Ombre Buttercream Roses Cake and Crazy Comments

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Ombre Roses Pink Green Cake

Okay – let me preface this by saying that the crazy comment below has nothing (absolutely NOTHING) to do with this pretty Ombre Buttercream Roses Cake.  It actually has nothing to do with cake decorating at all.   I just wanted to share both today.

So, ya’ll know (obviously if you’re here) that this is a cake blog. Not a crazy blog.  Not a “come on over if you’re nutty-as-a-fruit-cake” blog… but rather a plain ole cake blog.    And yet, it seems to draw the craziest of crazy comments on the planet Earth….

Exhibit A (click to enlarge):

ICrazy Comment

Can you see all of that??  Here’s the quote:

Am here to testify of a great spell caster who is very straight forward with his way of casting spells. When my husband left me for another woman i was so confused,but one a day a friend of mine gave me the email address of this great spell caster called dr zizi, I contacted this man and explained to him all that i was going through,he then told me to be calm and not worry anymore because my case is a very easy one. At first i never believe all that he was saying until when my husband returned home two days later begging me to forgive him all that he has done to me and to please accept him back into my life,I was so amazed,I never believe it was going to happen that fast.
This man is truly great indeed. Contact him today for a perfect solution to your love problem, and xxxx (phone number deleted).

SARAH xxxxx

Crazy?  Right!?  A spell caster?  No thank you.    He will solve my problems??  I think not.   I just don’t know where this stuff comes from.  And why on a cake blog?  And a candy apple post?  WHY?    (Note – I removed all contact info because I refuse to give any traction to people like this).

Maybe it’s just meant as comic relief for me because I’m having a hard day… with 9 kids in the house, a bulldozer in the yard, a new puppy whining out back, and a major sinus headache!?   I did laugh… so there’s a silver lining.

Fading Roses Cake

But nevermind all that… let’s talk about this cake!

It was an 8″ round cake.  The flavor was dark chocolate cake with mini chocolate chips added in.  It was covered in vanilla buttercream that was piped with a 1M tip.

This cake was for Allison and her mom ordered it… telling me I could decorate it any way I wanted.  Since the buttercream roses are easy and I was pretty busy, I opted for those, except I wanted it to stand out and be different from previous cakes.

My next thought was ombre – but I still wanted to go a step farther, so I decided to do  multiple colors… fading from one to the next.  Electric green to white to hot/bright pink.

Pink & Green Fading Roses Cake

Isn’t it pretty?  I just loved it when it was all said and done!  I added her name using the Wilton Silicone Alphabet molds and it turned out great!

Pink Roses Cake

On the top, I faded back into the pink and got it really bright in the middle!    I absolutely loved the way it came out!

**I know that the comment was just spam and probably posted all over the internet… I get comments like this all the time.  This one just happened to slip through my spam filter and it really made me laugh so I wanted to share!  **

 I think that’s it!  Did I miss anything?  If you have any questions, leave me a comment!!  And if you’re looking for a spell caster… you came to the wrong blog!  Happy Monday!!


  1. Deb says

    I’ve seen that “comment” posted several other times in various places. I just report it as spam. The cake is beautiful, by the way :)

  2. Kate says

    Your cake is lovely! I love the colors you chose, and the roses are simply perfect!

    I look forward to your posts each day. They are truly inspirational for all bakers! Thank you for sharing with us. :)

  3. Dana says

    The cake is just beautiful! Maybe my favorite you’ve done so far!
    As for the post, there are some kooky people in this mixed-up world!

  4. Karen Barber says

    As always your cakes are amazing! Thanks for the “crazy” comments, I think we need to send Sarah (USA) to a real doctor!!! Poor thing and I bet she took her husband back, even crazier!

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