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Lace Valentine’s Cookies + My Long Day!!

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Valentines Lace CookiesLace Valentine’s Cookies

I really planned to put up a new cake post today.   But it’s not going to happen.   You see, six out of the eight of us have been sick with nasty colds this week.

Do you know what that means?  Cranky, whining, runny noses, not-sleeping enough, more cranky, then coughing and headaches and whining and earaches and sinus pain and MORE WHINING …. it’s been a rough three days around the Atwater house.

Today most of us woke up feeling a little better so I decided to spend the first half of our day catching up on housework.   Considering we’ve all been ill since Sunday evening, the house desperately needed attention.  It was bad, ya’ll!

So we cleaned, then mid-afternoon I started working on these Lace Valentine’s Cookies.

Heart Cookies

I baked them yesterday afternoon/evening and then covered them in royal icing last night (finishing around 2am).   It wouldn’t have been so late except again… the cranky, non-cooperative kids.   But honestly, I didn’t mind being up late working… at least nobody was whining!  Ha!

Today my only tasks were to add the lace, photograph them, then box them up (and wrap 12 of them).   The catch was… I had never made edible lace before today.

I intended to practice yesterday (yeah, I’m on top of things like that!) only to discover I was missing an ingredient.   Thank goodness another local cake decorator had what I needed and I was able to get it this afternoon… so much for practice – I dove right into decorating!

Valentine's Lace

I watched a few videos and read the directions then away I went.  It honestly went more smoothly than I thought it would, but I still ended up probably throwing away a third of the lace I made.  It also took me over four hours to put lace on 70 cookies.

FOUR HOURS of bending over my bar, hunched down, cutting lace, lifting lace, smoothing lace, tearing lace…

My neck hurt, my back hurt, my hands hurt… oh, and MY BACK HURT.  Add the sinus headache and the hormone induced cramps (ahem) and I was just down-right cheery by the time I was done.  Not.

Pink Lace Valentine's Cookie

But you know what?   I was really, really happy with them in the end!   Or maybe proud was the word.  My husband came home after a 12 hour shift at work and the first thing he said to me was, “Baby, those look really, really great!”.  Needless to say, I really did cheer up!

Of course they’re not all perfect and I’ll absolutely do better and not make so many mistakes next time, but considering I had ZERO experience with lace mats and edible lace and all that jazz … they’re not bad, huh?!

Red Valentine's Lace Cookie

So, that’s that… I finished up around 8pm, we ate frozen pizza for supper, then I set up my photography gear and took pictures.  After that, I sorted through and chose the best 60 cookies for the customer (that’s how many she ordered), bagged up 12 of them for teachers (the other 48 are for students), then sat down to blog.

Except I decided against cake blogging and thought I’d just share my day…. with cookies.

Doily Lace Cookies

OH and I had some extra cookie dough, even after baking 60 cookies plus 10 extras, so I made a batch of mini poofy hearts… aren’t they cute?

Mini Heart Cookies

Here’s what I can tell you about these Lace Valentine’s Cookies:

  • I baked this Roll-Out Sugar Cookie recipe.  I needed a triple batch to get around 70 large hearts and 22 mini hearts.  We absolutely love these cookies.  They hold their shape when baking, they aren’t too soft or too crunchy and they taste great!
  • I used the largest heart cutter from this Ateco set and the largest poofy heart from a Not Just Cakes by Annie set for the minis.
  • I used this Royal Icing Recipe.  Double batch and I had quite a bit leftover, but I don’t think a single would’ve been enough.  My cookie decorating skills sure have improved since then, huh?  I also used a #3 round tip for the borders and filling and one of these amazing squeeze bottles.  You can see more details about how I decorate cookies here.
  • I used Geraldine’s Edible Wonder Lace.  Note – you will need glycerine for this recipe.  I wish that had been mentioned when I ordered the mix because glycerine is not something I keep on hand and since I live in the sticks, I can’t buy it anywhere within a 100 miles either.  Praise the Lord for a generous cake decorator in the area who gave me a bottle she had on hand or the lace would not have happened today.
  • I used this Sugarveil Mat – although I wish I’d have had this mat instead.  Those round lace medallions would’ve made my life a whole lot easier today!  Live and learn, people, live and learn!

So, after it was all said and done, I really did enjoy this new medium and I hope a chance to use it again very soon!

Alright… so it’s quickly approaching midnight and I have to be up by 7am.  Tomorrow’s list includes 325 Valentine’s cupcakes (yes, THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE), 7 dozen dipped strawberries, a dozen cake pops and one simple cake.   I need my rest for sure!

Happy Caking ya’ll!


Lace Valentine's Cookies Collage

Despicable Me Minion Cake Tutorial

This post contains affiliate links which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks so much for your support in this way! Read my full disclosure policy here.

Despicable Me Minion Cake Collage

Ohemgeee!!!!!!!   It has taken me more than THIRTEEN HOURS to edit the pictures and write this Despicable Me Minion Cake Tutorial!

Why you ask?    Because I.hate.change.

So I took a photography class on Saturday – my first real-life, in person class and I absolutely loved it!   However, at the recommendation of the teacher and my son (who had been telling me for months), I switched from Photoshop Elements to Adobe Creative Cloud over the weekend and the learning curve is killing me!

What normally would’ve taken me 2-3 hours (still a long time) took me all.day.long. because I couldn’t figure out how to do the normal things I do in Photoshop.

I know – am absolutely convinced – that CC is better and will be much easier once I get the hang of it, but yikes… today was a nightmare!

On top of that, I have a head-cold, three of my kids also have colds and we’re all cranky!  The runny noses and sinus headaches and itchy eyes and earaches…. #nightmare.

That’s all.  Just a nightmare.

Oh and did I mention that my husband is working 12 hour shifts right now – gone 14 hours a day – and I’m home trying to edit pictures in this demon-photo-editing-program with sick kids.  Bad combination ya’ll… bad combination!

Okay – enough whining.   Let’s get on with the tutorial, okay?

Here’s what you’ll need to make this Despicable Me Minion Cake:

Step 1.  Bake the cakes.  As mentioned above, you’ll need (2) 8″ rounds plus a 6″ half ball cake for the body.  You could just bake (3) 8″ rounds, but I used foil and dry beans to make half a cake in one pan because I didn’t have enough batter to fill it and I *thought* I may need the extra cake for the body.  I didn’t.  But I did use it to make the cake ball dough for the legs & feet!

Minion Cake Tutorial 01

Step 2: Build the main body of the cake.  I take the 8″ rounds and fill them normally, then cut them down the middle.  I also take the half-ball cake and cut it in hall, then put filling between all of the layers to create the body.    Half round on top, followed by four layers of cake.  Then crumb coat the entire thing!

Minion Cake Tutorial 04 Minion Cake Tutorial 05 Minion Cake Tutorial 08

Step 3:  Cover the body of the Minion Cake with yellow fondant; cut off the excess around the edges and use fondant smoothers to get a smooth finish. Note: I use homemade marshmallow fondant for the yellow and white parts on this cake then Satin Ice for the black, blue and brown.

Minion Cake Tutorial 09

Step 4:  Use blue fondant to create the overalls.   I didn’t do step-by-step photos here, but I just pulled up a picture of a Minion online and then did my best to copy that design.  I used a ribbon cutter, xacto knife and then sugar glue to attach it.

Minion Cake Tutorial 11

Step 5:  Add the pocket on front and then use a stitching tool to add details around all the hems and seams.

Minion Cake Tutorial 16 Minion Cake Tutorial 17 Minion Cake Tutorial 18

Step 6:  Now it’s time to add the feet and legs.  I used the leftover cake from the half ball and the extra half a cake to make cake ball dough to do these.   You can see my tutorial here for making cake balls  – that’s the dough I used.  I laid them out side by side to be sure I had them symmetrical.

Minion Cake Tutorial 12 Minion Cake Tutorial 10

Step 7:  Cover the legs in blue fondant, then the feet in black fondant.  I added a sole to the shoes, then painted them with water to make them shiny (just don’t touch them until they dry!).

Minion Cake Tutorial 13 Minion Cake Tutorial 14 Minion Cake Tutorial 15 Minion Cake Tutorial 23

Step 8:  Add black bands around the side of the head.  I used Satin Ice black fondant, my ribbon cutter and an impression mat (you could skip that).

Minion Cake Tutorial 19 Minion Cake Tutorial 20

Step 9:  For the eyes, use a 2″ round cookie cutter to cut out some thick white circles, then cut out gray strips with my ribbon cutter to wrap them in.   Assemble it all with sugar glue.

Minion Cake Tutorial 21 Minion Cake Tutorial 22

Step 10:  Put the eyes on with the seams in the center, then you cover them with a little bridge.  Also cut a moon-shaped sliver for the mouth out of black fondant and attach it with a tiny dot of sugar glue.

Minion Cake Tutorial 24

Step 11:  Cut out 1″ circles, then use a round frosting tip to make impressions in it for the buttons on the overalls and also attach those with sugar glue.

Minion Cake Tutorial 25

Step 12:  The rest of these pictures are where I added all of the details to finish him up.   First, I used Black Licorice Laces for the hair but you could also use tiny rolls of black fondant.    With this candy, I cut it into pieces maybe 2″ long, then pushed it into the top of the cake.

Minion Cake Tutorial 26

You can see the hair in the picture below, along with a few other details.  I used black and brown to add pupils with smaller round cutters and I used Silver Sixlets to add the rivets around the edges of his glasses (are they glasses? goggles?).

Minion Cake Tutorial 28

I also hand-cut the little logo on his front pocket – I didn’t get it super clean but that little buger was hard!

Minion Cake Tutorial 27

Oh, oh, oh!!  And I almost forgot… the arms and hands!!!!!!!!!!  That would’ve been terrible, huh?  They were both solid fondant.  I rolled out long ropes for the arms then cut & glued them to the sides.  For the hands, I shaped the balls of fondant, flattened them, the cut and pulled apart for the thumb.  Then I added a little band around the seam between the arm & hand.

Dispicable Me Minion Cake

And that’s it!!   Not counting the baking, I was able to decorate him in 3 hours or less.   The most tedious part was the little logo!!

Do you have any questions about this Despicable Me Minion Cake Tutorial?  Leave me a comment and I’ll answer if I can!

PS.  Have you entered the Who Takes the Cake Contest?  If not – hop over and enter your cake for a chance to win a $50 gift card!

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How to Make a Minion Cake


How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers

This post contains affiliate links which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks so much for your support in this way! Read my full disclosure policy here.

How to make Carousel Cupcake Toppers

Today I’m sharing a tutorial for How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers. This tutorial has lots (and I mean lots) of pictures so I’m hoping it’ll make it super easy for you to make these!

I used to tell people that I much preferred cake decorating over cupcake decorating because of all the tiny details that have to be repeated over and over again, but today I’m going to admit to you that I don’t mind it so much anymore.  I actually love doing it most days!

There’s something a little bit therapeutic about sitting down and replicating tiny details and being able to have little variations in the design without panicking!

Besides, when doing something so repetitive, I don’t have to be super focused so I can usually catch up on episodes of Flashpoint (I didn’t watch it while it was on TV so I’m watching on Amazon Prime) or watch a Craftsy class while I’m working…  it’s always nice to multi-task!  ;)

Anyway, these toppers were made to go along with a Mary Poppins Party – I’ll share more sweets from the party later, but my client found some similar toppers on Etsy and asked me to recreate them.

This tutorial is going to be a long one, so let’s get started!  Here’s what you’ll need:

*Obviously you can change the colors, but for the sake of explaining my steps, I’m going to stick with the colors listed.

Step 1:  Roll out your blue fondant very thin.  Because these toppers will have multiple layers, I did the top layer very thin (maybe 1-2mm).  Using your Mini Horse Cutter to cut out however many horses you’ll need.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 01

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 02

Step 2:  Use your Xacto knife to make a tiny slit to separate the tail from the body of the horse.  This step is probably not absolutely necessary, but since I did it, I figured I’d share.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 03

Step 3:  Roll out purple fondant (again, very thin) and use a small oval cutter to cut out the saddles.  Use your Xacto knife again (or a pastry wheel) to cut them in half and attach them to the horse with a dot of water or sugar glue.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 04

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 05

Step 4:  Using an even smaller oval cutter, make an impression on the saddle to give it texture.    Then use a #1 round tip to add little rivets to the saddle.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 06

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 07

Step 5:  Use an extruder with a multi-hole disc on the end plus black fondant to make the mane and tail for the horse.  I squeezed it out of the extruder, then separated 3-4 strands and twisted them to get the look I wanted.

How to Make the Horses Mane and Tail

Step 6:  I made lots of them at once, then attached both the mane & tale with sugar glue.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 14

Step 7:  Roll out pink fondant and cut out 1.75″ circles to lay the horses on.  Please note:  not all mini horse cutters are made the same, so you may need a slightly larger or smaller round cutter to get your horse to fit perfectly on it.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 15

Again, use a tiny drop of water or sugar glue to attach the horse to the circle.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 16

Step 8:  Roll out white fondant and use a 2″ flower cutter to make the “base” for the cupcake toppers.  I made this layer a little thicker since it was going to hold everything else.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 17

Step 9:  Layer the flower underneath the bottom of the horses on pink fondant.  Use sugar glue to attach.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 18

Step 9:  Use a black food marker to make the eyes on the horse.  You could also do this with black gel coloring and a toothpick if you don’t have the markers.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 19

Step 10:  Using a small flat brush and some black gel coloring, paint the bottom of the feet for the hooves.  You could also use your marker for this but I found myself tearing/stretching the feet a bit when trying to color in the feet so the painting was easier!

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 20

Step 11:  Using the extruder again and a larger single hole disc, make a long skinny rope to be used for the bridle on the horse.  Cut it into tiny pieces and use sugar glue to attach to the horse’s face.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 21

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 22

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 23

Step 11:  Using the extruder again with the larger single hole disc, roll out red and white strings of fondant.  Twist them together to make the pole for the carousel.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 24

Step 12:  Cut them into small sections and attach to the top and bottom of the horse with sugar glue.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 25

Step 13:  White the red & white fondant is still soft, add a dot of sugar glue to the top and press a Silver Sixlet onto it.

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 26

How to Make Carousel Cupcake Toppers 27

Step 14:  A couple of things I didn’t take pictures of that you can do or not do… I used a paint brush and lightly brushed water over the tail and mane to make them shine.  You don’t have to do this, but if you choose to, be careful that your brush is barely damp.  You don’t want to really “wet” the toppers – just add a tiny amount to make them glisten.

Carousel Cupcake Toppers

Also, the next morning before I placed these on the cupcakes, I added tiny drops of silver to the rivets on the saddle (as you can see in the above picture).  This was a tedious process.  I used a toothpick plus some silver luster dust mixed with vodka to a pasty consistency.  I really didn’t just love the way it turned out, so maybe I’ll skip that step next time or figure out a better way to do it!

Step 15:  Let these dry for several hours or overnight.  I actually made them about 3 days in advance because I had so much to do that week and I let them continue to dry on a cookie sheet, loosely covered, out of direct light.  And they were perfect :)

Carousel Cupcake Toppers

So, that’s all!  Do you have any questions about these Carousel Cupcake Toppers?  Leave me a comment and I’ll answer if I can!

PS.  If you’re not already subscribed to my blog, would you?  You can sign up here for my free email updates and then you’ll never miss a cake or dessert or deal or any other quirky thing I choose to post here!  :)

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