My Cakes Caught on FIRE!!!

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Yes, they caught on fire.  Burned to a crisp.  Turned to ashes.

Can you see the soot along the front of the oven?  That’s from smoke boiling out for hours!

This was a first for me!

So here’s what happened.  Last night I was baking – trying out some new recipes and working on some cakes.  I had two cakes in the oven and we sat down to eat our (frozen pizza) supper and watch a Christmas movie.

Then we see smoke in the kitchen.  I have two ovens (one regular range and one wall oven) and we had more pizza in the second one, so we thought somehow a piece of the pizza had fallen through the rack and was burning.

But no – the smoke was boiling out of the oven with cakes.

It took a minute for us to process what was going on – but we quickly realized the oven with cakes had somehow malfunctioned and it was in self-clean mode.

The door had locked on it and it had heated up to “clean” temperature (whatever that is… it’s HOT) – apparently getting so hot that it had caught the cakes ON FIRE.

Not smoldering or just smoking – but we could see flames through the oven door!

We tried the Off/Cancel button.  That didn’t work.  We tried holding it down.  That didn’t work.  Then we began frantically pushing all buttons – trying anything we could to get the oven door open.  No luck.

Next – Richy (my hubby)  ran and turned the breaker off.   He waited a few minutes, hoping it would reset (or something) and we could open the door and get the cakes out or spray them down with our fire extinguisher.

No luck again.

As soon as the power was back on, it went right back into self-clean mode – door locked – cakes still on fire.

At this point, so much smoke had boiled into our house that we couldn’t see/breathe.  We got the kids into the back of the house and shut the hall door, then we opened all windows and doors.

If you’re here in Mississippi, you know it was cold last night – very, very cold for us.  Less than 40°F.   Not a good temp to have your house wide open!

Anyway, when Richy exhausted all options and the breaker was off again, he finally just pulled the oven out, cut the wires and drug it out into the yard… still locked and still boiling smoke!

It took a couple of hours for all the smoke to clear from our house – and when we went to bed, the oven was still smoking out in the yard.

This morning my Daddy came over (he’s an electrician) and fixed the wires and hooked the oven back up to try and get it to open – it did… and well, you see the cakes we found inside.

They were crispy… to say the least!  HA!

In the meantime, I’m back to baking in one tiny wall oven.

I called Whirlpool this morning and they were super nice.  They’re sending out a service technician to check out the one that malfunctioned and see if it can be fixed or if it needs to be ditched.

Right now, after that fiasco, I’d be a little scared to use it anyway, but I guess if it can be fixed, then we’ll go from there!

What a week!!  I told you Monday that I had a bad day… then all of this happened last night (Tuesday)… I wonder what the rest of today holds!!

Anyway… Happy Wednesday!


  1. Terry Carter says

    Now I could see something like that happening in MY house. It wouldn’t even shock the neighbors to see a smoking stove in my yard. But, you? I know it was a bad time for you. Hope you can get you extra oven, one way or the other.

  2. Megan says

    Holy smokes! (Sorry I couldn’t resist the bad pun). What a scary ordeal though. I am so grateful that you all were ok and safe. I hate that happened to you and you had to deal with all that (and its aftermath/cleanup/repair to come), in the night when I am guessing your kids were already in bed, and it was so cold! What a mess. I’m so sorry. But so glad that you, your husband, and kids, are all OK. Hopefully today’s a very uneventful one for you!

    • Rose says

      HA!!! That made me laugh 😀 I’m realizing now how much I miss my cooktop – I’m thinking a shopping trip is in order this weekend because our meals are going to be very limited otherwise!

  3. basketpam says

    I’m curious – what did Whirlpool say about it and do for you?

    I just read this story for the first time. My Daddy also is a Master Electrician (I’m SO glad to see there is another grown woman out there that calls her father Daddy – so often people act as if I’m weird I still call my father Daddy and my mother “Mummy”). I have driven him nuts with the most annoying problems everytime I just try to change the lightbulb in my oven. I’m a person that uses it all the time. Just this past Sunday I had “Sunday dinner” for my family since my nephew was home from college and my brother and dad tried to get the broken end of a microwave lightbulb out of the socket. My brother (Not an electrician) did something wrong and blew a power surge to the microwave oven (one of those that is also an exhaust fan over the stove and my ONLY light source for the oven top). Today my dad arrived with new lightbulbs for BOTH lights since after the power surge the second light didn’t work either. After putting the new bulb in nothing would work. Because we’re in the process of building a retirement community we happen to have spare microwaves on hand. He was SO frustrated today with these lightbulbs they’re just putting in a new microwave oven instead of fooling with the lights. These poor men and their baking family members!!! If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m single and live alone. My poor dad has been fixing my electrical problems for 50 years now.

    • Rose says

      Unfortunately, Whirlpool never even bothered to show up. Initially they said they couldn’t schedule a repairman because their system was down. They said they’d call me back – that never happened. About 2-3 days later I called them again and they said they’d put the order for a consultation into the system and a repairman would call me to set up the appointment. That never happened either.

      My Daddy was pretty sure that one or both of the electrical boards were damaged and it wasn’t worth the cost of them so we just ditched it and moved on. I was very disappointed in how Whirlpool did NOT help us at all!

      • basketpam says

        It would have been nice if you had a lawyer in the family that could have sent them a letter expressing your outrage at their HORRENDOUS customer service and response to this incident. Usually that’s enough to get some lazy customer service person off their duff and to the proper management to get action. In my opinion you had a VERY real threat of a serious house fire there. I can’t imagine Whirlpool would rather have the bad publicity (to easily tens of thousands with the blog I would imagine) of not only their product that was seriously defective but their pathethic customer service rather than the small cost to them of a new stove. The problem is if you have to actually pay an attorney before you can blink an eye you’ll have more than the cost of a new stove in their fees. They literally charge by the minute even for a phone consultation. My father just received a bill from his attorney for $62 for a TEN minute telephone call. There is NO question in my mind you had a seriously defective product where the situation goes beyond the normal warranty and circumstances that could have at the very least cost you your home. A former supervisor during my college internship and now a current friend lost her home AND the beloved family dog in a house fire while she was at work all because of a defective built-in heater in the kitchen. It ended up costing that heater company quite a lot you can imagine. It was determined the appliance was faulty and it had been in the house for years. I know at the time you were overwhelmed with problems so if it makes you feel any better besides my microwave being just about blown-up by my brother this past week I was told by the computer “geeks” yesterday my mother-board is fried on my home computer it’s gone. This winter the stars must be aligned for electrical disasters. They say that problems run in threes, I’m holding my breath to see what the third one for me will be. As for your stove, it hasn’t been all that long since this happened. I know it’s not my choice or my decision but personally if it were me I would try again to receive compansation from Whirlpool or at very least investigate what happened. All I can think about is that the next person this happens to may not be as lucky as you were and may very well end up with a house fire or even worse, a loss of life. It’s revolting the awful customer service we the consumer receive most of the time and bottom-line, it’s our fault because we allow it to happen. We’ve also allowed the manufactures to turn us into a throw-away society where it’s cheaper to buy a new product than to repair an old one. Well….I’ll get off my soapbox now. As you can tell this is one of my pet peaves. I’ve always been picky about service because I was taught as a child to care for my things and to especially take care of other people’s items if I borrow them and especially to try to right a wrong if it happens. So when I went back to college and earned my Master’s in Management I especially now know what good customer service SHOULD be and in reality how easy it is to provide it if a business wants to do so. So good luck….and if anything ever changes I’d love to know what happened. Happy Baking on your Valentine items and hope things go better during the Easter season than they did in the fall.

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