Western Cowboy Birthday Cake with Red Hat + A Peek Into My Week

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This coming weekend I was supposed to be teaching a cake class.   So to give myself time to prepare to teach said cake class, I didn’t book any cake orders.

Especially since I feel like I am in no way, shape, or form qualified to teach a cake class.  I mean, I’ve never even been in a cake class.  Ev.Er.

I have a math degree, for crying out loud.  And not even a math teaching degree…. just a plain math degree.  It’s pretty useless in regards to cake.  And teaching.

I digress.   So, since I thought I’d be preparing to teach a class where I felt completely like a fish out of water… I took the week off from orders… and then the class got canceled – or at least delayed.

So, this week is my “off” week from cakes… or mostly off.  A couple of small things popped up – a cake tasting and a simple strawberry cake for a family member… but other than that… I took myself a (much needed) break.

But just because I’m off from cakes… doesn’t mean I’m actually relaxing.

My kids have swim lessons every day this week.

Then there’s the library summer reading program.

And of course trips to the park and impromptu picnics.

And it’s the week before Father’s Day and the week before my daughter goes to camp – so there’s shopping to be done, bags to be packed, meals to be planned…

You know.. just stuff regular busy summer stuff.

Oh, and we finally got a new (to us) family vehicle (squeeeeeee!!!).  Our minivan was shrinking as our 6 kids get bigger and bigger… so we upgraded and we love it!!

So, now that you’re all bored to death with my busy week all caught up on my week… on with the cake!

You all know I’ve done some cowboy cakes… check out this How to Stack Cakes Tutorial for lots of cowboy cake pictures and links!

Today I’m going to share my latest cowboy cake.  It’s a little different than past cakes… I have horse and boots cutouts instead of cow print.

And the cowboy hat?  It’s red!  Here’s a tutorial for How to Make a Cowboy Hat Cake Topper.

But with the changes, it was unique and still very cute!  What do you think?

Note:  The horse cookie cutter came from this Wilton Animals Cookie Cutter set and the boot came from the Wilton 101 Cookie Cutters set.

Now, it’s late as I write this, so I’m gonna skip listing all the details like I usually do, but please, pretty-please, if you have any questions about this cake, how I did any details, flavors, recipes, etc…., please click around, check out my other cowboy cakes and tutorials… or leave a comment and I’ll answer just as soon as I can!

And one last thing before I wrap this up… would you do me a quick favor?  Would you hop over to Sweetopia and vote for my cake?  If I get the most votes (ends June 28, 2012 at 9pm EST), I win an awesome Cake Ball Roller and I’d love to win!!   Thank you SO much!!  xoxo

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  1. Megan says

    Love the variation on your cowboy cake! I still think my favorite though is the one with a tier of paisley print – probably because it’s more girly :-)

    Have you said in any of your previous cowboy cake tutorials how you make the hat topper? I’d love to hear about that. I apologize if you have before and I missed it! I checked out your linked cake and didn’t see it mentioned there.

    • Rose says

      I’ve explained it (I think), but I’ve never done a post with full details. I’ll have to add that to my long list of things to do!

  2. Maranda says

    Hi Rose, Where are you teaching your cake class? Since I don’t live too far from you, I would be interested in attending!

  3. Lacy says

    You are absolutely amazing!! Your tutorials are the easiest to follow! Do you happen to know what cut outs you used for this horse and boot?? i am going to be trying to make this cowboy hat this week! :) Thanks soo much!


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