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How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers

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How to make Carousel Cupcake Toppers

Today I’m sharing a tutorial for How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers. This tutorial has lots (and I mean lots) of pictures so I’m hoping it’ll make it super easy for you to make these!

I used to tell people that I much preferred cake decorating over cupcake decorating because of all the tiny details that have to be repeated over and over again, but today I’m going to admit to you that I don’t mind it so much anymore.  I actually love doing it most days!

There’s something a little bit therapeutic about sitting down and replicating tiny details and being able to have little variations in the design without panicking!

Besides, when doing something so repetitive, I don’t have to be super focused so I can usually catch up on episodes of Flashpoint (I didn’t watch it while it was on TV so I’m watching on Amazon Prime) or watch a Craftsy class while I’m working…  it’s always nice to multi-task!  ;)

Anyway, these toppers were made to go along with a Mary Poppins Party – I’ll share more sweets from the party later, but my client found some similar toppers on Etsy and asked me to recreate them.

This tutorial is going to be a long one, so let’s get started!  Here’s what you’ll need:

*Obviously you can change the colors, but for the sake of explaining my steps, I’m going to stick with the colors listed.

Step 1:  Roll out your blue fondant very thin.  Because these toppers will have multiple layers, I did the top layer very thin (maybe 1-2mm).  Using your Mini Horse Cutter to cut out however many horses you’ll need.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 01

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 02

Step 2:  Use your Xacto knife to make a tiny slit to separate the tail from the body of the horse.  This step is probably not absolutely necessary, but since I did it, I figured I’d share.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 03

Step 3:  Roll out purple fondant (again, very thin) and use a small oval cutter to cut out the saddles.  Use your Xacto knife again (or a pastry wheel) to cut them in half and attach them to the horse with a dot of water or sugar glue.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 04

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 05

Step 4:  Using an even smaller oval cutter, make an impression on the saddle to give it texture.    Then use a #1 round tip to add little rivets to the saddle.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 06

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 07

Step 5:  Use an extruder with a multi-hole disc on the end plus black fondant to make the mane and tail for the horse.  I squeezed it out of the extruder, then separated 3-4 strands and twisted them to get the look I wanted.

How to Make the Horses Mane and Tail

Step 6:  I made lots of them at once, then attached both the mane & tale with sugar glue.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 14

Step 7:  Roll out pink fondant and cut out 1.75″ circles to lay the horses on.  Please note:  not all mini horse cutters are made the same, so you may need a slightly larger or smaller round cutter to get your horse to fit perfectly on it.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 15

Again, use a tiny drop of water or sugar glue to attach the horse to the circle.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 16

Step 8:  Roll out white fondant and use a 2″ flower cutter to make the “base” for the cupcake toppers.  I made this layer a little thicker since it was going to hold everything else.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 17

Step 9:  Layer the flower underneath the bottom of the horses on pink fondant.  Use sugar glue to attach.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 18

Step 9:  Use a black food marker to make the eyes on the horse.  You could also do this with black gel coloring and a toothpick if you don’t have the markers.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 19

Step 10:  Using a small flat brush and some black gel coloring, paint the bottom of the feet for the hooves.  You could also use your marker for this but I found myself tearing/stretching the feet a bit when trying to color in the feet so the painting was easier!

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 20

Step 11:  Using the extruder again and a larger single hole disc, make a long skinny rope to be used for the bridle on the horse.  Cut it into tiny pieces and use sugar glue to attach to the horse’s face.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 21

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 22

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 23

Step 11:  Using the extruder again with the larger single hole disc, roll out red and white strings of fondant.  Twist them together to make the pole for the carousel.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 24

Step 12:  Cut them into small sections and attach to the top and bottom of the horse with sugar glue.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 25

Step 13:  White the red & white fondant is still soft, add a dot of sugar glue to the top and press a Silver Sixlet onto it.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 26

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 27

Step 14:  A couple of things I didn’t take pictures of that you can do or not do… I used a paint brush and lightly brushed water over the tail and mane to make them shine.  You don’t have to do this, but if you choose to, be careful that your brush is barely damp.  You don’t want to really “wet” the toppers – just add a tiny amount to make them glisten.

Carousel Cupcake Toppers

Also, the next morning before I placed these on the cupcakes, I added tiny drops of silver to the rivets on the saddle (as you can see in the above picture).  This was a tedious process.  I used a toothpick plus some silver luster dust mixed with vodka to a pasty consistency.  I really didn’t just love the way it turned out, so maybe I’ll skip that step next time or figure out a better way to do it!

Step 15:  Let these dry for several hours or overnight.  I actually made them about 3 days in advance because I had so much to do that week and I let them continue to dry on a cookie sheet, loosely covered, out of direct light.  And they were perfect :)

Carousel Cupcake Toppers

So, that’s all!  Do you have any questions about these Carousel Cupcake Toppers?  Leave me a comment and I’ll answer if I can!

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This post contains affiliate links which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks so much for your support in this way! Read my full disclosure policy here.

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My Failed Blog Plan + Disney Cakes & Sweets Magazine Review

This post contains affiliate links which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks so much for your support in this way! Read my full disclosure policy here.

FREE Issue of Disney Cakes & Sweets Magazine!

Hey!!!!!!  Happy Monday Peeps!!!!   Before I ramble on for a few minutes let me explain today’s post.  Today I’m telling you why I think Disney Cakes & Sweets Magazine is pretty great and tomorrow I’m back to cake posts… I promise!

In the meantime, I’m also going to tell you about my failed blog plan.  Because I can.  (assuming you’ll hang around and read… will you please?)

I did soooo good last week (and a few days before that) with blogging.  I have been reading a lot about having a blog schedule and an “editorial calendar” and  planning posts and all that awesome stuff.  So a couple of weeks ago, I did it.  I wrote out a plan for an entire month of blog posts and what I’d write each day and when I’d post and all that jazz.

And it only took me 9 days to screw it up.   I got off track last Friday and it was just downhill from there.  I had a wedding cake and groom’s cake to decorate and deliver and family events to attend and one more cake to do Saturday night (that turned into a 3am job) we’re teaching a class on Sunday afternoons and one thing domino-ed into the next until I was off track by 4 days.

Oh well…. I’m not giving up.   This post (about the magazine) was supposed to go up last Friday.  It didn’t.  Then another cake my plan included a cake post today and a tutorial tomorrow, but since I haven’t had time to edit the pictures for all of that, I’m going with this short(er) and easier post about the Disney Cakes & Sweets Magazine (less photos to edit here)  and tomorrow… expect something AWESOME!

Okay, maybe it won’t be awesome, but it will be a cake.  Promise.  “Awesome factor” yet to be determined.

So, when I first posted about this magazine, I had never heard of Disney Cakes & Sweets Magazine, but I signed up as a paid customer and shortly after that, they reached out to me and asked if they could send me some samples!   Of course I said yes, so I thought I’d update today and tell you what I think!

To be clear, I was a paying customer and I got some free stuff… just so you know.

Disney Cakes and Sweets

This is the set (above) that came with my introductory offer!  I haven’t used the stencils yet, but I love the cookie cutter and I used it the very next weekend!

Disney Cakes and Sweets Magazine and Freebies

And this picture… these are items that came in my next shipment for me to review!   I absolutely love the Minnie Mouse Cookie Cutter (again, something I’ll use often) and I have no doubt that I’ll be using the silicone molds for future cakey fun!

I have also already used the shaping tool and I used the cupcake picks for my cousin’s little girl’s cake and cupcakes:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake & Cupcakes

Did that turn out cute?  I wished I had had a lot more of those cupcake decorations … they were perfect for Lyla’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cupcakes!

In addition to the tools, in every issue of the magazine there are great tips, recipes, and tutorials!  The recipes include cakes, cupcakes, candies and other desserts!  I can’t wait to try “Belle’s Mini Chocolate Eclairs” and “Tinkerbell’s Fairy-Wing Cupcakes”.

There are also beautiful step-by-step tutorials for fondant, using molds, making details, making fondant flowers, etc.    These would benefit anyone wanting to do Disney cakes but they’re also generic enough that the skills would also carry over to other designs!!

Disney Magazine Tutorial

They range from simple fondant decorations and basic skills (covering a cake in fondant) to more complicated designs like a castle cake!  At first glace, I wasn’t sure I’d get a lot out of the magazines, but after really taking the time to go through them – they are chock full of great info!  I was really impressed with everything included in each issue!

Wanna see for yourself?  Right now when you sign up for a Premier Issue of Disney Cakes & Sweets Magazineyou get freebies worth over $30 and just pay $4.95 shipping & handling.

Here’s what’s included (see my picture above) in your first shipment:

• FREE Premier Issue of Disney Cakes & Sweets Magazine

• FREE Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter

• FREE Winnie the Pooh Silicone Molds

• Pay Just $4.95 Shipping & Handling

To keep things honest here, I canceled my subscription after my paid month.  Not because I didn’t love the magazines and tools, but rather because I’m cheap and I don’t have paid subscriptions to any magazines.

After the first month (if you don’t cancel), once each month you will receive four issues of Disney Cakes and Sweets plus four silicone bakeware items for only $7.95 per issue plus $1.95 shipping and handling each.   That was a little pricey in my opinion and we simply don’t have the shelf space available for me to collect magazines (especially in addition to my cake book addiction).   But I am pleased to say that the customer service was great when I did choose to cancel – they didn’t make it difficult, which I greatly appreciate!

What do you think?  If you want to try this brand new magazine, go sign up here and get your freebies!