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Minnie Mouse Polka-Dotted 1st Birthday Cake + Smash Cake

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Minnie Mouse seems to be a popular theme for this spring season.  The cake I’m sharing today is the first Minne Mouse cake I’ve done… but I have another to share next week and then another I’ll be doing soon!

Today’s cake was simple, but very pretty and perfect for Lydia’s 1st birthday!

This family is big, so they needed lots of cake… as in 60 servings BIG.  This cake includes a 12″ round bottom and a 8″ round top.  My favorite pans are Magic Line Cake Pans!

I also made a 6″ round smash cake that was 2 layers of cake with lots of pink buttercream filling and frosting!


I used marshmallow fondant for all of this cake except the black!  For the black, I use Satin Ice Black Vanilla fondant.     I also put a few Minne Mouse heads on the sides of the top tier but I didn’t get a great picture…

For those, I used a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter.  Anywho… stay tuned for more Minne cakes in the next couple of weeks!

Do you have any questions about this cake?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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  1. Terry Carter says:

    When I think you can’t top the last cake, you do it again. I love this cake.

  2. So, so precious! What a lucky little 1st birthday girl!

  3. michelle says:

    I love this cake! How tall where the pans that you used and how many layers are each tier?

    • Thank you! This cake was HUGE! The pans were 8″ and 12″ and each tier had (2) 2″ layers of cake.

      • michelle says:

        Thank you for such a quick reply :-) It is so simple but so beautiful! I’m going to “attempt” to make something similar for my friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday! It will be my first tiered cake so I’m a bit nervous!

  4. michelle says:

    Another question (sorry!) …how did you get the bows on the side minnies to stay put? I plan on doing a buttercream cake with the fondant decorations. Thanks!

    • I mixed tylose with water to make a “glue”. You can also use a tiny bit of water on a paintbrush or maybe even corn syrup. OH, and I know another baker who melts a tiny ball of fondant in the microwave with a little bit of water and used that as “glue”. But I’ll also say that I sometimes have trouble getting fondant decorations to stick to buttercream, but if you’ve done it before with no trouble – great!!

  5. i am trying to make this cake for 12 people what sized pans should i use thx

    • I’m not sure you could make it that small. If you do a single tier with the Minnie head/ears, maybe a 6″ or 8″ pan, you’re still going to get 24-30 servings.

  6. how much for this kind of cake?my daughter is turning 1 this july,i just need atleast
    10 inches round cake with a minnie mouse ears and bow on top of it with ofcourse her name written on it,just wanna inquire about the price
    im kinda new in here,BTW its for atleast 20 kids

    • If you’re local to me here in southern MS, then please send me an email to rosebakes@live.com with the date of your party and I can answer any questions you have. If you’re not local, I cannot ship or deliver cakes! Thank you!

  7. Rose, this cake is beautiful!! I wish you could ship this cake to me for my daughter’s 1st birthday on July 26th! I have been trying to find someone who can make these kind of cakes and I can’t find anything local. I live in Georgia, by the way.

    • Awww, thanks! I’d be making the big bucks if I could figure out cake shipping ;) Have you searched on CakesDecor.com for a local baker? Or asked on Facebook to see if friends can recommend someone? That’s how lots of my customers find me!

      • You’re welcome! I actually don’t have a facebook, but I DID find a local baker yesterday!! My aunt told me about her. I’m so glad!

  8. Lindsay Pettit says:

    Did you put anything between the top and bottom layer? Like plates or something?

  9. nazia mustafa says:

    hello can u tellme how can i make this dotted minni mouse birthday cake bow

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