{Not-So} Happy Monday

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Do you know what that dessert is?  It’s my favorite dessert – one of the things I told you about in my 101 Things about Me post.   It’s Tiramisu!

Anyway, I wish I had a piece of that today.  Or an entire dish of it.   It would make me feel better.

It’s been a depressing few days around here.  Nothing earth-shattering, but quite overwhelming.   While on a date night with my hubby (yay for date night!!), my littlest boy poured a glass of lemonade on my laptop.

If you didn’t know, lemonade and laptops don’t mix.

So, for just over 24 hours I wondered if I had lost thousands of pictures.  My entire cake order schedule.  Our banking records.

In the midst of that, I broke a favorite cake plate.     Ya know how? I was moving it off the edge of the table so my baby wouldn’t accidentally knock it off – when I dropped it.  Talk about irony.

And it’s the week after a holiday.  Does anybody else know how hard it is to get kids back into a routine – to get them to focus, after they’ve had a week of freedom?

It’s hard.  Like… “lock me in a padded room and medicate me heavily” hard.

Okay – but enough whining.  I just wanted to touch base with you guys and tell you that I’m going to try to keep up with my regular posting this week.

But if I fail, know that it’s because I’m locked in a padded room.

Or maybe it’s because I’m using a dinosaur of an old computer while my laptop gets all fixed up and it’s, um, exhausting to edit pictures and do work on this old thing.

But when I get my laptop back, I have some fantastic new features to share with you.  Some behind the scenes things that are going to dramatically improve RoseBakes.com.

And tomorrow… if I can manage to pull myself together, I’m going to share that Tiramisu recipe.  Because it’s easy and delicious and well… everybody needs a little tiramisu (literally meaning “pick me up”) in their life, right?

And then I have some fabulous cakes that I’ve been wanting to share too… and tutorials… and recipes!  Gosh I hope my laptop gets back quickly!

Bye for now!  Happy Monday :)



  1. Megan says

    Oh noooo! I hope all those things can be recovered ok. What a disaster and major stress. I’m so sorry! You reminded me I really need to backup my computer again soon and make my photo discs. Thinking of you! And praying you can avoid that padded room (actually, it may be a good cure for you right now to escape the stresses!).


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