Snow White Cake & Ruffles Smash Cake

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Earlier today I shared the Cinderella Cake & smash cake and as promised, now I’m going to share the Snow White Cake & Ruffles Smash Cake from the Disney Princesses party.   These cakes were for sisters celebrating their very Disney birthdays together!

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I had the actual Disney Princess Snow White doll so that I could put a real doll in the cake and use the dress for  my inspiration!

I baked the main part of the cake in the Wilton Wonder Mold pan, then also baked an extra 8″ round cake underneath to make it taller.

If you didn’t know, the real Barbie-like dolls have longer legs than the Wonder Mold cake pan is tall, so I add more cake on the bottom so she’ll be the right height!

And bonus… there’s more cake!!

I used marshmallow fondant for all the decorations and on the inside they were vanilla cakes with vanilla buttercream – but I mixed up the cake and made it blue and yellow to match the outside (sort of like the tie-dyed cakes).

For the matching smash cake, I did simple ruffles cake (like the one I did to match the owl cake).  The technique is similar to the messy ruffles cake video I did for you – except you simply start in the middle of the top of the cake and go in circles all the way out and then around the sides!

And that’s it!

Here is a picture of all the cakes together… be sure to go see the Cinderella Cake if you missed it!

What do you think?   Do you have any questions about these cakes?  Let me know in the comments… I absolutely love comments!!

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  1. Anna says

    As usual Rose, you have created two masterpieces!!! LOVE the Cinderella and Snow White!! The dress detail is incredible. Well done!!!

  2. basketpam says

    These two cakes are absolutely beautiful. I had a doll cake when I was very little and believe it or not, that was almost 50 years ago so this type of cake has been around a LONG time. I’m very glad you shared the information about the difference in height when using the real Barbie type doll. That’s good to know because it’s so frustrating to learn these things the hard way after you’ve baked everything and thought you were ready to decorate. The Cinderella cake in the dress is SO lifelike with the fondant or gumpaste I had to look twice to make sure her body was covered by frosting and not a dress. I keep wanting to make a ruffle cake and I promise myself I will SOON. I think using it for the smash cake is a great idea. It’s special looking without spending hours decorating something which will probably be destroyed and never really eaten. Well done, these are just beautiful!

  3. Elizabeth says

    I love doll cakes and would love to learn how to make them. I even have the Wilton cake mold and kit. I’ve seen a lot of doll cakes but not like yours. Yours is so beautiful and life-like and the dresses look so real. I know you are so busy with your cake business, but I’m hoping you might one day give a tutorial on how you make your doll cakes look so real and so beautiful. I think then I would have confidence in making the doll cakes. I just wish I could do the good work you do on all your cakes but I’m favorite with the doll cakes you have made. Your doll cakes are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen, ever!!!!!!. . Have you ever made a wedding doll cake? I can just imagine how beautiful she would be.

      • Carlee says

        Thanks for answering my question! I have another one :-)…how much batter did you put in the wonder mold and did you just use a box cake mix?

        • Rose says

          I used doctored cake mix, and I’m sorry to day I don’t remember a measurement, but I filled it up to about 2 inches from the top.

  4. Carlee says

    Thanks for answering my question! I have another one :-)…how much batter did you put in the wonder mold and did you just use a box cake mix?

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