Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Cake + Smash Cake

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Here’s a new Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake!  This cake is a little different from the other Minnie Mouse Cake I did – it’s got a few more colors – with a little bit different design!

For this cake it was all vanilla cake but the top tier had real strawberry filling and the bottom had just vanilla buttercream.  For all the dots and other shapes on the cake, I used these different cutters:

I used Americolor Food Markers to write on the banner and I made the bow loops using the same method as the poofy bow – except I only made two loops!

I also made a 2 layer smash cake to go along with this Minnie cake – it was all vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream!

Did I miss any details?  Do you have any questions about this cake?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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  1. Kristen Miller says

    LOVE the colors on this one!!! :) It’s beautiful!

    You did miss something. 😉 How did you do the ears? I have done mickey/minne ears twice and struggled to figure out what would work both times.

    • Rose says

      Thank you!! :) So… I used Satin Ice Black Vanilla and I mixed TONS of Tylose into it. Then I cut them out and let them dry for about 3 days. The day I got ready to put them on, I used craft sticks (the flat popsicle sticks?) and I “glued” them on with Tylose glue, then I also put a strip of black fondant over the sticks and let it cover it completely, then overlap on the sides so it’s all glued on too. I let that dry for a few hours, then let stuck them in! For a little extra support, I also glued them to the back of the bows a bit!

  2. Megan says

    Me too, I love the bright colors and the fun feel of this one!

    I was about to ask you about the ears, too, as well as the banner. Did you use gumpaste for the banner and let it dry a few days before putting it on there? With the way you got those ends of the banner to stay curled…I wondered. But then again if it was hardened that much, you wouldn’t have been able to wrap it around the cake!

    • Rose says

      Megan – see the answer above for the ears… and for the banner, I mixed Tylose into the fondant (not alot, but enough to help it be drier), rolled out the strip and wrote on it flat on the table. Then I rolled a rope of fondant and put it along the bottom of the cake to prop the banner on… then I just glued it there with Tylose glue. For the ends, the fondant was dry enough that it just held when I folded it over. By morning, it was good and dry!

  3. Elizabeth says

    Me also. Love the bright colors. This is a beautiful cake. I’m wondering what size pans did you use for the birthday cake and the smash cake? Beautiful job!!!!!!!!

    • Elizabeth says

      Sorry….I forgot to mention that I see you didn’t put any pink bows in the middle of the miniature cut out Minnie Mouse on the face of this cake like you did on the sides of the previous cake. I thought the little bows were so cute and adorable on the little Minnie cutouts. Just my preference, but they sure were adorable.

      • Rose says

        Thank you – I didn’t do the bows because the customer gave me a photo and she wanted the cake identical to it – and it didn’t have bows!! But I agree – they’re super cute! For this cake, I used 8″ and 10″ pans on the big cake and the smash cake was a 2-layer 6″ round.

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