Strawberry Cake Recipe + Chocolate Buttercream Hunter Groom’s Cake

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Remember the Vintage Lace Wedding Cake?  Well, this is the groom’s cake that went to that wedding!

The groom is an avid hunter and he wanted a simple cake to reflect his love of hunting!

The bride sent me the toppers (aren’t they hilarious?) and asked that I put them on a strawberry sheet cake with chocolate buttercream.  The cake was between 3 and 4 inches tall – it was two 9″x13″ layers with a generous filling!

So, they wanted to keep the cake simple… with only the toppers on it, and then decorate the table to reflect his interests… I think it was a fabulous idea and turned out great!

Anyway…. if you’ve been reading here anytime at all, you know that most of my cake recipes (especially for decorated cakes) are cake mix based (yep… and proud of it!).  The strawberry cake for this order was no different… here’s the recipe I use for Strawberry cakes!


It has Strawberry Creme Jello Pudding Mix!

Do you have any questions about this cake?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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Durable Strawberry Cake
  1. Thoroughly mix all ingredients together.
  2. Bake at 325° for about 30-35 minutes (longer, depending on pan size), until the cake springs back when touched. Cool in the pan for 5-10 minutes, then turn out on a cooling rack and cool completely before frosting.



  1. Megan says

    Cute! I will have to check out that strawberry cake recipe, sounds tasty! I love the way you used the ribbon tip for your border.

    • Rose says

      Thanks Megan! I had to do a narrow border because I made the board almost too small and I was cramped for space… I fiddled with a couple of tips but I liked that look and it was different!

  2. Amber says

    This cake looks so good. I’ve never had a strawberry cake with chocolate frosting. I’m think I will have to try this very soon. Did you use a special filling on this cake or just the chocolate buttercream? Thanks Rose!!

  3. Aliya Tudor says

    I just baked cupcakes with the strawberry recipe. The batter was very thick. Is this normal for this recipe or did I goof up something?

  4. Ann says

    One more question with the strawberry cake mix. Do you use pillsbury cake mix with the pudding already in the mix? Thank you for your help

      • Patty says

        Have you ever tried replacing oil with apple sauce? Ive heard a lot of people do, but I’m just not sure if it would taste the same or be as fluffy. Any thoughts?

  5. Debbie W says

    Rose! I used your Strawberry cake recipe today and it was DELICIOUS! Everyone loved it! Of course I also used your crusting buttercream recipe. It’s my go-to. :)

    I posted a pic on your FB page. It was a sheet cake and a small 6″ round cake covered in many, many sprinkles. It was for my granddaughter’s 4th birthday with a rainbow theme. She’s a girly girl and ‘had’ to have a pink cake. They also had a thick layer for the filling. Whipped cream with some cream cheese to make it sturdy and fresh strawberries. Thank YOU for sharing your talents and your yummy recipes.

  6. Loretta Machann says

    Hi Rose,

    I made this cake the other day but it turned out gummy and sank in the center. Not sure what I did wrong. Besides the recipes calls for 18.25 oz mix and I belief my mix was 15.75 oz?

    It looks delicious and I would love to perfect the recipe.


  7. DJ says

    Hi Rose,

    I made your strawberry cake two times this week. WOW! One friend said it was the best cake she had ever eaten.
    Thanks for sharing.


  8. Jessica says

    Hi Rose,

    I am trying to make the strawberry cake recipe for my daughter’s 2nd birthday tomorrow but I can’t find the recipe anymore. It was there earlier today, I am not sure if your server is down or what but if you could send me the recipe, I would really appreciate it!


  9. Sherry says

    Can I use butter instead of oil and milk instead of water? I’m making a wine barrel cake for my son birthday.

    • Rose says

      Yes on the butter for oil. I’ve made that substitution with no problems. Probably yes on the milk for water but I’ve never tried that so I can’t say with 100% certainty.

  10. teejay says

    lovely recipe,pls what can i use to substite for the cake mix and what are the equivalent of those ingredients in grammes or ml or tablespoon?thanks

  11. Mignon says

    Hi there Rose.

    I stumbled upon this recipe needing a good strawberry cake recipe and wanted to try yours out. Since I hate boxed strawberry cake, I adapted this recipe and used

    1 Box Pillsbury White Cake Mix
    1/8th tsp lor ann strawberry oil
    1/2 cup fresh strawberry puree (left a little chunky)
    strawberry creme jello pudding
    1/3 cup oil
    8 ounces (1cup) strawberry greek yogurt (with the fruit on the bottom)

    It tastes amazing. The color is more natural and I love being able to see the fresh fruit chunks inside. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I’m just going down the list of stuff to try. Im doing your crusting buttercream for an under the sea pull apart cupcake cake today too. :)

    • Rose says

      Very interesting… thanks for sharing! What is the natural color of a cake done with fresh strawberries? I tried a recipe once and ended up with a mushy brown cake… it was SO unappealing.

  12. Diana says

    Hi Rose,
    Thank you for always sharing! Do you think using butter instead of oil gives the cake/cupcakes a better flavor? Do you prefer one over the other?

  13. saray says

    Hello, sorry for this silly question, but I was wondering how do you measure the sour cream, do you use a liquid measuring cup or you weight it. Thank you.

    • Rose says

      Not a silly question at all! I do weigh it with a food scale but you could also use a liquid measuring cup – it will be very close to the same amount.

  14. Angela says

    My daughter is getting married and her fiance actually chose this cake all by himself. I cant seem to find this exact cake top for him, can you help me with find it please.

  15. Stefanie says

    I wanted to make strawberry basil lemonaid cupcakes. I think your strawberry cake may be my base cake for my experiment!

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Lynn Eason says

    I found your post on Pinterest. I see you took my original durable cake recipe (heartsfire aka Lynn Eason on Cake Central or on Bakespace) and made it your own with the strawberry. I’ve made this recipe with so many different variations of puddings and mixes and on occasion had to change the amount of oil to control the moistness. I assume that since you didn’t change any of the extra ingredients that the cake was not dry. Kudos!

    • Rose says

      Hi Lynn! I mean no offense, but I’ve actually never heard of you or your recipe. I’m rarely on CakeCentral and I’ve never heard of BakeSpace. I got a durable vanilla cake recipe from a baker in Louisiana (through my best friend) about 6 years ago when I started my business and I adapted it myself for different flavors. Maybe she got it from you… I don’t know!?

      I originally shared the vanilla cake here in 2010:

      • Lynn Eason says

        Oh I’m not complaining and I’m glad you enjoyed it. It is verbatim to my post on Cake Central from 2004. No worries.

  17. saray says

    hello rose, I love this recipe, but I have to make a 5 tiers cake. I was wondering if this recipe is good for stacking. Thank you.

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