How to Use a Silicone Pearl Mold

How to Use a Silicone Pearl Mold Collage

Over at, I shared all the pictures for this How to Use a Silicone Pearl Mold Tutorial.    This is my third and final post from the Baby Einstein Cake.

The tools required are pretty simple.  Here’s what I use:

How to Use a Silicone Pearl Mold Pics

For all the details, visit  But while you’re here, you can read all the details about the Baby Einstein Cake here.  Then you can visit this post to find out How to use Tappit Letter Cutters.

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How to Carve a Pirate Ship Cake

How to Carve a Pirate Ship Cake

Are ya’ll tired of my half-way tutorials yet?  I hope not.

First and foremost, I’m a cake decorator with a real life business.  So often, my “tutorials” are a result of a real cake for a real customer – not a carefully laid out plan to “do a tutorial”.

That means that I try my best to take pictures of every step, or at least the relevant ones, so I can share them with you.  But more realistically, I end up a slave to the clock and the steps near the end are often not photographed because I’m trying to finish the cakes and get them to my customers in time for their parties.

In some ways, I’m sorry about that – sad that I can’t give you the best tutorials on the web.  But in other ways, I’m doing what’s best for my customers and right now, that has to be my priority.  Is that wrong?   If I could do it all, I would, but I’m pretty sure that would involve a cape and super powers and a few extra hours in every day.

With all of that in mind – here are some pics for How to Carve a Pirate Ship Cake.

For this cake, I baked three (3) 11 x 7 x 2 cakes.

How to Carve a Ship Cake 01

I laid one down on my covered cake board, then used stiff buttercream to draw out the shape of the ship.

How to Carve a Ship Cake 02

I filled in the outline with vanilla buttercream and smoothed it out.

How to Carve a Ship Cake 03

Stack on cake #2 and repeat with stiff frosting, then fill in with buttercream.

How to Carve a Ship Cake 05

Stack on cake #3, but the outline on the top is a little different.  Plus, you’ll be scraping this off eventually – I just pipe it on to use as a guide.

How to Carve a Ship Cake 07

Using the frosting lines as a guide, carve off the front corners of the ship – and also carve out a section near the back.  Be sure to save that rectangle chunk of cake.

How to Carve a Ship Cake 06

You can see where I also carved inward around the bottom to taper the ship down a bit.  And I eventually carved the front end to be a little smoother.

**At this point, I removed the stiff frosting lines from the top of the cake.

How to Carve a Ship Cake 08

How to Carve a Ship Cake 09

Take that small rectangle chunk of cake and double it up on the back of the cake.  I used a thin layer of buttercream there to help it stick.

How to Carve a Ship Cake 10

Since the back end was a little wobbly, being so tall and skinny, I used two bamboo skewers as dowels to give it stability.  After taking this picture, I cut them off level with the cake.  I also used a larger dowel in the front end of the cake (not pictured).

**Important step:  at this point, I highly recommend freezing the cake, or at least refrigerating it overnight to firm it up.  If you try to spread buttercream on all of those exposed ‘carved’ areas, it’s likely to tear the cake!!  But frozen cake is much easier to spread frosting over!

How to Carve a Ship Cake 11

After I froze the cake for a few hours, I covered the whole thing in a thin layer of buttercream!

From here, I began the fondant decorations.   I didn’t take pictures of all of those steps, but I did give some details in my original post about the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Pirate Ship Cake.  Here are the only two pics I have:

Pirate Ship Cake Pics

So that’s it!   Here’s a picture of the finished cake if you missed the first post:

Jake and The Neverland Pirates Ship Cake 2

Do you have any questions about carving a pirate ship cake?   Leave me a comment and if I can help, I will!

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How to Use Tappit Letter Cutters

How to Use FMM Tappit Letter Cutters

I’m asked again and again how to use Tappit Letter Cutters, so I took some photos last weekend when working on a cake to show you how I do them!

I’ve used homemade marshmallow fondant, Satin Ice fondant, and Satin Ice gum paste with these cutters.    I initially preferred homemade marshmallow fondant with a tiny bit of Tylose added in, but once I got the hang of the cutters, I can do it equally well with all mediums.

How to Use Tappit Letter Cutters 01

Here’s what you’ll need:

Okay-  once you have everything together – here’s how to do it: Start with a small amount of fondant or gum paste on a mat.  If you don’t have a mat, I recommend dusting your work surface with a bit of cornstarch.

How to Use Tappit Letter Cutters 02 How to Use Tappit Letter Cutters 03

Then use your rolling pin to roll it out really, really thin – nearly paper thin.  Maybe 1mm?!  I never measure, but I get it extra thin!  It’s easier to get it super thin if you use gum paste, but if you work with small amounts, you can do it with fondant! I usually cut mine into strips that are 6-7 inches long and about 1.5″ wide.

I didn’t do it this time because I only had 6 letters to do, but if you’re doing more letters – cut it into strips!   Then – let it dry!  I always let mine sit out for at least 10 minutes – but even 20-30 minutes or longer is okay!

How to Use Tappit Letter Cutters 05

How to Use Tappit Letter Cutters 06

Once the fondant or gum paste has dried out a bit, I shake on a little corn starch and spread it with my fingers.  This keeps the letters from sticking in the molds.

How to Use Tappit Letter Cutters 07

Now just press the cutter into the fondant.  If you’ve cut it into thin strips, you’ll lay the cutter perpendicular to the strip of fondant as you can see in the picture above.  When it’s completely pressed into the fondant, I shimmy it around a bit while pressing down to be sure that I get a clean cut all the way through.

How to Use Tappit Letter Cutters 08

At this point, you should be able to just lift the cutter off and the letter will stay.  If it happens to stick, use the sharp point of an Xacto knife to gently pull the letter out of the mold. If you’re letter does lay flat, go ahead and move to the next letter…

How to Use Tappit Letter Cutters 09

You can see where I moved all the way across my strip of fondant to do the name “Olivia”.

How to Use Tappit Letter Cutters 10

How to Use Tappit Letter Cutters 11

At this point, I just lift away all of the extra fondant and leave the letters on the mat.  If needed, I use my Xacto knife to remove the insides of the letters (like the middle of the “O”, then I let them dry for awhile longer – maybe half an hour.   The drying time will keep them from stretching when you go to pick them up and put them on the cake. BUT – I don’t let them dry until they’re completely hard – if you do that, they’ll become fragile and break easily.

Once they’re ready, I just use my fingers to put them on a cake.   Or if you have any trouble, you can use the tiny point of an Xacto knife to lift them and put them on the cake!

How to Use Tappit Letter Cutters

To stick them on, I rub down the cake with a little shortening and just stick them on.  The shortening works as “glue” but also allows you to move them around until you get them placed well.  If they happen to have any corn starch still on them, you can also use a small paint brush and shortening to brush them down and remove the corn starch!

Update #1 : As my friend Susan noted in the comments, the easiest way to center a name or words, it to start with the center letter centered on the cake, then work your way out from there!

Update #2:  Also, if you’re opposed to using the shortening, you could use sugar glue or a dot of water instead to attach the letters to the cake, but you will not be able to move it around as easily, so be sure to place it in just the right spot on the first try!

And that’s it!  Do you have any questions about how to use the Tappit Cutters?  If I’ve forgotten anything, leave me a comment and let me know!

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