Easter Egg Cake Pops

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I know I just posted the farm animal cake pops a couple of days ago… but I’m gonna show you some more today.  Is that okay?  Good!

So, are you ready for Easter yet?  I absolutely love this time of year… Easter, Spring, bright happy colors…. you know, all that fun stuff!

I know I am!!  Anyway, back in February when I did the Easter cupcakes for the magazine article, I also did cake pops.

I didn’t do many… it was 3am by the time I got around to working on them… I wasn’t really on my A-game and I was one tired girl.

I was a little disappointed with my work (the whole 3am thing didn’t help!), but I sent them along with the photographer anyway.  And guess what?

They put them in the article !  See?

They even put the little chick cake pop in the picture in the very front …the one I totally forgot to take a picture of!

Sooo… they were fun to make, and having never done any cake pops like those before, I did learn a few things.  Mainly… don’t make cake pops at 3am!

If you’d like to make some cake pops like these… here are the things I used…

Update:  If you’re new to cake pops, hop over to Amazon and watch the videos by Bakerella on the page for the Cake Pops book.  Just scroll down and look for the video clips… in particular, the older one (indicated below) has some great tips and suggestions!!   Even better?  Order a copy of the book!

Did I miss any details?  Do you have any questions about these cake pops?  Please leave them in the comments!


  1. amy says

    How do you keep them from sliding down the pop stick? I made these and they were cute, tasted great, but did not remain atop the stick!! Within a few minutes they were resing on the styrofoam :(((

    • Rose says

      Amy… I’m updating the post right now with a (hopefully) helpful link (near the bottom… the Amazon link)! I do cake pops almost exactly like it’s done on the video I suggest. If you still have queestions, please ask and I’ll help if I can! Thanks for visiting!! :)

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