How to Make Easy Hello Kitty Cupcakes

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How to Make Easy Hello Kitty Cupcake Toppers

Update:  I can ship these cupcake toppers.  Please visit my album on Facebook for pricing or email me at rosebakes (at) live (dot) com for more information!   

To jump right into the new year, I thought today I’d share a some cute Hello Kitty cupcakes with you!  Even better… How to Make Easy Hello Kitty Cupcakes.

It’s been quite a awhile and I’m determined to catch up on my backlog of unshared cakes/cupcakes, so here we go!

These were super simple to put together!  I used a Hello Kitty Cookie Cutter I found on eBay and cut the faces from homemade marshmallow fondant.

Here it is on Amazon – called a Hello Kitty Vegetable Cutter).  I chose this one because it made an impression of where the eyes, nose, whiskers,  and bow went… taking the guessing out of decorating these (yes, I’m lazy that way).

After cutting the faces, then making the bows, I drew the faces on with Americolor Food markers… easy-peasy.

For the bow, I wanted it to really stand out, so I used pink marshmallow fondant and cut them with frosting tips.   I found the round tips closest to the impressions on Hello Kitty’s face and used those (Ateco #806 and Wilton #12).  Then I just made a tiny impression with a ball tool to finish the bow.

These cupcakes were half chocolate and half strawberry.  They were topped with pink vanilla buttercream (piped with a large Ateco star tip), then I added a few sprinkles of Wilton Spring Confetti.

These liners were Wilton Snappy Stripes Baking Cups.  Very pretty and very matchy to the Hello Kitty theme!

Do you have any questions about these cupcakes?  Please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll help if I can!



  1. Libby says

    I just stumbled on your site and am enjoying reading through your posts! Question about these toppers. How soon before the event did you put them on the cupcakes? Any tips for keeping the toppers from wilting?

    • Rose says

      I put them on the morning I delivered them but I have no idea what time the party was. I think if they’re made in advance and allowed to dry/harden, you shouldn’t have any trouble with them wilting.

  2. Alisha says

    As a new baker I find myself baking more Hello Kitty Cakes then I imagine and I need this tutorial to help. Thank you so much and I will be checking back.

  3. Greg says

    What’s the best way to get the pink color for the frosting? A drop of red food coloring? Do you know of any “natural” ways to get that pink? Beet juice perhaps?

  4. kawaiicollecxion says

    OMG! your cupcakes is so adorable and i like it so much…i hope to be able to make such a wonderful and really cute cupcake like your’s. Thank you for sharing to us your talent.

  5. Anell says

    Hi, these are adorable! I’m making them for a friend’s kid’s birthday party. I’ve never made anything from fondant before. How should I keep the Hello Kitty shapes after I make them and before I put them on cupcakes? How long do they dry and harden? Should I refrigerate them or leave them out or keep them airtight?

    • Rose says

      I keep them in an airtight container – not in direct light. They’ll keep for weeks at room temperature. I don’t recommend refrigeration. Hope that helps… you can do it!! :)

  6. Debbie W says

    These are adorable. I have these HK cutters but the bow has always stumped me. Your solution is easy to do and looks great. (Palm to forehead moment…LOL) Much easier than any mold which was the route I thought I had to go.

    Time to add another Pin. I think I really do need a board just for your stuff. Perhaps next time I try to organize my Pins. btw…I’ve referred a few of my friends to your site and will be sharing you FB page with them too.

    • Rose says

      You make me smile Debbie!! I’d be honored to have a board of my own 😉 And thank you so much for the referrals – I appreciate it more than you know!

  7. Cookie Terry says

    Omgosh you’re so fabulously talented….I wanna make these cupcakes for my grand daughters first birthday in Sept…..can I order from you…can you give me a price for about 3 dozen???

  8. Cookie Terry says

    Oh silly me…Lol…I know that!!! I wanted a price on the toppers for 3 dozen!!! I will get back to you in August ok…my granddaughter was born on 9/11/13 so I’d need time to get them and for you to make them!!! Thank your responding be blessed in your day Rose

  9. Miriam says

    Hey, these are adorable! How did you attach the bow, and did you use the markers after they were hardened? Thank you!

    • Rose says

      I just use a tiny brush of water to attach the bow and depending on my time constraints, it’s definitely easier to write on the faces once they’ve dried some but I have written on them “fresh” and it works.

      • Miriam says

        Thanks for the quick response! I made about 90 of those little suckers just now! I will use the markers on them in a couple of days!
        And I totally love the marshmallow fondant! I had only ever made the fondant with glucose and gelatin, and it was such a pain. This is super easy, and super easy to work with. Thank you again!

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