Hot Air Balloon Cupcakes

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Back in October of last year, the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race was going on over in Natchez, MS (as it does every October) and I had a request for Hot Air Balloon Cupcakes.   But the request was sort of last minute and I was already pretty booked.

However… since I love what I do and have the hardest time saying no, I said yes!  These were for a little boy’s birthday but since I wasn’t using it in the design, I’m sorry to say I can’t remember his name!

The trouble was.. I needed them to be pretty simple to assemble because I was already super busy.  After a few quick Swagbucks searches, I found these Hot Air Balloon cupcakes over on and they were perfect… instructions included!

I ordered the candy hot air balloons from eBay(I can’t find them on there as I write this post, but they were on Amazon), then I used a flower cutter that I had smooshed into an oblong shape to cut the clouds out of marshmallow fondant.  I just cut off one edge to have the flat bottom.

I used royal icing to glue the hot air balloons to the clouds, then piped a border to give the clouds some dimension.  I basically followed the directions just as they were written over at

I baked white cupcakes in navy blue liners, piped sky blue vanilla buttercream on with a round tip, the put the toppers on.  Easy-Peasy!

If you ever get the chance to go to the balloon races, you should go – it’s amazing.  These aren’t great photos, but some we took back in 2011 when we went.

This is early in the morning… as the balloons are coming up one at a time and eventually there are dozens floating over the Mississippi River.

And this is at night – when they do the balloon glow right around sunset.  I had a hard time getting any non-blurry pictures, but this was a decent one.   We’re on the Mississippi side of the river looking over to Louisiana.

Just to the right of that view… is this one of the bridget at night!


Do you have any questions about these cupcakes?  Please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll help if I can!

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  1. Susan Campbell says

    I’ve told my husband that we need to go to see the hot air balloons in Natchez. That picture you posted of them floating over the river is just beautiful.

    I hope I have a reason to make hot air balloon cupcakes soon! Wish I had known about them last Summer when our VBS was “Sky.”

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