What a Week + Happy Birthday Christian!

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Well… what. a. week. I started to tell you about how bad my week was – with the computer getting fried, nearly burning down the house, catching “the crud” and being awake all night coughing… right up until a cake slipping out of my hands yesterday and nearly ruining a perfectly good birthday cake… but I decided against it. HeHe.

Instead, I’m going to remember and tell you about the good things that happened this week.  I want to be thankful, not whiny.  Okay?  Good!

The biggest news of the week… Christian, my fourth boy, celebrated his 6th birthday on Friday!!  WHOO-HOO!!  He had been counting down for more two months and he’s super happy to finally be a 6 year old.

Christian is my sweet, funny, silly, smart, and very CUTE little boy.  Well, that actually might describe any of my boys, but since it was his birthday… today it is about him! 😉

I’m also proud to say that after the fiasco on Monday night, I’m the proud owner of a brand new oven!    It wasn’t easy – apparently you can’t just walk into any appliance store these days and buy an appliance to take home.

No, you have to drive to the store (for us, that’s 40+ miles), pick it out,  order it, wait 7-14 days, drive back and pick it up another time.  UGH!  I  needed an oven and I needed one NOW!

Sorry – I went off on a whining-tangent for a second.  We did get one and bring it home, but it was a long, ugly day. Anyway… just FYI:   Yes, my flooring is 30+ years old.  Yes, I already have crumbs on the brand new oven.  And no, you will never see it that shiny again!

OH, and we got our Christmas tree put up!    I may have skills in decorating cakes, but that does not carry over into decorating homes or Christmas trees! We mostly just let the kids do it and I think it turned out quite pretty! :-)

Anyway… so that was my week last week.  Busy, fun, exhausting, overwhelming and lots of other words!  Tomorrow I have a new recipe to share and I’m very excited about it!   I’m hoping to start the week off on a good note and have a much happier week altogether!!

I’m off to watch a Christmas movie with the family!

xo, Rose

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