Elegant Lace Wedding Cake

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For my very first cake here at Rose Bakes, I want to share this Elegant Lace Wedding Cake that I made back in November.  I’ve already shared some pics over on Facebook, but I wanted to tell you which Lace Molds I used and give you a few more pictures.

I was super nervous about this cake… the bride had actually sent me a link to this Martha Stewart cake and I am so not Martha Stewart.   But after a little research, I thought I could pull it off!

I got my lace impression molds and pearl mold from Sugar DelitesAmazon, Icing on the Cake and First Impressions Molds (see farther down for direct links to each mold).

The lighting is really terrible in these next pictures taken in my kitchen, but somehow I like how the details show up better.

Surprisingly, it was super easy to do the lace!  I used Satin Ice Gum Paste, rolled out pieces about 2 inches tall and as long as the molds, then laid them into the molds and pressed them together.  Then…here’s the key… freeze them for at least 10 minutes before removing the gum paste from the mold!  After that, I trimmed them a little with an Xacto knife and “glued” them on the cake with sugar glue.

The exact molds that I bought for this cake are here:

To add a little more fancy to the cake, I glued on sugar pearls to some parts of the lace and on the cake … I loved the way it turned out!

This cake was all vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, covered in marshmallow fondant.


  1. Hazel says

    I have seen this cake on the Martha Stewart and decided it was what I wanted but was struggling to find the moulds so this is great, thanks!!!

  2. Mary says

    I just wanted to say how wonderful you are for sharing how you made this. It seems too many people in cake decorating don’t want to share their techniques. I’ve been making cakes on rare occasions for years, and I’m just now trying to get into them more. When I have more to share, I’d like to be able to help others, just as you have. Thank you. It’s a gorgeous cake!

  3. Sarah says

    Wow this cake is sensational. Too bad you don’t live in Brisbane Australia. Out of curiosity how much is this cake.

  4. sheila says

    Been searching for ages to fginbd what cutters /molds etc were needed for this beautiful cake can you please tell me who are the makers of the items needed, I have the FMM Lace set just needing the others I would be very grateful

  5. sheila says

    Hi Rose
    I have found most of the items via the link you provided but when I tried to find the silicone lace maker when it gos to the site it says item not found can you please advise which item it is on the cake please as I will try to find elsewhere

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