Firetruck Sheet Cake

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Firetruck Sheet Cake

I posted this Firetruck Sheet Cake on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and today I want to give you a few details about it.   And by a few… I really I’m going to try to keep it short today!

I carved this cake from an 11×15 sheet cake and a small 4″ cake (cut in half and added to the bottom) for the wheels.  I tried to make the most of the sheet cake without wasting a lot, so I cut off the space for the windshield, flipped it upside down and added it back to the bottom-front of the cake to make the front stick out farther.

I did the same thing with the top… cutting off the cake above the ladder, then reshaping it to add some dimension to the back of the truck.  Here… let me show you approximately where the original cake was…

Firetruck Sheet Cake Carved

Does that make sense?

Anyway – the red fondant was Satin Ice Red Vanilla fondant, the black was also Satin Ice, and everything else was homemade marshmallow fondant.

Firetruck Cake Number

I used a Wilton Cookie cutter to do the “3” and then I used some of my favorite  Alphabet Cookie Cutters from Brown Cookie.

Puddle of Water

On the inside was vanilla cake covered in vanilla buttercream!

Do you have any questions about this cake?  Leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!   

Oh and guess what else?  I’ve been doing Wesson’s cake since his first birthday and here are links to his first two birthdays…

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 Easy Firetruck Cake Carved from a Sheet Cake


  1. Joanne says

    I love your instructions Rose. Your cakes are so cute and usually I have the cutters in the house,- just never thought to use them the way you do. I love how you put everything together- especially the dinosaur. We have a four year old friend who wants to be a palientologist(hope I spelled that right)- never thought to use the bones on cupcakes for him. Thanks for sharing once again.

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