Hello Kitty Cake + Cupcakes with Hello Kitty, Barbie, & The Little Mermaid Cupcake Toppers

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Just 3 days after delivering those other Hello Kitty Cupcakes, I had this order for a Hello Kitty Cake plus cupcakes with Hello Kitty, Barbie and The Little Mermaid Cupcake Toppers.

The cake was my first ever cake finished with a coat of ganache.  It dark chocolate cake on the inside, filled and covered with layers of ganache.  And it looked so heavenly!

For the cupcakes, they were vanilla cake with pink vanilla buttercream.  I made the toppers myself.

I printed images on that I found by doing Swagbucks images searches (searches that reward!) They were printed on cardstock and cut with this 1.5″ round paper punch.   I cut out the flower shapes with a 2″ scalloped paper punch, then assembled them to lollipop sticks using my glue gun!

The birthday girl couldn’t really settle on one character, so I made some Hello Kitty, some Barbie, and some Ariel (The Little Mermaid)!

Do you have any questions about this cake or the cupcakes?  Please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll help if I can!

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  1. Barbara says

    Hi Rose,
    What size and type of tip did you use on the Hello Kitty cupcakes? I’ve tried to get this look but all my tips are to little.
    Thank you so much!

    PS…… Rose, I’ve learned some much from you and your blog and website. Thank you!!

  2. Rose says

    Oh Yaneri – I’m SO not crafty! I had to dig deep to make these!! I tried my best to find pre-made ones but they were really pricey and I figured I could make them for much less!

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