Holly Jolly {Christmas} Candy Birthday Cake

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I am about to burst with excitement to share this cake with you!  It’s a birthday cake and a Christmas cake!  Ella Wesley is turning 7 years old and she’s having a “Holly Jolly Birthday Party”!  How fun is that?

For the cake, Mom wanted lots of candy… swirly lollipops…

… gum drops and peppermints…

…candy canes and gum balls…

… and of course some cupcakes and some sparkling sugar!

And the cupcakes… all edible… even the cup!  I made a chocolate “liner” and filled it with cake, then topped it with buttercream!

For the top of the cake, since Ella was “7”, I added sugar to her number… so it resembled rock candy a little bit… (and that other cupcake on the background)

The main colors for the party were red and lime green and with Christmas in the mix, I added some bright red bows…

Oh, and I wanted to share the back of the cake… it was pretty too!

All of the decoratons on this cake are edible… every sweet treat is hand-made from marshmallow fondant except the Gobstoppers used on the border and sprinkled here and there on the cake!  For the bows and the lollipops, I added tylose powder to help them dry (see more about this in my How to Make a Fondant Bow tutorial).

Oh and I cut Ella’s name with these Funky Alphabet cutters here and here.  I love these letters!

Oh, but wait… there’s one more thing about this cake that’s just dazzling…  THIS is what the inside looks like…

…that’s right, there are three layers of red & lime green vanilla cake filled with lots of yummy vanilla buttercream!  Mmmm….

Did I miss any details?  Do you have any questions about this cake?  Please leave them in the comments!


  1. Megan says

    Wow, gorgeous!!! I love it, so fun!

    How did you make the edible cupcake liner? And the peppermints? Are the sphere lollipops (solid colors) just actual lollipops or did you make those via cake pop techniques?

    What a precious cake, I am sure the little girl loved it!

    • Rose says

      Thanks Megan – this cake was a HUGE hit at the party!!! For the edible cupcake liner, I melted candy melts and poured them into an individual silicone cupcake liner. I stuck it in the frig and after it hardened, I popped it out and stuffed pre-baked cake into it! For the peppermints, I took 2 red ropes of fondant and 2 white ropes. I twisted them together, then cut slices. All of the lollipops are all made of fondant with Tylose added (so they would harden).

      • Alisha says

        This cake is AMAZING! So beautiful Rose! You have real talent to make such yummy pieces of art! How much time did it take for you to decorate a cake like this, NOT including the actual bake & chill time (if it was needed)? I am curious because my daughter and I is always trying to find new things we could do together & with my girl being 12, patience isn’t always here greatest strength! LOL

        • Rose says

          Thanks Alisha!! I think it took me around 3-4 hours to decorate this cake. Of course all the candy pieces, lollipops, candy canes, etc. had to be made days ahead so they could dry – so that was an additional hour or two? It was a long time ago, so I don’t remember exactly, but I hope that helps! :)

          • Alisha says

            Yes it did, thanks! Maybe that would be something I would do myself so she’ll still be interested & just do the actual decorating part. You know how kids patience is! BTW, with the homemade fondant, how is it after having it made few days before putting it all together? Some things arent as fresh after a few days, especially when its homemade or doesnt have preservatives like how some store brought products have. When making your decorations before hand to help it dry, how do you store it to keep it fresh but still allow it dry? I been trying to research this over the net and I’m not finding much info on how to store already made items, just how to store the fondant itself.

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