Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes for Boy & Girl Twins

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I had so much fun making these coordinating cakes for Marion and Morgan!

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The cakes needed to be the same, but obviously one needed to be Mickey…and boy colored, and the other needed to be Minnie… and colored for a girl!

For both cakes and all the cupcakes, I used this Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter to add little Mickey/Minnie heads.

I also used the Play-Doh alphabet cutters for both of their names, just like on the Dora the Explorer cake.

For all the other decorations, I used round cutters, flower cutters (from this set), and star cutters.   Oh, and I used my ribbon method to add the borders.

For the Minnie Cupcakes, I added a sweet little pink bow, but for the Mickey ones, I left them plain…

Overall, these cakes could stand alone for a boy or girl party, but I think they turned out super cute paired up for a twins party!

Oh… and the “3” was cut using a number cutter from the 101 Wilton Cookie Cutters set.

These cakes included some vanilla, chocolate, butter and strawberry (four different flavors for the four different tiers).  All of them were filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream.

The red and black fondant were Satin Ice brand:  Satin Ice Red Vanilla fondant and Satin Ice Black Vanilla fondant.  Every other color was homemade marshmallow fondant.

Do you have any questions about these cakes or cupcakes?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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  1. Princess says

    Rose, these are so adorable!! Great job!!!
    Were Minnie’s ears attached to Popsicle sticks or the bow?
    You have a very whimsical style. Patent pending! ;0)

    • Rose says

      Thanks Princess! If I remember correctly, I had them on popsicle sticks, but I also used a touch of “glue” to attach them to the ears for more stability!

  2. Elizabeth says

    I love, love, love to get e-mails just to see the beautiful cakes you make and decorate. Does everyone know you in your town? You make the best looking cakes I have ever seen. Wish I was your next door neighbor….LOL….

  3. Megan says

    Precious as always! I love the twins theme here, and the his/her is just so adorable!

    Do you use a mold for Minnie’s small bows? It looked like for the cupcake ones you may have…I was looking at some on etsy the other day and curious as to what ones made a good tiny bow.

    I love that you use the Play Doh cutters sometimes….the perks of being a Mom 😉

    Great job, as always!

    • Rose says

      Hey Megan! For the bows, I really just cut a ribbon of fondant, then cut it into maybe 1-1.5 inch pieces. Then I used my finger to do a tiny pinch in the middle and used a fondant tool from the Wilton Gumpaste Tools set to make the little crinkles.

    • Rose says

      I should also add… I bought the Play-Doh letter cutters specifically for fondant. My kids haven’t ever played with this set 😉

  4. Erin says

    Your cakes are amazing! I’m probably doing a Mickey Mouse theme for my little guy’s birthday in January, and I wish I could pull off making a cake like this! So cool.

    • Rose says

      I’m sure you’ll do great! The awesome thing about kids is that they love anything their Mama makes and puts lots of love into!! :) Good luck!!

  5. Veronica says

    I’m doing my daughters frist birthday..and the theme is minnie mouse and i love the cake and cupcakes. I would like to know a price for both.

  6. Derya says

    Hi Rose I am writing you from Turkey . Your blog is amazing . I am probably doing this mickey mouse cake for my nephew’s birthday. I wonder if you could give me some information about how to do the dome shape mickey head . Thanks :)

  7. Tina says

    Hi! I love this idea of two separate cakes! How much would something like this cost but a baby Mickey and Minnie theme? And in baby blue for a boy and baby pink for a girl.

  8. Stefania says

    Hi Rose!

    I was wondering what size pans you used for these gorgeous cakes?
    Also, there are so many different mickey cutters. I rly happen to like these that you chose. What size are they? Do you prefer satin ice over Wilton fondant?

    Keep blessing the world with your love


  9. Stefania says

    LOL its Me again!

    How much do you charge for one of these?

    Other option….if someone were to bake and ice these cakes what would you charge for just decorating one?


    • Rose says

      I wouldn’t agree to decorate a cake someone else had baked and iced. I just wouldn’t be comfortable with that. Right now I would charge $120 for one of these cakes. That could change in the future though.

      • Stef says

        You are very generous with your time and labor! Omg! In New York area these cakes go anywhere from $300 with 8 inch pan size like yours above to $500 on 10+ inch size even$ 700 depending on sizes obviously.

  10. jasmine says

    These are amazing. I’ve got my nephews birthday coming up and was just woundering if you could give me a step by step of what i need to make the whole thing and how to do it? only if it isn’t to much to ask. :)

    Thanks if you could send it by email.(jasminesims82@live.com)


  11. Tara Kerrigan says

    Hi Rose,
    These are amazing. I’m hoping to make the Minnie Mouse cake for my daughter’s first birthday and I have never done anything like this before so excuse my silly question.
    I am assuming that the cake is just like a regular sponge cake filled with buttercream filling is this correct? Also do I need to put something on the cream before putting the fondant icing over it?
    What is the best timing for making this cake etc? Should the fondant be on the cake 1/2 days or just the night before?
    I’m excited about trying this but also extremely nervous as I’m completely out of my comfort level.

  12. Heather says

    If you do not have a Wilton sports ball pan available ( I seriously have still not purchased one after almost two years of baking!!

  13. Flor says

    Hi how much do u sell the mickey cake and cupcakes.i want to celebrate my sons 1year b-day and ur cakes look great.

  14. tine says

    Hello there! You works are beautiful.
    Im also starting to bake cake and cupcakes.
    Can i ask you a question?
    I just wanna know… How long does a chocolate cupcake with sour cream will last if it is left in the covered box in normal tempurature and in the refrigirator before it gets spoiled and can’t be eaten anymore?
    Same with fondant covered cake ..
    Thank you very much :)


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