Camouflage Birthday Cakes: A Girly Pink & Brown Camo Cake + A Boys Camo Cake with 4-Wheeler

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Both of these cakes were done quite a long time ago.  This first one, a pink camouflage cake was done for a young lady turning 12 years old who loves all things girly… and loves to hunt!

This was my first (non-buttercream) camouflage cake and I wasn’t quite sure how to pull it off.  After some trial and error – I ended up making 3 shades of pink/white and then taking small balls of it and rolling it all together, then covering the cake as usual with fondant.

I used the FMM Funky Alphabet Tappit Cutters for the lettering and I used a cutter from the Wilton Gum Paste Flowers set for the tiny brown flowers.

I hand-cut the border by making a long rope of brown (Dark Chocolate Satin Ice) fondant, then cutting away slivers to pull apart for the branches and using a gum paste tool to score it for bark.

My next camo cake was done for a little boy this past March.  I’m so sad to say that I totally forgot to take a more professional (good) picture of the cake.  I don’t remember what was going on that I forgot… but I did happen to find this one picture taken in my kitchen the night I finished it:

For Reid’s cake, he wanted camo, mud, hunter’s orange and a 4-wheeler!   I think I got it all on there and Reid loved his cake!  I used several shades of green plus brown and black to get all the shades for the camo.

I used the white plastic letter cutters to do his name in hunter’s orange (Americolor Electric Orange gel) and I bought the 4-Wheeler toy on eBay.

Did you have any questions about these cakes?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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  1. Megan says

    Cute cakes! I particularly like the girly one and the way that camo turned out, plus the sticks effect I think is neat!

    Question – where do you get all the fancy colored foils you use to wrap your cake boards, and do you have any tips/tricks on that? I need to start doing something like that to hide the ugly white cardboard rounds I normally use.

  2. Darlene Celso says


    How do you use the letters for the pink cake? I tried to use them and thought I had it figured out but, once they dried and= I went to put them on the cake, they cracked~~~ They have to be dry to come out of the letters but
    then they crack when you pick them up because they are so dry, Any ideas or helpful hints???


  3. Stacy says

    Hello Rose. I’m Stacy. My daughter Shalee will be turning 15 Saturday, July 27th. She loves to hunt, goes on hog hunts with grandpa, and just loves it. I think she would absolutely love this cake, and its perfect for her. If you can tell me how you did it, and all the things I need, that would be great! Thank you.


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