Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Buttercream Frosting

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I found these pics tonight.  They were taken several months ago.  It was a Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Buttercream Frosting.

I decided to throw together a quick post – just because.  Besides… it’s pretty and it’s pink – my favorite color!  It needs to be shared!

This is nothing too fancy… just an easy doctored cake mix recipe with my so-easy-it-feels-like-I’m-cheating Strawberry Frosting.

The cake was made from leftover batter.  But since it was strawberry, my husband’s favorite, I couldn’t let it go to waste.

So I mixed up some Super Easy Strawberry Buttercream and made him an impromptu dessert.

I snapped a few pics, then surprised him with it.  He was happy… which made me happy… and all was good!

This was a 6″ round cake.   I quickly piped the rosettes with my Wilton 1M tip.  Did the border with the same tip.   I know it’s messy, but I wasn’t trying to impress Richy with the decorating… he just loves the cake!

Wanna make one for your sweetheart?  Or for yourself?  My recipes are here:

Any questions?  Leave them in the comments!  I absolutely love comments!!



  1. Melissa B says

    How can I attempt to lose weight when I keep seeing your beautiful cakes. If I lived close to you I would keep you even busier than you already are. Thanks for sharing your wonderful cakes and recipes.

    • Rose says

      Oh Melissa… I’m trying to lose weight myself and in the cake business, I feel totally hopeless. But I love what I do :) Thank you for your sweet compliments!

  2. Aunt Susie says

    Hey, Rose, that strawberry cake looks so delicious. That is my favorite kind of cake. I remember mama used to make me one for my birthday. Wish I had a piece of it right now. Love ya

    • Rose says

      I didn’t respond immediately Aunt Susie because I wanted to surprise you! I know it wasn’t your birthday and I surely know it wasn’t from MawMaw, but I love you lots and I hope you enjoyed it! BIG HUGS!!! xoxo

  3. Cat says

    If that strawberry pudding can’t be found in my store, what do you think about adding vanilla pudding with some strawberry gelatin? The question is, how much gelatin?

    • Rose says

      I’d use white chocolate pudding instead of vanilla, because vanilla pudding has yellow food coloring and it might make the cake less pink and more orange (maybe, maybe not?). I think the gelatin is a good idea, but you’d just have to play with it and see how much works. I’ve never done it before so I’d be afraid to guess!

  4. Sue Williams says

    Hi again, have a heads up for you. I was watching PBS a couple of weeks ago and on either America’s Test Kitchen or Cook’s Country they were making a Strawberry Cake with Strawberry frosting where they took fresh strawberries and ran them through a Foley food mill, cooked the juice down to thicken it and then reserved the pulp. I just went and checked, it was on Cooks Country and the recipe was for an improved Strawberry Dream Cake. They put the reserved strawberry solids into the frosting for flavor and color. Maybe that would help you here with your flavor instead of Nestle’s artificial stuff. Anyway, you can check out their recipe and view the video at

  5. Heather says

    Do u make the complete box of
    Cake and strawberry pudding? Then as other ingredients … Or literally just add them all together and mix?

    • Rose says

      I do one 15.25 oz cake mix plus 3 extra ounces from another box, plus a 3.4 oz. box of pudding mix (dry instant, not prepared), plus all the other ingredients all at once and mix it up good!

  6. Carol says

    Just made this cake this weekend for a church potluck. What a wonderful cake!! It was super moist and everyone absolutely loved it. I had to go to a couple of stores before I found the strawberry pudding, but it was worth the search. I will definitely be making this again. Thanks, Rose, for all your wonderful inspirations and tutorials. Keep ’em coming!

  7. Sandi says

    What do I have to do to actually see the receipe for Strawberry Cake with Strawberry buttercream Frosting.No matter what I click on no receipe comes up please help.

  8. Maria Warner says

    Hi Rose , I find you work amazing. You are a talented decorator!
    Please tell me when using butter on the super simple strawberry buttercream should I use salted butter or unsalted butter and what brand of confectioners sugar.
    I love cake baking and decorating myself, I have decided to practice,practice, practice.
    How do you manage time? How we work, cooking, caring for your children, hubby. You must be SUPER WOMAN! Great job!
    I work full time, I can only do this decorating on weekends.
    Thankyou Rose

    • Rose says

      I always use salted butter, but I’m sure the unsalted would be fine too. I use Great Value (Walmart brand) powdered sugar 99% of the time. I wish I could answer the time management question in a couple of sentences but it’s a work-in-progress! I’m not super woman at all, I promise!


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