Look Whoo’s 1 Owl Birthday Cake & Smash Cake + Chocolate Fondant Recipe

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 Are you all tired of my cakes yet?   Don’t answer that!  I promise, I’m working on a website dedicated solely to cakes and as soon as I get it up and running (which might be a few months), I’ll stop bugging you with all my cake ramblings!!

In the meantime, I completed 9 cakes this weekend plus an order of cupcakes!  See below…that’s just 6 of the 9 (including the iPhone cake I already told you about).

Yeah, the one that’s cut into was just for us…. for fun.  I’ll tell you about it another post.  Anyway, so here’s the owl cake up close…


I made it to match this birthday party theme…Look Whoo’s One Owl and the customer actually sent me a link to this owl cake and asked if I could make something like that with this theme in mind!

So, I made an owl using that tutorial as a guide, but I changed the outside decorations to coordinate with the party theme!   This little cutie-pie owl was chocolate cake with chocolate filling and frosting, covered in chocolate fondant.

I’ve never posted a recipe for chocolate fondant, so I thought I’d share today.  Although I’m still not completely happy with the final texture – this is how I make it for now.  It’s super simple.

Chocolate Fondant

So, this is going to be sort of short and sweet, but here it is:  I use my homemade marshmallow fondant recipe with these additions:  I add 1-2 ounces of good quality semi-sweet or dark chocolate (melted) to the melted marshmallows and I add 1-2 tablespoons of good quality cocoa powder to the powdered sugar.   You may have to add a little more water if the mix gets too dry, but that’s it!

Update: After making this a few times, I’ve found a few other things I should mention.  First, it seems like I also have to use a little extra shortening to keep this fondant soft and pliable.  Also, the chocolate fondant also crumbles/cracks alot easier than regular fondant – the texture is just not great.  It also dries out really fast and I find that I can’t use it the next day – I almost always have to throw away any that I don’t use pretty quickly. Lastly, I often add some extra brown and/or black gel gel coloring to get the color a deep rich, chocoalte brown.  But without a doubt, it’s easier to get this recipe a good shade of brown vs. just adding brown or black coloring to regular marshmallow fondant.   That takes a ton of brown color!!

If anybody else makes/uses chocolate fondant, I’d love to hear tips on how to improve the texture or get the color easier!

I sat that little owl on top of a 10″ round white vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling… except I added pink gel coloring to the cake to make it pink too!  =)  I made her name with the Funky Letter Cutters (just like the monkey cake) and the ribbon around the bottom was made with the Wilton Fondant Ribbon Cutter Embosser Set.    The leaves were cut with a leaf cutter from this Wilton set.

When I got done with all that, I made her a matching smash cake.  Except for the leaves it was all buttercream (easier to “smash”!!).

I hope Kinslee had a wonderful birthday and loved her owl cake!


Did I miss anything?  If you have questions about how to make this cake, please leave them in the comments!!

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  1. Deb says

    I love reading your cake posts, so I hope you'll make a big deal out of the new blog when you have it finished so that I don't miss it. :)

    When you are adding the 1 Tbsp of cocoa powder, would it help to remove 1 Tbsp of the powdered sugar? Then you should have the same amount of dry ingredients as your regular recipe. Maybe that would help with not needing to add as much extra shortening.

  2. Priscilla says

    I just same upon this post because I am also doing the "Look whoo's turning 1" theme! I love that cake!! I'm going to try to find someone locally to make me a cake to match that theme, and I can only hope it comes out half as nice as the one you made! :)

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