Red Velvet Cupcakes Giveaway (Winner Announced!)

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Times Up!  The winner is comment #39,  Melissa Adams!     Melissa, I’m sending you an email now!!  Please be in touch asap!

Happy Friday!!     Because it’s almost the weekend and I love ya’ll – I thought I’d giveaway one box of yummy Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (click that link for the recipe)!   If you’re local to me (in Meadville/Bude, MS),  please leave a comment on this post to get your entry in!!   Facebook comments do not count and please only one comment per person!

Winner will be chosen at random at 9am tomorrow and delivery/pick-up will be at 11am in Meadville (I can deliver to town or meet you there).

Do you love giveaways?  Also be sure to enter the giveaway by Peggy Does Cake!  She has seven prize packages valued at over $2800!!   Package #3 includes a $25 Amazon gift card from ME along with lots of other great stuff get your entries in there too!!

Back to the Red Velvet Cupcakes… here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment on this post telling me what your plans are for the weekend!    Be sure to leave me a way to contact you!!   I will email you if you win and you must respond promptly to claim your prize!!   Delivery will be at 11:00 am!

Thanks so much everybody!!


  1. Ohhhh…these look so good!!!!

  2. Those look so delicious!! I will spend my Saturday at the Little League field in the freezing cold for baseball tryouts!!! Brrrrr!! My plans are to try and stay warm!!

  3. Cheyenne mccullough says:

    Oh how yummy ! I’m working on a cake now for a baby shower tomorrow so some surprise treats for me would be great !! :))

  4. I am really hungry now!!

  5. We’re going out to eat with my family and having lunch at my granny’s Sunday!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! I’d love to be able to share some red velvet cupcakes at Sunday lunch!!

  6. Julia Cole says:

    Yes!!!! Mmmmmmm…I love!!!!

  7. Katherine scarbrough says:

    These look so good!

  8. Theresa Bee says:

    These look absolutely delicious. I would love to have them.

  9. Mandy Wilson says:

    I would LOVE some of your cupcakes, especially red velvet!!

  10. We are boiling crawfish this weekend! Cupcakes would be wonderful for dessert!

  11. Casey Wactor says:

    To kick off our weekend, we’re going to the rodeo in Liberty tonight! It’s gonna be a fun night out with my husband, my son, my mom and I. I’m not sure what we’re doing tomorrow, but I think it’ll probably have something to do with testing out our new camera and if we don’t get back from the rodeo in time for the gym tonight, we’ll most likely go tomorrow night. Those cupcakes look soooo good!!

  12. Cindy Cater says:

    Looking forward to a crawfish boil with family! Hopefully taking some cupcakes!!!!

  13. Mandy Laiche says:

    My plans for the weekend are to go out to eat with family tonight, an early start on spring cleaning and then a birthday party for an awesome 2 year old tomorrow, and church on Sunday. Weight watchers might not like cupcakes but I sure would! I can be reached by email.

  14. Julia Cole says:

    Yes!!!! Mmmmmmm…I love them!!!

  15. Christy Wallace says:

    Ohhhhh..Yummo! Me Please!

  16. Terry Carter says:

    What am I going to be doing this weekend? Eating red velvet cupcakes with cream cheeese icing. haha. We are considering going garage saling in the morning. Will visit sick folks on Sunday.

  17. Megan Brown says:

    Mmmmm… They look soo good ! I would LOVE to win them!! This weekend I am going to see my grandmother at St. D. She is being moved from CCU to a regular room after 12 days in a vent!!! We are so happy! I will also be attending the wedding of my college roommate in Natchez. Busy weekend! My email is and my number is 6013840550.

  18. these look really good and i would love to receive them. Tomorrow i will be at the dixie youth baseball field with my son for baseball tryouts

  19. You cakes are always so good. Would love to have these for Sunday.

  20. Kayla Ray says:

    Yummy! Great Saturday treat for the wee ones!

  21. Ariel Hawleys says:

    This is not in my diet plan but sounds SOOO delicious! :)

  22. Thankfully Sebastian’s tennis tournament was cancelled so I WON’T be freezing to death watching him play tennis!! Hopefully I will be staying warm at home eating red velvet cupcakes! :-)

  23. LaCie Ezell says:

    I’ll be having fun with my family this weekend.

  24. Renay Zumbro says:

    Red Velvet is one of my favorites! Those look scrumptious!!!!

  25. rachel c says:

    Spending time with family! Cupcakes are needed :)

  26. Angela Chance says:

    My plans this weekend are: lots and lots of laundry, updating my TST documents, and praising The Lord on Sunday!!!

  27. Angela Perrin says:

    Hi! My plans for this weekend will primarily be spent working at Franklin County Memorial Hospital. After work Saturday, My husband and I are going to try to have a quiet dinner while the kids have supper with the grandparents at Pizza Hut in Natchez. Sunday after work will be evening church followed by dinner at home. Red velvet cupcakes would be a much loved treat this weekend, and would be very much enjoyed while working and at home. And I might, and that’s a big might, share :) with my coworkers and family if I won them!

  28. Kristi Buckles says:

    They look so yummy!!!

  29. Hannah Wilson says:

    I bet these are just as good as Karleighs bday cake!!!! Would love to have a reminder of how delicious it was! Messaging u my number now!

  30. Donna Kelly says:

    Would love to win. Will share with my family.

  31. Lacie Case says:

    This weekend I’m spending quality time with my husband and beautiful baby girl! These cupcakes look delicious! :)

  32. Kristi Hester says:

    Plans for the weekend are to RELAX!

  33. Tanya Deer says:

    This is my anniversary weekend, and we would love to celebrate with red velvet cupcakes!!! It would be the highlight of our weekend. Ha

  34. Melissa Wilkinson says:

    I will be eating me some Rose’s Red Velvet cupcakes!!!!! Call me if I win!!! I will be waiting………

  35. Jackie Kerben says:

    These are my favorite of all time! It would be awesome to win these! I am right here in Meadville!

  36. Ginnie McCardle says:

    Plans do far, stay home with sick kids, coach a soccer game, get flower arrangements ready for Sunday. Pretty boring, except for the fact will be doing it solo, hubs will be at mock trial competition.

  37. Rachel Dearing says:

    I love red velvet AND cupcakes :) perfect combo!!

  38. Denise Arnold says:

    Hey Rose…those sure look good!!! I would love to win them!!! I might just have to order some!!!!Yummy!!!!!

  39. mellissa adams says:

    Just gonna enjoy the weekend with family. Eric n I are having a date night. We don’t get those very often…so they are treasurd. Then church on Sunday. My Sundas get me thru the week.
    . Not really exciting to some, but it makes my weekend great! I guess the simple things make me happy. :)

  40. Restora Wilson says:

    I plan to attend a program at church earlier in the day and that afternoon I am going to start shopping for my kids for Easter. I also plan to be eating done red velvet cupcakes ! :)

  41. Insert Comment here :)

  42. Patty Davis says:

    Those look absolutely AMAZING!!!!

  43. Eric adams says:

    Cupcakes look awsome like everthing you make.weekend plans includedinner date with mellissa.spending time with chandler and will be at church sunday

  44. Alyse Reynolds says:

    Going out with a friend to celebrate me completing CNA school top of my class. :)
    Email is and phone number is 7692440046.

  45. trina welborn says:

    Looks like archery tournment with my kids and spending time with my family!

  46. Cynthia wilkinson says:

    We will be celebrating with my grandson at his baptism. We are so proud

  47. Mark S. Thornton says:

    These look great and would be good with my coffee Saturday.

  48. Shirley Meteer says:

    Headed to a birthday party at 12. This would be awesome!

  49. Samantha baughtman says:

    I plan to spend the weekend with my sweet angels snuggling and staying warm. Cupcakes would make it even better.

  50. Hattie Goodson says:

    This look so yummy!!!

  51. Lindsay Brashier says:

    Your cakes are amazing!! I so enjoy looking at them everyday!!

  52. Kristen Temple says:

    Looks like a good day for a red velvet cupcake!!

  53. Tracy quin says:

    Those look yummy!!