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Topsy-Turvy Candy Cake wm

Hi!  Thank you for visiting!!

I live in Meadville, Mississippi, USA.  

I do not ship any cakes or cupcakes or candy apples anywhere outside my local area!!    The only cakes I deliver outside my tiny hometown are wedding cakes.  I wish I could, but I just can’t!

If you are inquiring about a wedding cake, I still cannot ship or deliver a cake outside a 100 mile area.   If you are inquiring about any other type of cake (birthday, anniversary, baby shower, etc.) then it must be picked up in Meadville, MS!

I do occasionally ship cupcake toppers and cookies, but it’s rare and decided on one case at a time.

If you’d still like to order, please use the contact form below or message me on Facebook.  I’ll generally try to reply within 3-5 days.

If you’ve enjoyed visiting, please consider signing up for my FREE email newsletter and liking Rose Bakes on Facebook!  Also please check the About Tab for more information!

If you have questions about one of my cakes, decorating, or baking, please leave a comment on the related post or send me an email at rose(at) rosebakes (dot) com or click here to send an email.

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  1. Julie Johnson says

    I live in Natchez and I am interested in getting 40 cupcakes made for an engagement crawfish boil on February 25. Wanted to do something to match the theme…maybe have crawfish drawn on top or whatever you think would be cute. Let me know your thoughts.
    My inlaws are from Meadville as well…they are Al and Debbi Johnson. :)

    My contact information is

    Thanks!!! Julie Johnson

      • Tiffany says

        Hi my name is tiffany and i am getting married next yr and fell in love with your cakes. i was just wondering where u are located at and how much u usually charge for wedding cakes? :)

        • Rose says

          I live in Meadville, MS and my prices are based on size (number of servings) and design. I can’t really give out a price without having an idea of the cake you’re interested in. For more information, please email me at Thanks!! Rose :)

      • Cheryl Perumal says

        Hi, I’m doing a birthday for both my brother and my boyfriend. My brother likes Superman and my boyfriend is a Sneaker head. My idea is to have 2 mini cakes. My idea of it isn’t necessarily an actual cake. I just need something to put the candles in. For more information, please send me an email as soon as possible. If you can, I can give you my phone number. I have until May 18th !!!


        – Cheryl

    • Ashley says

      Hey Rose I LOVE your cakes and tutorials! you have definitely helped me to become a better baker!
      I wanted to know can you do a tutorial and show how you made your Tiara on the princess cake?

  2. Ana says

    Hello I wanted to know how much is it for a cake just like the one you have i n your gallery with a monkey. Im planning to do my girls 1st bday party and thats her theme…

  3. jenny says

    Hi. I’m wondering wat all do u have in hello kitty, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops? How much r they & do u ship 2 north ms? Wondering 4 my lil girl but my neice lives off so wonder bout shipping 4 her. Thanks jenny

  4. Taylor says

    Hey Rose,
    I am loving all of your work!! I really love the pink money! I was wondering how much and do you ship or deliver? I live in Denham Springs! Its about 2 hours one way. Thank You!

    • Rose says

      Oh WOW, I’d love to do it for you, but generally I don’t deliver birthday cakes outside my immediate area. I meet most of my customers in Meadville. However, I have a personal friend in Denham Springs who does cakes that I highly recommend. If you’d like her contact info, shoot me an email at and I’ll hook you up with her.

  5. Tibby says

    I saw that you donated to BARL
    If I were interested in ordering from you, how would I contact you?
    Elizabeth “Tibby” Riggs

  6. Farah says

    Hello i saw your wwe wrestling cake for a boys 6th birthday i wanted to know how i can get that same cake just with happy 6th birthday alek on it and how much n fast you can do it . thank you for your time

  7. Denise says

    Hi Rose, I really enjoy your blog. I’ve been trying to find molds that look like lace and i like what you used on the wedding cake with the embracing couple topper. Can you tell me what brand is it?
    Thank’s for the help.

  8. Sharae Sanders says

    Hello my name is Sharae Sanders and I am throwing a baby shower for my sister June 2, 2012. I am interested in a belly cake with hot pink shirt and hot pink and zebra print ribbon bow thingy. Please email me as soon as you can thank you!!!!!

  9. Kathy Pollard says

    I just sent you an email, just don’t know which one will get to you faster. I need a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I need to pick it up Friday afternoon. I live in Natchez but work at the middle school in Franklin County.

  10. Megan Booker says

    hi this me Megan Booker ..i know to know where u from make cakes and i am live Houston and i wonder that how much to cake for body hot pink with jean cheetah box for baby shower please as soon send me back


  11. Tasha Williams says

    Hey there, Tash here. My baby girls 1st birthday is in August and i loved you Minnie Mouse cake design. I would love to give you an idea of an cake for her birthday. If you could get back to me at my email or my work phone @ 206-618-6148 thank you in advance..

  12. Martha Stonewater says

    I only make homemade frosting, but was wondering if you have ever tried or heard anything good/bad about the new duncan hines flavor packets. I’m getting ready to make my son his 5th bday cake and cotton candy frosting sounds fun. I was thinking of making frosting on my own and then adding the cotton candy flavor powder from duncan hines. Any thoughts, good or bad? Thanks for your time!

    • Rose says

      Hi Martha! Actually, while I haven’t used the Flavor Packets, one of my best friends is a baker and she tried them and the result wasn’t good. She was very disappointed in the flavors she used! I know she did the cotton candy, and I think she also tried a caramel flavor. She said both were yucky. :-( Granted, everybody has their own tastes, but based on her recommendation, I haven’t bought any. Hope that helps :)

  13. Deborah Ferreira says

    Hi Rose! I was interested in a pregnant belly cake for my baby shower! Do you ship to New Jersey?! I am very interested please let me know. Thank you!

  14. Lisa Klausman says

    Hi Rose! I am sure enjoying watching all your cakes being made. I have a couple of questions:

    1) Do you have a favorite fool-proof, reliable recipe for Royal Icing?

    2) Do you have any video tutorials on finishing the edges( square & round) on a cake covered in Fondant? I am having trouble guessing how to not have bumpy edges. Do you cut it to fit or what? Any ideas as I learn better how to do this would be great!

  15. Gina says

    Hi Rose! I love the zebra print hunter cake! My daughter hunter is turning 13 in a couple minths and I would like to get her this cake. I live in there any way i could get her this cake?

    • Rose says

      Hey Gina! No, I’m sorry – unless you’re going to take a loooong road trip, there’s no way I can get it to you. But I’m happy for you to find someone close to you and have them copy my cake!

  16. B.J. Parker says

    Hey Rose,
    My only sister’s birthday is next month, September 23. She is my older sister and very special to me. She will be 64. I would like to order a special cake for her, just a very small cake and do you have anything in the $25 range? That would be my limit. Can you suggest anything?


    • Rose says

      Oh Yes Mrs. BJ – I’d love to do one for you! I can do an 8″ roses cake (like these: ) or a ruffles cake (like these: Messy Ruffles) You can scroll down on those links and see them done in different colors (I think) or it could be white!

  17. Treneice Mukes-Conway says

    Hi my name is Treneice Mukes-Conway, If possible I would like a cake for September 1. The cake should be two layers with a blue and white converse shoe on top with the number 19 in the circle and the name Cat on the second layer. Red velvet inside with butter-cream frosting.

  18. Diana @ AnyoneCanDecorate says

    Hi Rose. I saw your comment on my blog about your Peppermint Chocolate Marshmallows… I wanted to let you know that I linked your post/blog to that post. I didn’t know where the picture had originated from.. Thanks so much for letting me know. Blessings, Diana

  19. Nykki Love says

    I may be interested in a birthday cake for my husband and a baby shower cake for my friend. How do I find out pricing?

  20. kaitlind says

    Hi I just wanted to say I love your website 😀

    My mother is opening a bakery,do you have any tips or pointers I can forward to her.

    Thank you

    • Rose says

      Hi Kaitlind! I don’t have any experience with a full-blown bakery… I’m sorry!! But the best of luck to her.. one day I dream of doing the same!

  21. Terri says

    Hi Rose, I’m getting ready to start on the pink cowgirl horse cake and i have a couple more questions. Where can I find the bubble straws?
    What are the boots made out of?
    Can I make the daisies several days ahead of time?



  22. Terri says

    Hi Rose,

    When I used the MMF I had trouble with trying to keep the shapes from stretching. Can you give me some advice? I was thinking maybe I rolled it out to thin, but I’m not sure.

    Also, how do you make your oreo filling?


  23. Marcella says


    I am wondering what tip (WIlton, Ateco, what number, etc) you use to make the roses on the Wedding cake that has the 2 blue birds on top of it. What could you tell me for directions on how to make these beautiful roses.?


  24. Cristale says

    Hi Rose, love you’re cakes! but I was just wondering how you made the the coloured marshmallow fondant not be so sticky? I did the white and it turned out GREAT. But I made other colours and it was real soft, like it didn’t have much form to it. I used all the same things for it cept i added wilton gel colouring. thanks!! :)

    • Rose says

      Thank you for your nice comments!! I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Do you add the color to the melted marshmallows or knead it into the finished fondant? Either should work fine, I’m just curious. Also, did you let the fondant rest overnight before trying to use it? I always let my fondant sit and rest for at least 8 hours before using it. Do not refrigerate it, leave it at room temp – wrapped in plastic wrap (a few layers). The only other difference is that I almost exclusively use Americolor gel colors instead of Wilton. I’ve used Wilton in the past and it works okay, but the Americolor gels are better (in my opinion). I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

      • Cristale says

        thanks!! and yeah i didn’t let it rest overnight but i let it rest for atleast 8 hrs at room temp in a plastic bag. and I added it when it was melted. I’m not sure whats going on maybe i should be adding more icing sugar to correlate with it but i always use wilton mainly cuz i can buy it in stores around here haha. But i might have to order some of that and see if it makes a difference! :) thanks a lot!

  25. Amanda says

    Your work is absoluly amazing! Wish you were in Southern California to do my wedding cake. Your “buttercream” rose cakes are the inspiration for my wedding cake! Beautiful!!!

  26. Sarah Stitely says

    Hey Rose! You have been so helpful to me over the past year with my fledgeling cake business and I have another quick question for you! Where do you order your cake boards and boxes? I am really starting to do serious business and would like to save money ordering instead of buying locally :) Thanks!

    • Rose says

      I order as much as I can from They’re a family owned business with great products, fast shipping and excellent customer service!! I don’t know them personally or anything -that’s just been my experience. Their prices are also very competitive, often better than big suppliers! IF they don’t have what I need, I order from (often their shipping is HIGH though) and occasionally Now, having said that, for 12″x12″ and 14″x14″ square boxes for my tiered cakes, I find the best prices at They run lots of buy one get one free sales and things like that and shipping is always FREE if you spend $50 – you can’t beat that! Shipping is what will eat you alive when ordering large quantities of boxes/boards because they’re HEAVY! The boxes there are shipping boxes (not specifically cake boxes) so they’re plain brown, with no windows or anything, but they work beautifully for packing up a big tiered cake! I hope that helps!!

      • Sarah Stitely says

        Thanks so much for your help! I have been using the shipping boxes from Walmart for my tiered cakes so good to know that I am not alone in that :) Again, you are amazing for spending your time helping others!

  27. Emma says

    Hi :)

    A customer has supplied a picture of one of your cakes and has asked me to try and replicate it. It is a shooting star cake with superman on it made for Lehmann. Would you mind if I did this? Of course I would credit you when I loaded it onto our facebook page. Yum ME Cakes in Sydney.


  28. Lisa Barber says

    I noticed your owl cake with the who loves you theme. Do you ship these cakes? I noticed you live out of state and I do not know how to make these cakes. My daughter has this theme for the baby room and want this cake for her party. Please let me know if you do these.


    Lisa Barber

    • Rose says

      I’m sorry Lisa – I can’t ship cakes! But I’d be happy for you to take my picture to a local baker and have it recreated! Best, Rose

  29. candie says

    Hey Rose ,
    MY NAME IS Candie i was wondering , if perhaps you might know some one around Tunica Ms,
    i really love your Dump tRUCK MASH….
    thats really watt im hoping to get done,
    so i dont know that you would know of anyone up this way… that is good and reasonabliy priced….
    thanks Candie

  30. candie says

    hey Rose ,
    its candie i guess im going to try an an make those cupcakes with the road signs…
    I WONT LIE im not much on baking altough im going to try…
    and i know you,ve made mention that you dont min helping
    so i was woundering if you could tell me watt all i might need..
    espicially for the road signs ( how should i go about making them..??
    my email is

    • Rose says

      You can buy pre-made fondant or buy white fondant and color it with gel colors. And you’ll need black coloring and a paint brush to paint on them, then either cut them by hand or get square, triangle, round, octagonal cookie cutters, etc.

  31. Valerie says

    Hi Rose
    I live in Pattison, Ms and i saw some of you wedding cakes online and was wondering if you deliver over this way. If so i would like to set an appointment for a wedding cake

  32. Valerie says

    thanks a lot and my wedding date is September 28, 2013. There is a correction on the city which is Port Gibson to the Claiborne County Convention Center.

  33. basketpam says

    As I was reading down through your list of a 1000 things you love I couldn’t help but laugh as one entry reminded me of a very funny story about my “baby” brother. This very same brother is now in his mid 40s and is almost 6 years younger than me. (there are just the two of us). It wasn’t very often my mom would leave him at that age with my dad to watch because he could be QUITE the handful. He wasn’t a malicious child, just overly curious, into everything and even worse, a climber. I swear he must have been part monkey at birth. Anyway, one Saturday about 6 or 7 months after we had moved into our new home my parents had built (literally themselves with the help of friends) my mom and I left for most of the day to shop and have a girl day(rare event in those days) leaving my dad and his uncle building a back porch onto the back of the house and more importantly, babysitting my little brother who was about 18 months to 2 years old at the time. In those early days my mom kept her flour, sugar, spices, etc. and all that baking stuff in a lazy susan in the lower cupboards. The pots and pans were also in a lower cupboard in the kitchen. Upon arriving home we noticed not much progress had been made on the back porch construction. Upon inquiring what happened the two men stated they NEVER wanted to be left in charge alone of a child that young again. Apparently, within a VERY short time my brother had managed to empty just about every container used for baking such as corn syrup, spices, flour, sugar, ANYTHING that could combine and be sticky and gooey. They tried to clean him up and finally just took him along with several containers and dumped him in the tub. Then, it took them over an hour to clean the kitchen floor and any other surface within this child’s reach. When they asked my brother WHY he had done such a thing he responded, with a HUGE smile and a big grin, “Me Cookin’!, Me Cookin’!” Oh he was cookin’ alright, …….into the biggest mess anyone had ever seen. My uncle’s and dad’s comment to my mother about all of this was, “Do you know HOW sticky molasses and flour can be?” She just cracked up. I’m sure he looked 3 times worse then your child in the chocolate mix powder. It seems these young male cooks want to start early in life experimenting on how things mix together. So you’re not the only one who has dealt with a VERY young Emeril and a BAM mess to clean!

  34. Amy says

    I read on the above posts that you dont’t ship cakes but do you ship cakepops? I love your ladybug pops and they would be perfect for my daughters party.

  35. Mandy says

    Hi , I am a fellow baker in the uk and I was wondering if you could help with your cake that has the waffle cones stuck to it, how did you stop them from going stale and soggy?

    • Rose says

      I wish I had a good answer for you, but the truth is, I put them on about 10 mins before delivery and the party was within 2-3 hours. AND… I had so much trouble with that cake, I said I’d never do one like it again unless I could figure out how to make fondant or white chocolate ice cream cones… it was a REAL pain to get those cones to stick to that cake in the first place!! Sorry I can’t help!

  36. Menda Williams says love you and your website!!! My daughter and I recently got the cake bug after taking a few Wilton courses and I happened upon your site…you are my cake inspiration! self taught…OMG :)


  37. Jenna says

    Hi, I love your website and facebook. I am just starting out trying my hand at cake and cupcake making & decorating, for family events, etc.
    This weekend is my daugher’s baby dedication (kind of like a baptism/christening), and I am making a cake for the luncheon and cupcakes for favors. How far in advance can I bake/decorate the cake and have it fully ready to go? I have family coming in and a lot of other things to do to prepare so if I make them on Friday, will they be okay until Sunday? Should I refrigerate? I am thinking no.
    I appreciate your response!! Thanks! <3

    • Rose says

      I can’t say for sure (100%) because I don’t know your recipes/design, etc. but for my cakes, I have made them as far as 2 days in advance with no problems! Generally I try to not have them sit around for more than 24 hours, but they have sat longer and been perfectly fine! Good luck!

  38. Susan says

    A client of mine found a picture of your Nurse School Graduation Cake and wants me to do something similar for her. When I quoted her a price she freaked out! Can you tell me how much you charged for this cake so she’ll see I”m not trying to scam her?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Rose says

      At this time, I’d charge $175 for this cake. As future readers/customers see this, please be aware that my prices may change in the future and this price is for this very specific design/size.

  39. Laura says

    Hi! I have a question about buttercream icing in general. Do you have any tips on tinting it red? It seems to be the worst color to make!
    Thanks for your help!

  40. Marti Morgan says

    Your site is a delight and I love getting your updates. I am from Mississippi and think the way I discoverd you is absolutely a little bit crazy. My granddauhter was turninng 13 during spring break from school; however, she was going to be snow skiiing in a remote area in North Carolina. I was devastated that there was no way she would have a cake for her birthday. Being an individual that never gives up when I make my mind up, I called the ski lodge and got a reference for a baker some 30 miles away. He was so nice and agreed to make the cake and deliver it to the lodge for her birthday. However, he asked that I send him a picture of the cake I would like for her. I was scrolling and looking and birhtday cakes especially designed for 13 year-olds and came across a lime green/zebra stiped cake with a 13 on top amd fur around the bottom. The picture was forwarded, the cake was made and the arrangements for delivery and payment were all put to rest. Viola! Grandson fell snowboarding and my family had to leave on the morning of the birtday spoiling the surprise. The only cake my granddaughter got was a picture – however, she thought it was the coolest cake ever. I asked the baker to please donate the cake to someone for a happy surprise that would otherwise probably not have one and he agreed. I got back online and found the cake and traced it to your bakery, Wow, was I surprised when the cake was (maybe or maybe not) orignated in the great State of Mississippi. I cannot believe how creative you are and how you ever find the time to do all that you do with your beautiful children to care for. I also have to commend you on sharing your recipes – it is Southern tradition to share recipes and the true Southern cook believes it is a sin not to share your recepes. God will bless you for the many smiles you put on your followers faces.

    • Rose says

      Wow – what a happy coincidence! It’s so great to hear from you and I love hearing from fellow Mississippians! I hope you’ll visit often!

  41. Newbaker says

    Hi Rose,

    I’m fairly new to baking cakes and it has become somewhat of an obsession now with me trying to learn as much as possible. I’ve come across your website on more than one occasion. I love your cakes and your knowledge. I wanted to know if you can tell me the secret to baking cakes that are even on top and do not dome. I notice that all of your cakes are fairly even on top. I’ve heard of bake even strips (name?) and I’ve heard of lining the inside of the pan with parchment paper. I also know that the amount of baking powder affects the extent to which the cake with rise on top. If you have any insights into this please do share. I really would like to start making cake layers that I don’t have to level. Thank you.

  42. Julie says

    Dear Rose
    I made your Cream Cheese frosting, iced the cake on Friday but the celebration was postponed from Saturday to Sunday. I kept the cake in the fridge. How long will it last and what is the optimum time between icing and eating?

    Love your site and recipes.
    Thank you

    • Rose says

      The fresher the better… but with the volume of cakes I do – most of them are close to the 48 hours mark. However, as long as it’s in the frig – it’ll last up to a week or more!

  43. aish says

    can i cover my cake with fondant if i have used fresh cream instead of butter cream.and how and for how long it should be refrigerato as fresh cream melts and is very light as compared to buttercream

  44. charlotte says

    would you be able to deliver a wwe wrestling ring cake her name is charlotte shes going to be 11 would you be able to deliver it by the 25th of july 2013 I livee in the uk in east London e14 7nr limehouse hope it gets delivered email me if u can

  45. Julie says

    Rose, please help. I have made two White Almond Sour Cream cakes in 8.5″ pans. They rose well above the pans and when I took off the humps and trimmed them, I have two 1″ cakes which I am going to sandwich together with buttercream followed by marshmallow fondant and flowers, due tomorrow. What is the ideal sized pan for the mixture as the humps are quite big and it seems such a waste to cut them off. I also found cooking time to be 175 celsuis for 1 hour.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  46. Janice Gautreaux says

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the tutorial on the bow making. I am going to try it.
    I have customers who want some fondant but I really have not done it because I really do not know how far in advance I can put the fondant on the cake. If you have a time frame and don’t mind sharing I would appreciate it. I really don’t care for the taste of it either. I love to learn new things. Wish I was c loser. I am in Houston.
    Thanks again,
    Janice Gautreaux

  47. Latonya says

    Hey Rose I use your recipe to make the candy apple they turn out great I love you work thank you so much you are such a great help to me :)

  48. Laura says

    Hi Rose! Love your site, you’ve helped me a lot!

    I am wondering what brand of gum paste you use? Or if you make it yourself? I’m having a hard time finding some where I live (WA state) and I just thought I’d ask you what you use! Thanks so much!! :)

  49. Carmela says

    Hi Rose,

    I happened to be looking for some pink and blue baby shower favor ideas and stumbled upon and loved your colorful candy apples. Do you sell these apples? If so, how much are they? and can they be shipped to Ohio. I think there awesome. Thanks! Carmela

    • Rose says

      I do sell them but only locally! So sorry! I have the recipe posted if you’d like to make them yourself or maybe you can find someone to make them for you :)

  50. Tammy M. says

    Hi Rose. I subscribe to your newsletters and look forward to reading your updates. I am a beginner cake decorator and your cakes really inspire me to try new techniques and buy new tools. I currently only bake for family and close friends. Everyone tells me I should turn this into a business but I need help figuring out how much to charge so I do not feel cheated or taken advantage of…I know it all depends on the size, the servings and design but I struggle deciding on a price that is fair for my hard work. Can you please advise?

    Thanks a lot for all you do,


    • myra says

      I can relate to your question. I am also a beginner baker and that is the first question people ask. I usually ask my baker at walmart, one that takes pride in baking and not there for just a check. i also call other bakers and give them a description of what im trying to make and tell them im just shopping for the best price. The decoration is so time consuming and i usually spend about 6 hrs from the prep to the finished product. And im always looking for faster ways to

  51. Cheyenne says

    Hi Rose,

    I was wondering what you do for cake boards. I know about the cardboard ones and that you can put two together to make them stronger but I don’t want to trust a tierd cake on some flimsy cardboard. I’m kind of new to the cake business, but I know there has to be something out there. The last tiered cake that I made my husband made a plywood base for it because it was four tiers. That could get expensive too :). Do you ask for yours back? Or can you tell me where you buy your borads. I guess I’m looking for a cheaper solution. Thanks for the help.

    • Rose says

      For almost all of my birthday cakes, I tape together 3 cardboaard rounds and then cover them. For wedding cakes, I usually buy cake drums from Country Kitchen Sweetart. They’re usually less than $5. I have also had my husband cut me plywood supports when I hard really large or usual shaped cakes. I just account for the cost when I price the cake and I do tell brides that I would appreciate getting them back, but I don’t require it.

  52. myra says

    You made a 3 teir cake with purple, lime green, and blue colors, (which i found in the gallery) i was wondering how much u would charge for it and is it enough to feed 30-35 people? Also how long did it take u to make it?

    • Rose says

      It was only 2 tiers and I overlapped the colors on the tiers. It was 6″ and 8″ round cakes which is 32-36 servings. I would charge $110 for it. :) Did you call me today, by the way? I just got home and checked my messages and I think one of my messages was from Myra!? Just curious 😉

  53. Ronnie says

    Hi – I was very impressed by the cake designs in your site. Unfortunately, I live in Columbus Ohio. Do you know anyone who will do veggie tales theme cakes and tom & jerry theme cakes in this region? Thanks!

  54. Charlene Waldon says

    Hello my name is Charlene from Cleveland, Ohio. I am very excited I recently graduated from Nursing School. I am searching for beautiful yet different Nursing cakes, if possible could you personally email me your nursing cakes, I would gladly appreciate it and thanks alot.

    • Rose says

      I only have one and you can find it by using the search box on my sidebar. But I cannot ship or deliver cakes outside my local area – I’m in Mississippi.

  55. Gia Fox says

    hello Rose I was very very inspired by your colorful candy apples I have made 50 different flavors and colors. and they are all delicious my friends and family loves them…they comes out perfect everytime..but while they are cooling after a while they become sticky a there anything that I can do for this ?

  56. Jernice says

    I love your bright pink candy apples. Do you make a minnie mouse candy apple? Do you ship to Virginia?
    I need about 25 for a birthday party


  57. Amber says

    Hi Rose,
    My son’s first birthday is March 15 and we’re doing a Disney Cars theme. Could you send me information on how to order and other Cars cake designs to choose from? I’m in Memphis, TN by the way…

  58. Grisel Borgos says

    Hi I’m just starting a cake decorating business and some one ask me for a tonka truck birthday cake for a little boy. And I have a question for you. I want to know how many people can that cake feed? and how much should I charge for a project like this? Please help for I have never done a cake like this one. Thank you in advance.

  59. MONIQUE WYATT says

    I am interested in ordering two dozen of the hot pink candy apples with strawberry flavoring for my baby sister’s 41st birthday on March 10th. This months also marks the 10th anniversary of her being a breast cancer survivor. Therefore, it is super special for our family. I can be reached at 214-926-5790.

    • Rose says

      You can email me at rosebakes at live dot com or message me on Facebook, but I cannot ship or deliver them if you’re not local to Meadville, MS.

  60. Sheryl brown says

    Your colorful candy apples recipes the candy is hard is there a soft candy recipe for the colorful candy apples

  61. Jackiehi says

    Hello I have been looking at your wonderful recipes and was wanting to try the strawberry cake. I cannot seem to find any stores that have the strawberry cream jello pudding. Where can I find it? Thank you in advance. I can only find just plain strawberry pudding. Also I was wondering if hersheys strawberry syrup would work instead of nesquick. Thank you again!

    • Rose says

      I get it at Walmart, but if you’re finding another brand of strawberry pudding, I’m sure it would work. And yes, I’m sure the Hershey’s would work in the frosting!

  62. Robin says

    Let me just first say how much I love your site!! Your tutorials are a huge help and I thank you so much for taking the time to share with all of us!! I would love to see a tutorial on how you lay your chevron pattern. I also have the chevron cutter for Not just cake by Ann and I love them but we both know that if you try and pick these up they stretch out of shape. Do you have a trick you use to do this? Yours look so neat and in place. Thank you again for your time!!! Have a wonder day!

  63. Patricia eli says

    Hi toes my name is patricia I was wondering if you could tell me how to make cakepops look like camo than you please help me

  64. lamyra says

    hi rose i live in miami and i need a make-up zebra cake by friday or before twelve on saturday for it to be such short notice nut if yuh email me that would be good hope the cake isnnt too much

  65. Karla White says

    Thank you for responding to my question. I sure it will help a lot. Everyone in my family bakes and I JUST started two years ago. I absolutely love it. I begin making cupcakes but I find myself venturing out to make cakes now. (the one thing I was afraid of). I would like to send you some pics. ANY feedback would be great if you have the time.

  66. Cheyenne says

    Hi Rose – How do you compete with the humidity? I made a three tier cake this weekend and I thought it was going to melt into a puddle before I delivered it. I only had to take it 5 miles. Even sitting on the counter in the air conditioning it was getting all glossy and sticky. Do you have any tips or tricks to share? Thanks

    • Rose says

      I don’t have any special tricks, I’m sorry. I work inside in the AC and pray with every cake that it makes it to it’s destination. I keep them as cool as possible – cranking my truck before loading cakes and letting it cool down before loading the cake. I keep my house at 67°-72°F at all times when working on cake. I also sometimes have an oscillating fan blowing on my cakes if they start to get sticky – that will dry them.

  67. Gwendolyn says

    Hi rose my dad turns 41 july 31st and i wanna bake him a cake but it will be my first time baking one and i want to do a very special cake for him to show how much i love him he like working in his tool shed he has and watching duck dynasty any ideas please help.

  68. Helen Andrianakis says

    Hi Name is Helen my facebook name “Eleni Blacky” I want to know do you make Harley Davidson B’day cakes and how much and are you in Melbourne could you please contact me on 0403503678

  69. chiky says

    Hello Rose. I sent you an email but don’t know which one will be fast. I baked a cake with fine taste and moisture but the texture is chewy like that of bread. What went wrong i used

    10 Eggs
    5cup of flour
    Two spoon of baking powder
    2cups of sugar
    1pack butter

  70. Karla White says

    Hi Rose. I need a lil help. I doing my first baby bump cake this weekend. I’ll be using the soccer ball pan for the top but I don’t know what pan to use for the belly. What do you suggest?

  71. Desiree M. Auzenne says

    Good morning, I was asked to make some candy apples for a baby shower. The mom to be is having a baby boy and I would like to know if you have a reciepe for blue candy apples and if so if you don’t mind emailing me. thank you

  72. Dana Perilloux says

    Hi there I know it’s short notice but I was wondering if you could make a pirate cake for my son for this saturday. Or a cake and cupcake combo. Feeding approx 30-40 ppl

    • Rose says

      Possibly. Are you local to me? Can you email me at rose(at)rosebakes(dot)com? Name, date, contact number and any pictures/ideas you have? Thanks!

  73. Crystal says

    Hi Rose,
    I have a question? I am trying start up my business in a small military town. I have so much competition that it is overwhelming. There are cake decorators that have been here for years. I really just would like maybe 5 orders or so a month. But because of these other decorators they are taking all the business away. I have yet to get my first order. I’m really frustrated and feel like giving in and just selling all the equipment that I have purchased. But I wondered if you had any suggestions to help me out. Thank you so much, Crystal

    • Rose says

      Oh, that’s so hard Crystal. Have you thought of trying to venture into an area that’s not so saturated to get your name out there? Do cupcakes or cookies? Or maybe cake pops/ cake balls? If you can get people to fall in love with any product, then you can mention that you also do cakes. If allowed, advertise a special… like 2 dozen Christmas cupcakes or really cute cake pops for $20 or something like that just before school gets out. If you can get your cupcakes into classrooms or businesses (maybe go door to door with a flyer listing your Christmas party special), that might open some doors for you! Also be ready to leave cards with them so they can call you next time!

  74. Temika says

    I am attempting to do a spider man apple and baseball hard candy I tried using candy melts to draw my lines and it worked they were pretty but the melts take to long to dry on my apple and cause them to get sticky for being out too long And not being bagged

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