Ivory Roses Wedding Cake and Pale Pink Roses Cupcakes

Ivory Roses Wedding Cake and Pink Rose Cupcakes

Okay – I’m so ready to be done posting 2013 cakes and I’m nowhere near being finished.  How did I let myself get so far behind??  This wedding cake was done last September. September ya’ll!!  If I don’t get on the ball and start catching up, I’ll be a full year behind!! Ugh!

That aside, today I want to share this Ivory Roses Wedding Cake and Pale Pink Roses Cupcakes!

Wedding Cake and Cupcakes on Stands

The cake was white almond sour cream cake filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream.  I used Americolor Ivory Gel coloring to give the frosting that pretty ivory color!  Instead of the usual 1M tip, I piped these roses with an  Ateco #825 tip.

The cakes were 6″ round, 9″ round, and 12″ round for a total of 100 servings.   I prefer Magic Line pans – if you’re curious!

Roses Cupcakes

In addition to the cake, Haley also wanted 50 cupcakes with pale pink frosting.  These were also white almond sour cream cake frosted with vanilla buttercream.

Pink Rose Cupcake

I really, really love the swirled roses done with the  Ateco #825 tip… don’t you?  I used a tiny bit of Americolor Soft Pink to color these.  If you don’t know already, a little bit of pink gel coloring goes a long way, so be careful or you’ll have seriously pink frosting!

When I got to the wedding, I realized their wedding colors were ivory, soft pink and light blue and I thought it was beautiful…

Roses Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

The cupcakes were set up on mismatched crystal cake stands and it was a really pretty effect!

Pink & Blue Wedding Decor Mason Jars

She also used my favorite Blue Heritage Ball Jars all over the reception hall and had them filled with fresh flowers!!    I wish I had more pictures of all of the decorations but there were still people setting up everywhere so I just took a few snapshots!

Candy Table Centerpiece Table

So that’s that!   Do you have any questions about this cake or the cupcakes?  If so, leave me a comment!  Thanks, as always for visiting!!

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Kit Kat & M&M’s Candy Cake and Cupcakes

Kit Kat M&M's Candy Cake

Sometimes I go all out for my kids birthdays (that was 1280 tiny squares!!) and sometimes I’m a complete failure and sometimes, I hit the middle ground.  This birthday was middle ground :)

These cakes are so easy to put together and even if you have no cake decorating experience – you can do this cake!!

CakeMate Galaxy Nonpariels

Caleb loves the color blue, and I had some ribbon that was blue and green, and these fun Cake Mate “Galaxy” nonpariels that were black, blue, green and white… so I let that be my color palette!

KitKat Candy Cake

I baked two 8″ round layers of confetti cake, then filled and frosted it with blue vanilla buttercream.

Next, I unwrapped probably ten full-size Kit Kats and stuck them on the sides.  All you need to do this is just have fresh (un-crusted) buttercream and the Kit Kats will easily stick!!

Kit Kat Candy Cake

When that was done, I put an extra layer of buttercream on top, then I filled up the center with blue, green and dark brown M&M’s.   Yeah – I had to pick out all the other colors.  But no worries… they didn’t go to waste ;)

Sprinkled Cupcake with KitKat Cake

We were having family over to have birthday cake and ice cream with us,  so I also made some cupcakes to be sure we wouldn’t run out of dessert.  I piled up the blue buttercream and that’s where I used the “Galaxy” nonpariels.

KitKat Candy Cake and Cupcakes

Sprinkles Cupcake

Aren’t those pretty?  I really loved the way it all turned out and so did Caleb…

Caleb birthday

Later that night we cut the cake and Caleb blue out his candles.    This might be one of my favorite birthday photos of my kids:

Caleb is 12

If you’re wondering what it looked like on the inside, I did snap a couple of pictures (although they aren’t great).

Cut KitKat Cake

The only problem with these cakes are my kids want to pull off the Kit Kats and M&M’s and they don’t always finish the cake ;)

Kit Kat Cake and Cupakes

 I think that’s it…  did I miss anything?  If you have any questions about this cake or cupcakes, leave me a comment!!  And if you’ve ever made a Kit Kat Cake, please share a link so I can have a look!

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Sofia the First Cake

Sofia the 1st Cake above

Good morning!!  It’s Monday ya’ll and this week is going to be a doozy!    In addition to my three cake orders (and cupcakes and cookies), we have to be at our church for the next seven days in a row (8 if you count yesterday).

You see, it’s Vacation Bible School this week and that means busy, busy, busy!   Five days of regular VBS, then a Fun Day on Saturday and Commencement on Sunday.

Did I mention I’m also trying to diet?  Yeah… I’m not sane.  But I am looking forward to all of the kids and the fun and learning about Jesus… but it’s gonna be a lot of work and I’m sure I’ll be asleep standing up by the end of it!

Sofia the 1st Cake

In the meantime, I wanted to share this sweet little Sofia the First Cake I made last summer and all of my cake decorating tips for making this cake!  It was an 8″ round vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling and frosting and then decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant.

Now, let me tell you about the details…

Sofia the 1st Tiara on Cake

For the tiara, I used the largest round disc on my extruder to make ropes of fondant.   I then shaped them on the cake to match Sofia’s tiara (as best I could).  After they were secured on the cake, I painted them silver.  For the silver paint, I mixed together Nu Silver Luster Dust with a few drops of vodka.

I used a wheel on this Wilton ribbon cutter to do the texture along the bottom of the tiara, then I added lavender sugar pearls and an edible diamond to finish out the details.

Sugar Pearls

Around the top edge of the cake, I used white sugar pearls in different sizes to make bunting.  They were attached to the cake with tiny dots of royal icing.

Funky Alphabet Tappit Cutters

I used my favorite Funky Alphabet Tappit Cutters to do Carson’s name – you can see how I use tappit cutters here.

Sofia the 1st Cake back

For the bottom border of the cake, except on the front where the tiara was, I used my silicone pearl molds.  You can see how I use silicone pearl molds here.

Sofia the 1st

And of course, there was Sofia the First.  She was a real toy/doll … I used a rubber band to attach her to a dowel rod (under her dress), then stood her up on the center of the cake!

 I think that’s it…  did I miss anything?  If you have any questions about this cake, leave me a comment!!

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