Stack of Law Books Groom’s Cake

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Stack of Law Books Cake

I shared this Stack of Law Books Groom’s Cake on Facebook right after I finished it, but I never got a chance to write a blog post about it!

And since I shared the wedding cake yesterday (from the same wedding as this groom’s cake),  I wanted to go ahead and get this posted too!

I was very intimidated by this cake!  Not only had I never done a stack of books cake, I also had a groom who was a stickler for details.

That’s not a bad thing, I’m a stickler for details.  But since it was his groom’s cake for his wedding day… I really wanted to get it right and make it perfect!

So the groom had just graduated from law school not too long before the wedding.   He thought a stack of books would be a perfect cake to represent his interests and also thought his friends would get a kick out of it!

He sent me some measurements and pictures for the specific books/texts that he wanted and asked that I keep them proportional to each other.  Not the same size as the real-life books, but the same size in proportion to one another.

And since they needed more servings of cake than the real-life book size would’ve provided, I had to whip out my math degree and make them bigger, but the same.

Are you confused yet?  It took me a while to figure it out!

I honestly can’t remember the exact sizes I used, but I know it ended up being around 100 servings of cake (BIG)!  It was all caramel cake too… yum-yum!

So after baking and filling and stacking the cakes, I put them together one at a time using lots of bubble tea straws to support each book!

I don’t have the pictures to show you exactly how I did this (so sorry!), although I  can tell you that I first used a written-out tutorial that Peggy Does Cake wrote up on Facebook as my guide and I also found a video tutorial on MyCakeSchool (membership required to watch).

All of the covering and decorations were homemade marshmallow fondant except for the white spiral binding on The Blue Book cake.  I made those loops with Satin Ice Gum Paste.

For the lettering, I wanted it to be really authentic looking and I suck at writing on cake, so opted to use edible images printed by Tasty Prints.  My son Joshua helped me create the images based on pictures of the real books that the groom had sent me, then I emailed them to Amanda at Tasty Prints and she took care of the rest!

The BlueBook is the book that the groom wanted on top and really wanted to be spot on… here’s a picture of the real book:

and here is the cake top:

Isn’t that pretty amazing?  I loved this cake when it was all said and done and so did the groom – which is what mattered most!

Do you have any questions about this cake?  Please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll help if I can!

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  1. Peggy Does Cake says

    Fantastic job! I had only been making cakes for 2 months when I did my stack of books cake – which is why the cake is a mess and there are no photo pics in the tutorial. I would have been terrified if I had been baking for someone who actually wanted the books to look a certain way. You slammed this cake out of the park! Awesome job!

  2. Sweet Bakes Of Mine By Yaneri Rodriguez says

    Oh this is awesome Rose!! U did the details so very well!!! I didn’t know you were a member of My Cake School. I’am too!! I love Melissa’s & Bebe’s tutorials!!!
    What’s your user name Rose? So I can look you up! My user name is Yaneri or SweetBakesOfMine can’t remember…hhaaha!!!
    Great Cake Rose……you hit the nail on this one for sure!!!

    • Rose says

      I am a member Yaneri!! I don’t use it as much as I used to (mostly because I just don’t have time to browse/read as much as I used to), but it’s a great resource and she has SO many great tutorials!!

      I’ll have to check and get back to you on my username. I’m having trouble accessing the site right now and I don’t remember mine either!

      Thank you (about the cake)… this one had me nervous!

    • Rose says

      The little spirals? Those were gum paste. I used my extruder to make the long “ropes” of white gum paste, then I cut them into sections and laid them over a paper towel roll to dry.

      • Anne says

        Thanks Rose! One more question. Can sugar sheets go in the fridge once its on the cake? Its my first time using sugar sheets and I’m worried if I take the cake out from the fridge and the fondant sweats a bit, then the colors would run? Thank you!

  3. Yaneri Sweet Baker says

    Hi ya again Rose!
    Guess what! I got an order to make for a stack of books cake! LOL!!!
    Just wondering, what color did you use to make the reddish brown cake and the navy blue?
    I’m planning to do just 2 books and a graduation cap.

    Thanks Rose!

    • Rose says

      Oooh, it’s been awhile, but I think for the reddish brown one, I used red fondant as my base, then added some maroon and terra cotta or orange!? For the navy, I added a TRUCKLOAD of navy and a little black. It took so much coloring to get it dark that it changed the texture of my fondant. It was hard to work with honestly, and that’s why I put the navy book on bottom.

  4. Ashna says

    Hey Rose,
    I was wondering how you did the writing on the looks so real and fabulous.

    I also need some idea in making a Winney the Pooh bear for my baby girl’s second birthday..its coming up very soon.I just want a large winney pooh bear with a honey pot..please help me..i dont know where to start.

  5. Shirley Goff says

    I need help need as much help or instruction on this law book cake so I can either get someone or I can try to make it. for my husbands law school graduation. I love this cake and really want it for his party.

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