The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Cake

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I’ve got some baking to finish up this evening and lots of little bits and pieces to make for cakes this weekend, but since I haven’t shared a cake in a few days… I just had to get this Hungry Caterpillar Cake posted to share with you!

Before I get started, I should also tell you that I was inspired by many cakes online for this one.  There are several similar cakes on Google images, so I sort of took hints from several of them!

Many of you probably remember this cake from several weeks ago when I asked your opinion about which background was better…. remember this post on Facebook?

Speaking of Facebook, if you aren’t a fan of my page… please  hop over and like it!     I often share cakes and pics there that I don’t have time to share here along with just having fun interacting with you guys and gals on an almost daily basis!

Anyway, so here are a few pics of different parts of the cake…

The top of the cake – the sun – was made with the Wilton Sports Ball Pan set (half of it anyway).    For the rays, I mixed Tylose into marshmallow fondant and then cut them and let them dry for a couple of days.  They were almost 2 inches longer than what you see so that i could really anchor them in the cake!

And here are some pics of the sides and back of the cake…along with some close-ups!   I tried to get several of the main components from The Very Hungry Caterpillar book onto the cake!

The borders were made with gumballs… sour ones if I remember correctly!   Oh.. and there was a smash cake:

It was simple but I really wanted to capture the same amount of fun as on the big cake!

And that’s it!  I know I haven’t shared as many details as I usually do… but I must get back to work!  If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I always do my very best to answer!!


Do you have any questions about this cake?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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  1. Kim says

    Hi, Rose! I like how you made a separate smaller cake for the name and age of the birthday boy. I am making a birthday cake like the one you made for your pastor’s anniversary. Do you have any suggestions or ideas as to where or how I should put the name or “Happy Birthday” lettering for a rose cake like that one? thanks a lot!

  2. grace says

    my goodness, this is impressive! i love the idea of a caterpillar theme for a little boy’s party, and the colors are just lovely. nicely done!

  3. Raquel Miller says

    Hi Rose! My sister wants me to make a cake just like yours for her daughters 1st birthday. I was wondering if you used all marshmallow fondant and what icing you used. Any tips will be very helpful! Thank you

  4. Grace says

    Hi Rose, I love the cake. Could you send me some instructions on the details a the size of the cakes you used. Thanks Grace…

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