Princess Birthday: Tiara Cake, Carriage Cookies, & Sparkley Pink Cake Pops!

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Oh my… this was such a sweet theme to put together!

First up – the princess cake!  This was all strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting/filling.  I covered the cake in a light turquoise marshmallow fondant, then used CK bright pink pearls for the details.

For the pearl border, I used a First Impressions pearl silicone mold.   I got a new set of Three Cake Stands with ribbons from Sam’s Club for a fantastic price, but you can also find a variety of these on Amazon.

The tiara is made from Satin Ice Gum paste.  It’s painted with silver luster dust mixed with vodka and a single pink pearl at the top!

Next up… the carriage cookies!   I got my carriage cookie cutter from Sweet Art Factory (and they ship fast!!).   I really like the new sugar cookie recipe I tried and I hope to get it posted soon!

I decorated these in pink and blue royal icing, then used silver dragees and white royal icing for the details.

Lastly, I made princess pink sparkly cake pops!    I initially displayed mine in a small clear jar with leftover Easter M&M’s (from the Easter Bunny Snack Mix).  I loved the look and think it would be cute for a table display!

I tried several different sprinkles for the cake pops… I used white sparkling sugarwhite sugar pearls, silver sparkle sugar, white nonpareils

and even some soft blue sanding sugar (although it ended up looking purple).

The cake pops were made with rich chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting.  Mmmm…..

If you’re new to cake pops, hop over to Amazon and watch the videos by Bakerella on the page for the Cake Pops book.  Just scroll down and look for the video clips… in particular, the older one has some great tips and suggestions!!   Even better?  Order a copy of the book!

Cake inspired by Helena’s Princess Themed 4th Birthday Party.

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Did I miss any details?  Do you have any questions about these sweet treats?  Please leave them in the comments!

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  1. Kristen Miller says

    Oh Rose!!! That looks perfect! I just love the way it all came together. I take back what I said…maybe I COULD be into the whole princess theme thing. :)

    • Rose says

      {Smile!!!}} Thanks Kristen! I just loved it all once it was set up!! I’m trying to practice more on food styling and the whole table effect. I only wish I had ironed the backdrop and tablecloth better. I actually did iron them, but I was in a hurry and I didn’t realize how bad it looked (or bad of an ironer I am!) until I was editing the pics!

      • Kristen Miller says

        I like the way it looked. I thought it was that way on purpose. I definitely never would have guess you ironed it! Lol!!! I despise ironing though…so maybe being bad at it would get you off the hook. 😉

  2. Yaneri -Sweet Baker says

    Sweet Heavens Rose!! Awwwwwwesome!!! Everything turned out perfect my dear!!! U rocked this cake!! Now tell me, did u use the Vanilla Satin Ice and colored it? or is this the homemae fondant? What color did u use to tint it to this beautiful turquoise? I <3 it!!!

  3. Beth says

    Oh, so beautiful. So many princess birthdays this week. Well take it from me, when you treat them like a princess when they are little, they grow up to think they are a princess. We are currently planning our princess’s wedding and she keeps reminding me of this fact. Of course we did name her Sarah, which means princess. 8) Your cake is stunning and I really enjoyed the cake pop portion of your post. Daughter wants 500 cake pops, instead of wedding cake.

  4. Jodi says

    This cake turned out fabulous. I have only had one success using gum paste, and it was with Duff’s brand. I am super impressed with the tiara. Thanks for sharing your talents!

    • Rose says

      Thanks!! I really like the Satin Ice gum paste or I’ll often just add Tylose to my homemade marshmallow fondant – both work great for me. I haven’t had a chance to try Duff products!

  5. Kayla Ray says

    Hi Rose!

    I am having my daughter’s birthday party on July 6th. I showed her this cake and she absolutely loves it. Are you available to make it for that date?


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