Fire Truck Birthday Cake

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I discovered today when I was writing a post about a Flatbed Truck Cake (posting later today!) that I had never shared this Fire Truck Birthday Cake here on the blog (I did share it on Facebook in my 2011 Cakes album)!

Anyway… this post probably won’t be long since I did this cake well over a year ago.

This cake was all edible… I started with a 12″x18″ sheet cake and cut and stacked it to get the truck shape.  Then I covered it with Satin Ice Red Vanilla Fondant and added all the details.

I don’t have a tutorial for exactly how I build this Fire Truck birthday cake, but I did do a tutorial for the 3-D Dump Truck cake I built and it’ll give you some ideas!

For the name, I used the Fox Run Alphabet Cookie Cutters.  These are some of my favorites!

I made the ladder with Satin Ice Gum Paste and glued the pieces together with royal icing.

This cake was vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream.  Other than the red vanilla fondant, I also use Satin Ice Black Vanilla fondant and marshmallow fondant for the decorations.

Do you have any questions about this cake?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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  1. Elizabeth says

    How did you make the cutiest little fire hydrant? It looked like you put a lot of detaiil work in it, for it looks so real. And I’m assuming the cupcakes are the same flavor as the cake.

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