Tree Stump Birthday Cake

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I almost started this post with, “A few weeks ago I got this last minute order…” but then I realized that wouldn’t be true.  I actually sent this order out on August 10.  Yeah… I’m that far behind on sharing cakes.    Oops.

Anyway, so back in August, I got a sort of last minute order for a young man celebrating his 18th birthday.  His mom mentioned that he would be joining the family logging business and asked if I had any ideas for a cake.

After a few google searches, I settled on this design.  It was relatively easy to put together and with a little detail work, the cake had a nice wow factor (or at least I thought so!).

To make this cake, I baked four 7″ round cakes and stacked three of them up for the main part of the tree stump.  I used the extra to fill out the roots near the bottom and give it some natural lumps and bumps (I broke it up, mixed with some frosting sort of like a cake ball texture and used it like dough).

The cake was White Almond Sour Cream (wedding cake flavor) filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream.

For the tree look, I used a tree bark texture mat, then I used a butter knife to add more details and some deeper grooves to really make the tree trunk texture pop.  I used my extruder for the grass and vines and I used an ivy leaf cutter from the Wilton Flowers Gum Paste set.

The rings of the tree were done by hand with a tool from the Gum Paste Tools set and I used my Fox Run Alphabet cutters to do the lettering.  The brown fondant was Satin Ice Dark Chocolate Brown mixed with a little homeamade marshmallow fondant to lighten it.  The leaves and the top of the tree were done with mmf colored green and the tan color.

And I think that’s it!!

Do you have any questions about this cake?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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    • Rose says

      Thanks Yaneri! I just updated the link to the actual mat that I have – I had linked to the wrong one. Mine is big… about 10″ x 15″ and not at all expensive!

  1. Kim says

    Lolol…I have to chuckle at the sheer genius and simplicity of this cake. It’s so smart the way your mind works to put together something like this. Yet, when you break it down and explain how you got to the end result, you make it sound so obvious. IT”S NOT OBVIOUS!!! You are truly creative, Rose. How do you decide when to use fondant for decorating and when to use gum paste?

  2. Lynette dias says

    Hi just loved the way u made this cake…..did u add any support like dowels in the cake or did u use any cake boards ?

  3. Lisa says

    It looks like you added the top piece of fondant, then the sides. Did you do the sides in sections? It seems like it would be difficult to wrap one large piece around the cake.
    Awesome cake BTW!

  4. Nadia says

    Your cakes are absolutely gorgeous…..quick question, did you use the impression mat before putting the fondant on the cake (while rolling out the fondant) or after?

    • Rose says

      Before, but when I smooth it on, I lose some definition so I usually go back with a gum paste tool and mark some of the lines a little deeper to give it more texture.

    • Rose says

      With a knife?! Haha – sorry – I’m just being sassy! I’d cut it into very tall, skinny slices. If they’re too big, cut them in half across the middle… so each tall piece is cut in half into two shorter pieces. Does that make sense?

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