Ombre Ruffles Princess Cake with Gum Paste Tiara

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I wasn’t expecting it, but I absolutely fell head-over-heels in love with this Ombre Ruffles Princess Cake.   I mean

When my customer Tana sent me this color palette and asked if I could do the inside of the cake (like a rainbow cake) to match,  I knew the cake would be fun and different, but I had no idea how unique and beautiful it would turn out to be.

To get all the colors, I had do do a double-barrel cake – six layers of 9″ round cake, stacked super tall!

Normally with a cake this tall and big, I’d do half the layers, then do bubble tea straws and a cardboard round for support, then the other 3 layers (like I did on the Rocket Ship Cake).

But for this cake,  I wanted them to be able to cut this cake all the way through and get the full effect (without having to worry about cardboard in the middle), so I baked and stacked these cakes 2 or 3 days in advance, then I crumb coated really well and let them settle in the frig!  That way any bumps and bulging could be trimmed away before the decorating started!

Anyway… I shared this picture on Facebook of the two pictures side-by-side and I think the colors are pretty close!

So, after talking with Tana some more, her little girl wanted a princess cake but Tana didn’t want to go with a “character” cake.

So we had the idea to do matching delicate ombre ruffles on the outside to make the cake more girly and princess-y…  and to make it “match” the inside.

She also asked about doing a tiara topper and having it be blue – I thought it was a perfect combination!     You can see how to make this gum paste tiara here (step-by-step pictures!).

When it all came together, I was thrilled with the results!  It was girly and pretty and delicate, but it also had the “WOW” factor!!  Don’t you agree?

As I stated before, this cake had six layers (about 1.25″ inches each) of 9″ round cakes.  With all the frosting in between layers, it was over 8″ tall.

The cake was white almond sour cream cake filled with vanilla buttercream (plus a little almond extract).

The cake was covered and decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant that had a tiny bit of tylose kneaded in to make the ruffles stiffen up.  The tiara was gum paste.

Do you have questions about this cake?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll answer!

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    • Rose says

      Thank you!!! I did actually take pictures to do a ruffles tutorial but I haven’t had time to write it yet! Maybe next week!? Stay tuned… :)

  1. Jenny says

    Hi Rose – just discovered your blog, and have been on it for the last 3 hours. I LOVE your tutorials, especially on how to do the ruffles! Keep up the wonderful work of art! :)

  2. Leslie Scoren says

    Beautiful cake, Rose! and so clever to have the outer ruffles echo the spectacular inside rainbow colors of the cake. Thanks for your inspiration and the tutorials! Just read through the tiara tutorial, sounds easy enough if you prepare everything well and go step by step. What a beautiful result too. Your snake roll technique can be used for many things, come to think about it! A Santa Sleigh, an Easter Basket, a filigree Valentine heart. Hmmm. Can’t wait to try some of these ideas. Thank you so much for the tutorials, you are so generous.

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