Pink & Green Sheet Cakes for 1st and 80th Birthdays

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In addition to the new Pink & Green Monkey Cake for this weekend, I had orders for a couple of sheet cakes.  I don’t get to do many sheet cakes, but I enjoy doing them just as much as tiered cakes, so I was excited!

In addition, these cakes were for a 1st birthday, and an 80th birthday.  Both families were celebrating a huge milestone in their loved ones life and both were very special!

For Mrs. Laverne… she celebrated with her biological family and her church family.  She’s a sweet, precious lady who has lived a simple, but meaningful life.  Her daughter (who also happened to be my pastor for many years), asked me to do a simple and pretty cake.  She needed 75-100 servings and she wanted pink – her mother’s favorite color.

This sheet cake was 12 inches by 18 inches.  It’s the largest sheet cake I’ve ever made.  It was 2 layers of cake – one white cake and one strawberry, filled with a yummy, generous layer of vanilla buttercream.  It was around 4 inches tall…

…and who knows how heavy!?  The bow is made out of fondant, with Tylose powder mixed in so that it would dry hard.  I made it about 3 days ahead so that it was good and solid for the cake!

For the other sheet cake, it was lots of fun too!  This was for Sophie’s 1st birthday.  Her Mama asked for lots of pink and green buttercream (because grandma really loves frosting… isn’t that sweet?).

With the exception of the polka dots (which were homemade fondant), this cake was decorated with all buttercream, .  I piled more than half an inch of pink buttercream in between two layers of vanilla cake, then I also piled it on the top and all around (so much that I got really, really close to the edge of the cake board… oops).

I smoothed it out with my new Ateco Smoother and added a green dotted buttercream,  border with my large Wilton round tip.  This cake was also around 4 inches tall, very heavy…and just so sweet.  I love the pink and green combination and polka dots are so cute and versatile.

Do you have any questions about these cakes?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!



  1. stevebott says

    hi there, i need a sheet cake for my mums 80th birthday which is on the 23rd 0f december 2013,i want to buy the next size down from the one 12inch by 18 . my phone number is 0737796536 i look forward to hearing from you real soon. thanks . steve bott

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