Sarah’s Sweets: Easy Pretzel Pumpkins

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Easy Pumpkin Pretzels

I was going through my pictures today and found these Easy Pretzel Pumpkins.  I was rather surpised.  I didn’t make the treats, didn’t take the pictures and I didn’t know that my daughter had… but she did.

Several days ago, completely on her own, she asked if she could make a treat.  And without any direction from me (or any Pinterest influence… I know there are several very similar ideas out there), she made these and photographed them (without telling me about the photographing part).

When I found the pictures, I knew I had to write about them.  I was just so proud of her.  She made a yummy treat (we won’t talk about how manyh I ate) and she took beautiful pictures. With no help.  None.

Why is this so exciting?  Sarah is 11 years old.  And she already has her mind made up that she wants to be a baker/cake decorator just like me.  She says her business will be named Sarah’s Sweets and she has already designed her business cards.

I couldn’t be more proud of her creativity, big dreams and her willingness to pursue them.  While I’m bragging, let me show you a few more things.

A few weeks ago, she asked if she could bake a cake, decorate it,  and sell it.

My Mommy’s heart was afraid she’d fail.  I didn’t want her to do all the work and no one buy the cake.  I didn’t want her to be hurt or disappointed.  But more than that – I didn’t want to hold her back.

So I let her bake this cake, decorate it (using some leftover frosting I already had on hand from another order) and post it on Facebook:

Sarah Roses Cake

And you know what?  It sold.  In fact, she sold two of them and had to stay up late baking and decorating the second one.  She did all the work by herself.  All of it.

And then a few days later… she asked if she could do one of my orders for me.   Because the customer was a family friend and the cake design was totally up to me, I decided I’d let her try. She didn’t want to do roses again, so I decided we’d try for pom-poms (another fairly easy method of decorating).   I knew if it started to go downhill, I could jump in and take over.

Sarah with PomPom Cake

But guess what?  She did it too!  This time I helped some… she baked the cakes, I filled and crumb-coated (because it had this HUGE Oreo filling), and then she decorated. The only other help I offered was piping the “E” on top.

And then last week… the Pumpkin Pretzels.  And the photos.   She’s becoming quite the little entrepreneur!

Anyway – here’s how she made the pretzels.   It’s so easy, it barely requires instructions.

Chocolate Dipped Pumpkin Pretzels

She took pretzels and dipped them in melted orange candy melts.  Then she laid them on wax paper and before the candy melts set, she added two green sugar pearls (we found them at Walmart also, on the baking aisle).  And that’s IT!!  And they were so yummy!!  And cute, dontcha think?

Easy Pretzel Pumpkins


  • Pretzel Twists
  • Orange Candy Melts
  • Green Sugar Pearls


Melt the candy melts in a microwave save dish for 1 min. Stir and cook again in 15 second intervals until completely melted and smooth.

Dip the pretzels in melted orange candy melts. They're easy to remove using a fork!

Lay them on wax paper and while they're still wet, add the green sugar pearls to the "top" of the pumpkin.

Let them set and they're done!!

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Candy Apples!!

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How to Make Colored Candy Apples

Since it’s the PEAK of candy apple season… aka FALL, I thought I’d do a round-up of all the candy apples I’ve done over the past couple of years!

Ironically, candy apple posts tend to be the most popular on my cake blog, but I’m okay with that… I blog for the people and the people love candy apples, so I’m gonna keep on sharing them!  Click HERE to see How to Make Candy Apples Any Color!

So, first up… if you’re new to making candy apples, you’ll want to start with this post:  How to Make Candy Apples Any Color.  It’s a comprehensive post about all the things I know about candy apples (and I don’t know it all, but it’s the best I’ve got for ya!).

Now for some other pretty and cool options…

How to Make Silver & Gold Shimmery Candy Apples

My latest apples (which you may have already seen) are these sparkly, shiny ones!  I think they’d be perfect for Christmas or a Winter Wedding:  Silver & Gold Shimmery Apples.

How to Make Pink Cotton Candy Candy Apples

And then there are these soft pretty Cotton Candy Pink Candy Apples… for a baby shower, maybe?  Or sweet little girl’s birthday?

How to Make Purple (grape) Candy Apples

The Purple Grape Candy Apples are pretty awesome too… and they’re made from a mix!

Pink and Purple Candy Apples 2

Or mixed… purple and pink for Hello Kitty!

Bright Pumpkin Ruffles Cake with Candy Apples

Last fall I made these bright ones for a pumpkin/Halloween themed party… or I love this picture too:

Bright Candy Apples

For the splattered candy apples, I made a post special just for them:

Splattered Bright Candy Apples

Aren’t those just gorgeous?  I’m a sucker for anything bright and happy!!  Bright Splattered Candy Apples.

Red Silver and Blue Candy Apples

Of course, I can’t go without mentioning the controversial Glitter Candy Apples.  What would the world be like without snarky food police leaving nasty blog comments and emails?

White Candy Apples

You can even use this recipe and skip the color to have WHITE Candy Apples!

Bright Blue Raspberry Candy Apples

I almost forgot the Raspberry Blue Candy Apples… if you dip green apples in the blue candy… the taste is addictive!  Nom-nom-nom.

So, I think that’s it…. all the different colors and varieties of candy apples that I’ve made over the last couple of years!  If you have any questions, please click through the posts and read through the comments and also ask them here!!  

Happy Fall Ya’ll!!

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How to Make Silver & Gold Shimmery Candy Apples

This post contains affiliate links which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks so much for your support in this way! Read my full disclosure policy here.

How to Make Silver & Gold Shimmery Candy Apples

Ever since I wrote about how to make candy apples any color, I’ve received dozens of questions about how to make silver & gold candy apples   Well, after some experimenting, I thought I’d share a few different ways to make your apples really shine!  

All of these apples start with using my basic recipe here – except use only the Americolor white gel coloring, not the pink or orange or blue or purple.  This is what your apples will look like after dipping:

White Candy Apples

I let them harden and from there, I tried a few different methods to get shiny, shimmery, metallic apples and I’ll show you some pics of each…

Silver Candy Apples

For these first apples, I simply sprayed the white candy apple with Wilton Silver Color Mist Spray.  The key to this is to go light!!  If you spray on too much at once, it’ll start to run!  Overall – this silver apple was the easiest to eat, there were no controversial ingredients and the apples were pretty!

I couldn’t capture it perfectly in the picture but they really were shimmery and shiny and the metallic silver really came out well!

Gold Candy Apple Sprayed with Wilton Color Mist Spray

Sadly the Wilton Gold Mist Spray didn’t turn out as shimmery.  They weren’t bad – they just weren’t as “gold” as I’d have preferred!

Next, I thought I’d use some gold and silver sugar that I had on my sprinkles shelf.  I’ve used the silver on cake pops before (you can see the pink & silver cake pops here), but I wasn’t sure how it would work on the apples.

Silver and Gold Candy Apples

For these apples, again I started with white apples and let them harden, then I gave them a light mist of the Wilton Color Mist (in silver and gold respectively) and let that dry.  You could probably skip that step, but I just thought it would keep from a lot of white shining through.

After they were dry, I painted over them with corn syrup, then I sprinkled them in the gold and silver sugar try to get as much coverage as possible.  In the end I sprayed them with a little more of the Wilton Color Mist (again, you could skip this if you don’t have any).

Silver Sugary Candy Apple Bitten

I wondered how it would be to eat these, so I gave it a try!  I’ve already established that these candy apples are hard (as they should be!!), and these just had a little extra texture with the sugar.  The sugar doesn’t really make them any harder… just crunchier?!

And last… my most controversial apples.  Who knew candy apples could be controversial!?!    I first posted some of these glittery apples back on the 4th of July and since then, I’ve gotten quite a few nasty and opinionated emails and comments.

People… if you don’t like what I write or say, don’t read it.  Or don’t make the apples.  Or just keep your opinions to yourself.  Don’t send me nasty emails and comments and turn into the “food police” on me …  because I’ll just delete you/them.

My Mama always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all and my Mama is a very wise woman.

So here goes… the controversial apples.

Glittery Candy Apples

For these apples, I covered them in white candy, then painted them with corn syrup and then I sprinkled them with Disco Dust.

Disco dust is the culprit that got me in so much trouble.  Here’s what the folks over at CK Products say about Disco Dust:

An extra fine glitter with lots of sparkle. 5 grams. Developed for the craft industry and often used on display cakes, Disco Dusts contain only ingredients that are NON-TOXIC. These dusts are not FDA approved. They are not a food product and should not be considered as such.

Yes, I know disco dust is not “food”.  Yes, I know it’s not FDA approved.   No, I would not sell them as edible.  Yes, I did feed them to my kids once.

There, I said it.  Crayons are also not food and not toxic.  But if I saw a kid eat one (and mine have!!), I would not flip out and go all “food police” on someone.   We don’t eat them daily or even monthly or heck… even yearly.  But I made them once upon a time and we ate them. And they were good.    And that tiny amount of glitter did not hurt any of us.

For these apples, I used American Gold Disco Dust and then had blue, silver and red disco dust for the 4th of July ones.  And in my opinion… they were the very, most, prettiest of all the apples!  Yep – I liked them best!!

Having said that, if you want to do something similar that is deemed completely safe and edible by the FDA, I have since found this Silver Edible Glitter.  I have not bought this product or tried it, but it looks pretty!  I don’t know if it comes in other colors either… but here’s the silver.

Just for kicks – I’ll tell you what didn’t work for me… and that’s mixing luster dust with vodka and trying to paint that on.  Super Gold Luster Dust gives such beautiful intense color when painted on fondant (like on this Gold themed wedding cake, but when I tried it on the apples, I got this:

Gold Candy Apple

I actually think they were very pretty in their own way, almost like a marbled-gold thing going on, but that wasn’t the look I was really going for!  I would’ve kept trying different methods to see if I could find a way to make the luster dust work, but I ran out of apples!   Oh the problems of being a food blogger!

Anyway – so there you go… a few different ideas to make beautiful shimmery, shiny, metallic candy apples!  Please leave me a comment and let me know if you try any of them!

As always, if you have any questions, please leave me a comment.  If you have questions about candy apples in general, go see my original post here and the hundreds of comments… I bet you’ll find your answer!  

How to Make Silver & Gold Shimmery Candy Apples Tutorial




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