LSU Fleur de Lis “Eye of the Tiger” Sheet Cake (with Tiger Stripes inside!)

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This cake was for my cousin’s son (who I guess is also my cousin…duh!).  Anyway, he’s a teenage boy who loves LSU (Louisiana State University…. if you don’t know colleges) and he wanted an LSU cake!

His mom sent me this picture of the Fleur de Lis Eye of the Tiger… a classic LSU image.    So, since my friend Kristen had already made a cake with this exact image (she’s the best!)… I went right ahead and used her design!!

I made a 12″ square cake and covered it in marshmallow fondant (MMF).  Then I used purple MMF (colored with Americolor Regal Purple) to make a ribbon border (see how to do that here).

For the Fleur de Lis, I asked Kristen how she did it, and pretty much copied her technique as best I could (through emailed instructions).    First, I printed out the image, then used an Xacto blade to cut out each piece like it was a puzzle.

I then traced and cut them out on white, gold (colored with golden yellow gel) and purple fondant, the put it together on the cake.   I used my extruder to make the tiny purple border to go around it.   The whole process was tedious and time-consuming (and mine is not perfect), but the effect was awesome!

Guess what else I did? I made the inside match with purple and gold tiger stripes… yes I did!

I made my vanilla cake, then split the batter into two bowls and colored it (one gold, one purple).   Then I followed my How to Make Zebra Stripes Inside a Cake tutorial to get the tiger stripes effect!  Isn’t that cool!?!

Did I miss anything?   Any questions about this cake?   Please leave them in the comments and I’m happy to answer & help!


  1. pam robinson says

    saw this on facebook could u please send me your wesite where i could find this cake.. my son love LSU!!!!
    awesome job and cake
    thanks have a great day

  2. Lillie Ray Levy says

    Awesome cake! One of my former students sent me your pictures. I indoctrinated all of my students in my love for LSU, purple and gold and Mike the Tiger. Now when they see any of these things, they think of me. Lol this student is touring England right now and still found time to send this to me.

  3. Kendra says

    This is really awesome. i want to make a red white and blue sheet cake like this. Did you follow the directions for the circular cake to make the square cake?

  4. Lynn says

    Awesome cake! Especially love the purple & gold tiger stripes in the cake itself. I live in the <3 of Tiger Country (can ever see Tiger Stadium in the distance from the front of my subdivision) AND I have never seen a cake like this one! GREAT JOB!

    • Rose says

      Thanks Lynn! My friend Kristen lives in Denham Springs and shes the original creator of this design – if you ever want a cake I can connect you to her!

  5. Elizabeth Higginbotham says

    Simply amazing! I’m a new follower and am so impressed by your work. Thanks so much for sharing your talents!

  6. Daphne Straub says

    Hi I am going to be making and LSU cake for my friends wedding. This will be the grooms cake, so there will be an additional cake. But I was curious how much cake mix one would need for this cake? The wedding rsvps equal 150 so I also don’t know if my cake should be for 150 or if it doesn’t need to be for that much…

    Thanks for your help! Your cake turned out awesome! I’m sure it tasted good too!

    • Rose says

      I don’t usually make the groom’s cakes as big as the wedding cakes, but I *always* ultimately get the bride/groom to decide how much cake they want or need. I’m just not comfortable making that decision.

      If you make it a 12″ square like I did, you’ll need around 10 cups of batter. If you use my vanilla cake recipe – you would need to double it. But the amount of batter yielded varies from recipe to recipe.


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