Butterflies & Flowers Birthday Cake

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This cake was for a lady celebrating her 77th birthday!   I think that definitely deserves a cake!!

Her daughter told me she loved butterflies and flowers… and light blue, yellow and mint green.

I did my best to work all that into a cake.  Specifically, she told me that she liked this cake I made for Sarah’s birthday a couple of years ago.  Looking back, I see so much that was wrong with that cake (and the pics I took), but even with my self-critique, I did love that cake and Sarah did too!

Anyway, I set out to recreate that cake.  But make it better.  Softer and prettier and a little more polished.  And with a lot less cornstarch on the inside of the bow (ha!).  Looking at it now, I think this style of cake would also be pretty for a wedding or baby shower… or even a wedding cake!

Instead of flat butterflies and flowers, I made them 3-D… and with more texture.  My bows have definitely improved since then, although I struggle with every single one I make!   You can see how to make poofy bows here.

Anyway, here’s the rundown on the tools/materials I used for this cake:

You can see more of my favorite tools here.   This cake had vanilla cake for the bottom tier, chocolate cake for the top tier and all vanilla buttercream filling.

Did I miss anything?   Any questions about this cake?   Please leave them in the comments and I’m happy to answer & help!


  1. Ifii says

    How do you achieve such perfect beads? I love ur website. I’ve bought almost everything used on this cake as I love your work so much. I’ve bought the FMM ribbon cutter, the Wilton flower set, the PME butterfly cutter and the First Impression silicone pearl mold. However, I am unable to achieve such perfect pearls like in ur pictures above. Is it possible to post a tutorial on how you make the beads with the mold please. I know you are very busy but I don’t want to let all the money I spent on that mold go to waste.

    Also, how do you achieve these pastel colours. I use wilton colours and I’ve not had much success achieving pastel colours I like with the wilton colours. Maybe it’s user error but I would like to achieve pastels.


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