are rubbish.where can I get proper greaseproof cases which won’t come away from the cupcake? Thanks.

  3. YOSSIE from Indonesia says

    I’m just starting to learn making cake decoration
    I like your creation…
    I need delicious buttercream recipes…would you helping me for this?

  4. Amy says

    Rose, these are all so very lovely! I am planning to make my first wedding cake in a few months (for a friend, not for sale!), and she wants something simple like this. Would you be willing to share a little more information on the two-tiered anniversary cake you made? What size are the layers, and did you use wooden dowels or plastic dowels or straws in the contruction? Thank you! I expect I’ll be visiting your blog again : )


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